The Hierarchy of Belief


When it comes to all things mystical, magical religious and so on, I’m pretty open-minded. I align myself more with the Buddhist philosophies yet don’t follow any religion. I do have an enormous respect for other people’s beliefs however and it doesn’t stop with religion.

I have friends who are religious, some who are not, some who use tarot cards, others who enjoy psychic phone readings. I personally have never visited or called a psychic or used tarot cards. That’s not to say that I think psychic phone readings are wrong.

I had a conversation about psychics and mediums with a friend recently. We discussed the negativity that sometimes surrounds these types of readings. What really struck me was that if you listen to a naysayer they will tell you that it’s all a fraud, untrue, made up stories and nonsense. Why do so many people say this? They believe this because you can’t see “it”. There’s no corporeal proof attached to psychic readings.

I’m going to let you think a second about that….

You can’t see it.

You can’t see God yet countless people have shaped their lives and their behaviours on something yet can’t hold in their hands or see with their eyes.

When my eldest son asked me “Is God real?”, I was ready for him. My husband and I aren’t religious however we have a respect for the comfort that religion brings to many and their right to their beliefs. Our stance on this was “You can’t see God, so you need to learn about religions and different philosophies and decide what matters to you, what you believe in and what is right for you”. The decision is and always will be his. The same conversation would have taken place if he had asked me if what a psychic offers is real.

Personally, I know quite a few people who have been amazed by what they refer to as the true gifts of the psychic they’ve visited or they’ve called.  It’s all about belief and I don’t think that beliefs have a scoring system. You don’t get a ten if you decide to follow a “mainstream” religion, i.e. those better-known ones, a six and a half for Buddhism, but a mere three for believing in the power of a psychic. Belief is belief and recent conversations I’ve had and podcasts I’ve listened to, articles I’ve read and more, all seem to subscribe to a subtle hierarchy in terms of belief systems.

This is something to think about. Is something real if you can’t see it or touch it? Is one religion or belief system more valid than another?

I can’t see my DNA however I know it is there.

What do you think?

Get a Car Service in Hotter Temperatures

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Summer is fast approaching and that means that a certain amount of preparation is required. We need to stock up on sun cream, get the ice cream in, clean and check the barbecue and get a car service. If you’re planning on going anywhere this summer, be it simply the usual commute to work or a longer trip to enjoy summer fun you need to make sure that your car receives a service that will guarantee that it is safe and ready for transporting you where you need to go in hotter temperatures.

Cars, like most things, need a certain amount of looking after all year round. Drivers rarely forget to be winter ready; they pack blankets, check tyres, check their oil and water, make sure the heating is working and so on. Summer servicing doesn’t often receive the same enthusiasm, however, if you understand cars and how they work, you’ll be careful not to put off your summer essential maintenance!

A hotter weather car service ensures that you enjoy safe and comfortable motoring this summer and covers all of these points and more:

Keep Your Car Hydrated

Us humans are regularly told to make sure that we drink enough, especially in hot weather. This is just as important for your car. Making sure that fluids such as windshield washer fluid, coolant, oil and so on are topped up is essential all year and more frequently in prolonged high temperatures.

Tyre Pressure and Tyre Health

When the sun comes out we tend to spend more time on the road visiting friends and family, driving to the beach, enjoying road trips and outdoor pursuits. What you might not realise is that when the weather is hotter the air in your car tyres tends to expand. This can make it difficult to get a true reading of what your tyre pressure actually is unless you really do know what you’re doing.

As well as tyre pressure it is important to ensure that the tread on your tyres is legal and safe, something a car service would pick up on straight away.

During car servicing, oil and filter changes will be undertaken and you’ll be advised if your fuel filters or anything else needs to be replaced. Keeping on top of these aspects of car maintenance saves you money in the long term. So if you are wondering where to go, DAT Tyres have a car servicing garage here making it easy to get these important safety points checked before things go wrong.

An Effective Car Service Reduces Fuel Costs

How can a car service help with fuel costs? You naturally spend more time out and about over the summer as you take advantage of the better weather. This means you use more petrol. If your car isn’t serviced and isn’t kept in tip-top condition you may suffer from what is called poor fuel economy. Basically, your fuel isn’t going to go as far and your car isn’t going to work quite so well. Keeping on top of these aspects of car maintenance saves you money in the long term.

Make sure that you are ready for summer and that your car is too. There’s nothing like a breakdown or poor performance to ruin the holiday mood.

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