Business Gimmicks: There’s No Need

Business Gimmicks: There’s No Need

I’ve been in business for nearly thirteen years and I have to say, you really don’t need business gimmicks to succeed. While the odd discount here and there can work wonders to garner attention, you don’t want to slip into the DFS type of sale that seemingly never ends, as your outfit will appear *unprofessional and almost joke-worthy. As a new startup especially, you need to consider the sort of image you want to portray and the sort of branding that encapsulates you as a business worth taking note of. Take a look at these simple ways to shun the business gimmicks, and instead become a professional business outfit.

*Not to say that DFS is unprofessional, far from it. That marketing model just doesn’t work for the majority of businesses.

Under Promise And Over Deliver (No Business Gimmicks)

Far from being a gimmick, this little phrase is an important one to live by in the world of business. You need to foster confidence amongst your employees and your customer base. If you know that you can deliver a product to a customer in two days, state that you will get it to them in three. This way, when the item that they are looking forward to receiving arrives on their doorstep a day early, they feel that you have gone the extra mile for them. This emphasis on customer experience shows your maturity as a business. Too many startups look inwards rather than taking their customer base into account. Sure, funding and payroll are important but it is the number of orders that come in that will make or break your startup.

Avoid High Staff Turnover

When job hunters are seeking new roles, and they are forever seeing the same company hiring for the same positions, they will come to the conclusion that there is a high turnover of staff. This rarely happens for a positive reason. Perhaps the boss is overbearing, maybe the workplace is too target driven, or perhaps the camaraderie and morale are woefully low. To make sure that you don’t fall into this high staff turnover trap, ensure that you invest in your team, make them feel valued and listen to them. The art of listening is massively important.

It’s vital that you reward performance to boost productivity in the workplace. You could improve yearly paper appraisals by replacing them with a bespoke performance management system. This way, each individual member of staff will have their own career progression plan; something that every professional outfit should aspire to have to retain the best staff.

Office Environment

If you are stating that you have state of the art facilities, only to have a photocopier that is forever getting jammed, poor WiFi and dodgy hardware, it’s time to give your environment an overhaul. Paint the walls white, invest in some decent laptops, and consider outsourcing IT provision off-site to maintain your professional vibe. There’s nothing worse than a client coming to your office to be greeted with a wonky chair, stained beige floor tiles and mediocre coffee.

Being a small startup is daunting. However, by following this guide and offering true service rather than business gimmicks, you will always ensure that your business is a professional outfit no matter what barriers you have to overcome.


New Baby Arrival: Getting Ready

New Baby Arrival: Getting Ready

First of all, no, Roy and I are NOT expecting a new baby. This is one of those useful guides for readers things, not anything to do with expanding our awesome foursome family. For those of you who are expecting, these tips might help.

Set Your New Baby Budget

Babies need things but their actual needs are quite simple. How fancy a new nursery will be, how large their first year wardrobe and what pram/pushchair they travel in will be will depend on your budget. Before you go ahead with planning out the nursery and everything you want in it, you really do need to get your money in order. It is a good idea to make a budget so that you can figure out exactly how much cash you are going to have. 

Baby Kit

Make a list of what your baby will need for those first weeks and months. It may seem overwhelming, the amount of things you need to buy for your baby’s arrival but once you’ve broken it down it seem easier to manage. Once you have the essentials, i.e clothes, wipes, a cot and even nappies too then you can start saving or thinking about luxury nursery furniture and fancy pushchairs. Get the must-haves before the really wants,

Birth Plan

Believe it or not, writing down your birth plan can be a huge help. It can also help you to get the best experience out of your whole pregnancy. It is important to write down the pain relief you are going to opt for when you do give birth and any other possibilities that may be available. One of the best pieces of advice I can give you as a mother of two is to be prepared to be flexible though. You don’t know how you will feel on the day so don’t feel that you can’t change your mind.

Your Hospital Bag

Babies do have a habit of not arriving when they are meant to. This is why you should have a hospital bag which is ready to go a few weeks before you are actually due. Your other half may also want to pack their own hospital supplies as well. This is in case you end up staying in hospital longer than you anticipate, and your other half wants to stay in the room with you. Another top tip? Alongside very comfy PJs and big knickers for your maternity pads (it’s all very glamorous) pack food. Seriously, I cannot stress this strongly enough. Labour and birth is exhausting. New babies are exhausting. It can be hard work and unlike your other half or birth partner, who can go and get a big beef curry from the canteen, you will be stuck on the ward for the majority so be prepared.

New Baby Car Seat

If you have a vehicle then you need to have a car seat that is properly fitted. This will give you the chance to take your bundle of joy home right from the hospital. You need to take the time to find the right model, style and even design that you are happy with. There are so many options out there for you to choose from and again, you may find this overwhelming but when you put everything into categories you will soon find something that you are comfortable with. It will also make it much easier for you to feel better about the big day as well. If you need some help with choosing one, then there are plenty of support guides on the internet. Don’t buy second-hand though as unless you are 100% sure it hasn’t been in an accident, even a little something minor, you can’t be sure of how safe it is.

Gosh, sharing these top tips is bringing everything back. I should re-write my birth stories I think, they make for good/amusing reading. 🙂


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