Protecting Your Floor From Your Pets

Protecting Your Floor From Your Pets

We all love our pets and they add untold levels of comfort and companionship, however, they do often throw parts of your home into disarray on occasion. Nowhere is this more apparent than in your floors, with muddy paw prints, scratching at carpets and those little accidents they can have when alone presenting plenty of times when you will be on your hands and knees cleaning. Protecting your floor from your pets can, at times, seem like a full-time job.

Interior designers often state that real hardwood flooring is not an ideal candidate due to its vulnerable nature towards scratches. If you go in another direction and opt towards laminate or Karndean click vinyl flooring, you find something far more acceptable and accommodating to your four-legged lovable friends.

Protecting Your Floor From Your Pets: Heart Set to Wood

If you have your heart set to the option of a wood floor, you can still have the perfectly replicated look of oak, light and dark woods without the weaknesses towards dogs and cats.

Firstly, vinyl flooring has seen many growths in protective technologies over the last few decades to incorporate the strongest anti-scratch measures. No matter how many times those pets dart across the floor in a day, your planks and tiles will retain its healthy look.

Real hardwood flooring has a lot of vulnerability towards scratches and can fall victim to being a scratching post over time, as well as more stubborn towards cleaning and chippings over time. Protecting the pets pads on their feet is always a big part of reliable flooring.

Non-Slip Layers

Our pets tend to get very excited on occasion and tend to slip everywhere on the floor; from them greeting us coming home to playful chasing around the house.

This causes slips into furniture and cabinets as well as potential injury to your pets. Karndean click vinyl flooring is heavily layered with anti-slip properties to prevent your pets overly active habits becoming potentially damaging. By also incorporating water resistance and moisture resistance they also are protected from any spills that those wagging or curled tails can bring to glasses on your coffee table or worktop.

Protecting Your Floor From Your Pets: Messy Pawprints

The biggest part of having pets is those occasions when muddy pawprints ruin your carpets or wooden floors.

This causes a lot of scrubbing out mud and dirt from carpets and various cleaning products to remove the offending marks, but with Karndean click vinyl flooring you take the effort out with a simple mop or quick sweep with a brush, ensuring that there is no risk of discolouration or fade with your flooring from any specialist chemicals.

Karndean click vinyl flooring is a much cheaper alternative allowing you to spend more time with your cuddlesome loved ones and reducing your worries and cleaning efforts around them.



Improve the Customer Experience in Your Store

Improve the Customer Experience in Your Store

As online retail is experiencing an uptick in popularity, it is more important than ever for bricks and mortar stores to reaffirm the value they add to the shopping experience. While online retail does provide the convenience of being able to shop at any time and have goods delivered to your door, there are many things that it cannot provide. Many consumers enjoy shopping as a leisure activity. These customers love to wander around stores and enjoy the sensory experience of shopping in-store. You must continue to improve the customer experience in your store. Here are some of the ways in which you can provide the best possible experience for your customers and encourage them to shop with you over and over again:

Improve the Customer Experience in Your Store: Create Aspirational Displays

If you want to encourage add-on purchases and make your customers return to your store, you need to create an aspirational quality in your displays. Retail is about so much more than merely selling products; you also need to sell a lifestyle. Creating appealing product displays is vital to attract passing customers. This will also encourage them to buy something once inside your store. 

Carefully creating your displays by keeping them neat and well-stocked is a must. Your merchandise also needs to be grouped logically, so complementary colours should be placed together, and related items from the range should be displayed close by to encourage add-on sales.

Hassle-Free Transactions

Even if you have the best product displays in the world, customers will soon lose patience if transactions are slow. Customers want a fast and hassle-free experience when paying for their goods. You will need a payment platform that can deliver this seamless experience. Choosing a credit card processing app is an excellent way to ensure that you can take payments from your customers quickly and easily. This will prevent frustrating delays and unhappy customers.

Improve the Customer Experience in Your Store and Offer Excellent Service at All Times

Customers should always be the focus when they enter your store. It can be hard to offer a high level of customer service when you are stressed or busy. However, it is vital to provide all customers with a positive experience. 

Your staff represent your business and are ambassadors for it. Your team needs to understand how to deliver customer service that reflects the values of your company. Providing regular staff training is essential. Encourage your team to continue to prioritise customer service, and to protect your business’ reputation.

Make it Easy to Shop

If you want to provide your customers with the best shopping experience possible, you need to be sure that your store is designed to facilitate this. Making it easy for customers to move around the store without obstructions, and ensuring that goods are placed within their reach will help to make your store easy to shop. The easier it is for your customers to browse your store, the more likely they are to make a purchase.