Gardening Can Help Improve Your Health

Gardening Can Help Improve Your Health

We all care about our health and wellbeing. We want to stay as fit and healthy as possible. But when we think of activities that help us to achieve this, we tend to think of things that many of us don’t find all too fun. We think of heading to the gym. We think of running on the treadmill, lifting weights, squats, sit-ups and more. But there are plenty of activities out there that are good for your health and wellbeing as well as proving to be a fun hobby. You may be surprised to know that gardening is one of them. Here are just a few ways that gardening can help improve your health.

Burn Calories

When you garden, you burn calories. It’s generally considered a moderate-intensity exercise and it’s thought that one hour’s worth of gardening and light gardening work will burn 330 calories. Activities such as raking leaves, digging up weeds, digging flower beds and more require strength and stamina!

Gardening Can Help Improve Your Health: Get Your Recommended Vitamin D

It’s recommended that we all get vitamin D. Most people get their vitamin D from spending time outdoors. But nowadays, people tend to engage in more indoor activities, such as watching TV, using the laptop and more. By spending time outside gardening on a regular basis, you are much more likely to get your daily recommended dose of vitamin D!

Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Many of us suffer from high blood pressure and there are a number of ways to counteract this. But you may, again, be surprised to know that gardening can help you to reduce your blood pressure. Not only does it provide moderate levels of activity, which help, but engaging with calming gardening like hydroponics can help to reduce stress and blood pressure too!

Gardening Can Help Improve Your Health: Improve Your Grip

If you’re struggling with grip issues, gardening can help! Holding onto tools and completing actions required to trim and prune plants and trees can help to increase your grip and encourage nimbleness of the fingers and hands. This is surprisingly good for your health and wellbeing! Just make sure to always wear good quality gardening gloves to ensure your hands are protected from nettles, stingers and other potentially harmful plants.

Growing Your Own Food Can Be Healthier

When you garden, you can grow almost any plant-based matter. Sure, most people opt for flowers and other beautiful plants. But you could grow your own fruit and vegetables too! Growing your own produce can provide you with a healthy influx of food that is free of additives, preservatives and even pesticides. Using them to make meals incorporating your own fruit and vegetables can encourage you to manage a healthier diet full of all of your necessary vitamins and minerals.

Gardening Can Help Improve Your Health – In Summary

While gardening might not be a sport, it can help with your health, fitness and wellbeing. So, why not incorporate it into your routine? Getting green fingered really can make all the difference!

Why Your Business Isn’t Getting Repeat Customers

Why Your Business Isn’t Getting Repeat Customers

Getting repeat customers is the best way to create a stable business that consistently generates revenue every month. Although it is important to find new customers, you need to make sure that existing customers have a good experience and they want to come back in the future. Unfortunately, a lot of new business owners struggle with this and even though they see an initial increase in sales, things quickly slow down because none of those customers come back again. These are some of the most common reasons why your business isn’t getting repeat customers. 

Your Business Isn’t Getting Repeat Customers: Bad Customer Service 

The majority of consumers value good service above all else. Even if they love your products and the prices are reasonable, they will not come back if they don’t feel that the customer service was good. People’s expectations are higher than they have ever been before and they want a personalized customer experience. They also want the customer experience to extend beyond the point of purchase.

If you get their money and then stop communication with them, it makes them feel as though you don’t care about them and you see them as a sale and nothing more. It’s important that you send follow up emails to check whether they are happy with the product. You also need to invest heavily in your customer service department and use things like live chat so people can easily get in touch with you. 

Slow Delivery 

If you are selling products online, fast delivery is vital. People can go to big retailers like Amazon and get products delivered the next day, so if you make them wait a long time, they’re not going to come back. It’s important that you find an express courier service uk that can guarantee fast delivery. If there is a delay for any reason, communication is vital. Customers will forgive you for a slow delivery if you keep them in the loop and offer them a discount on their next purchase or a free product to make up for it. 

Your Business Isn’t Getting Repeat Customers: Lack Of Rewards For Loyalty 

Customers expect to be rewarded for their loyalty and if you don’t do that, why shouldn’t they go somewhere else? There are a few great ways that you can reward customer loyalty, like a points program or exclusive deals for regular customers. Offering people a discount after making a certain number of purchases is a great way to encourage people to stay with you instead of going elsewhere. Exclusive deals are also a great idea because many companies give better deals to new customers and existing customers often feel like they’ve been left behind. 

Quality Issues 

If your service is excellent and you reward your customers for loyalty but they still don’t come back, you need to take a look at the products. There is a chance that you may have quality issues and people don’t feel that the product is good enough to justify the price. In this case, you may need to redesign your products or reconsider your pricing so it is more in line with the quality of the product. 


If you can fix these issues with your business, you will notice an increase in repeat customers and your finances will be a lot more stable as a result. 

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