Living Room Space: Top Tips

Living Room Space: Top Tips

This is our first weekend in our new home. I just love it! There’s certainly no room that I don’t like, far from it. If I had to choose though I’d my living room space is the place I adore the more. A living room area is a place in the house where you are likely to spend the most time as a family. We want this area to be the best it can be. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your living room space that we’d either already adopted ourselves or plan to.

Let In Natural Light

When natural light shines through a room that you’re in, you’ll probably notice that feeling of happiness that washes over you. That’s because sunlight is a mood booster and you should take advantage of any natural light that hits your space. Don’t block it out with heavy curtains or blinds, instead try and leave that source of natural light clear. If you are going to hang curtain or blinds though, go for a lighter material such as linen which is thinner. Our living room space features a big bay window we are fortunate to have plenty of light.

Incorporate Some Nature

Nature, like natural light, is also a mood booster. More and more households are now trying to incorporate nature into their home, and the living room is an ideal space to do so. Think of big leafy plants in standing plant holders or a terrarium taking centre stage on your coffee table. Plants help clean the atmosphere around you and can, therefore, make you feel healthier in general. You might want to do a little bit of research into what plants work best for each space. My fab friend Gemma from My Little Graphics Co is a step ahead with this one and has already bought me a fun aloe vera plant. I’ll definitely be getting more plants!

Have Plenty Of Seating in Your Living Room Space

This one is a work in progress for us. A lack of seating is not going to help when you have guests around, so it’s important to make sure there’s plenty of seating available. Make sure that all the seating you have sits level with the sofas by, rather than having high stools or very low seating like a beanie bag. The living room space is an area where a lot of memories are made and a lot of socialising also happens, so you want to make sure everyone is comfortable. We need bean bag chairs or a small sofa for the boys to use in T’s room, a new stool for under my desk/dressing table and more chairs for our dungeons and dragons get-togethers.

Add In Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are essential to a living room space because they add a new level of comfort. Try to find cushions and throws that match the colour scheme you have on your walls and on the big pieces of furniture. If you keep the big furniture neutral, then you can add pops of colour through your soft furnishings and can, therefore, swap colours in and out when they go out of trend or when you just want to change the decor. A rug on wooden flooring is also great for adding a bit more warmth to the room. Put it under the coffee table to help draw the eyes down. My lovely living room space definitely needs a rug, a coffee table, side table and a few more soft furnishing touches.

Give your living space the attention it needs, so it becomes a favourite space for you and your family.

Secure Your Home: Top Tips

Secure Your Home: Top Tips

Having someone break into your home is certainly not a pleasant idea. I live in a lovely area, with great neighbours (I’ve just moved and the community feel is phenomenal). I’d like to think that we are immune in this lovely place from criminal activity however you just never know. Making sure that you secure your home should be at the top of your list of priorities, whether you’ve just moved or not. 

At best, someone breaking into your home is likely to mean that you get cleaned out, and lose a lot of valuable belongings, and are forced to contend with the resulting financial struggle.

At worst, a break-in becomes a home invasion, and you or your loved ones are caught unawares.

Here are just a few basic ideas for how to secure your home, if you’ve recently been thinking about the fact that you need to do it, but aren’t really sure where to start.

Secure Your Home With Smart Tech

In the last few years, “smart technology” has exploded in popularity and sophistication, particularly in regards to the home. Many people, for example, adjust the lighting in their homes and set the thermostat via apps on their phones, now.

Of course, home security wasn’t left out of the smart tech boom. You can now buy outdoor security cameras to protect your property, that are integrated into doorknobs, and that send alerts and video clips to your phone, among other things.

There are plenty of different smart tech devices out there for home security – do a bit of searching online, and try to identify the tools that most appeal to you, and that seem like they’d be most useful. Our secure your home campaign already has this box ticked as we have a swanky security system installed. That doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels though!

Secure Your Home: Be Discreet

Put up net curtains for during the daytime, and thick blackout curtains at night. This is a very basic tip, but a surprising number of people, particularly in small and relatively peaceful communities, don’t observe it.

Here’s a pretty straightforward fact: if someone has it in their mind to rob a home, they are going to be significantly more inclined to rob your home, if they can easily peer through your windows from half a mile away, and identify every valuable possession you have.

As a general rule, you want to make it very difficult for people to effectively “case” your home, and see what you have inside.

For one thing, that means you should put up net curtains to obscure the view into your house during the day, and have thick blackout curtains that you can draw at night, to keep things invisible.

Don’t Advertise an Empty House

When you go away on vacation – or even just for an evening or weekend – you should make it as ambiguous as possible to anyone who might be watching, whether or not you’ve actually left.

If you post on social media that you are on your way out/on your holidays, you’re sending a pretty clear signal to anyone who might be watching that the coast is clear. Post your holiday pics when you get home! If possible, try to be a bit more discreet, and use timers to switch your lights on at regular intervals, so it looks like someone might be home.

In Conclusion

I love our home, despite only living in it for a relatively short time. The idea of someone breaking in horrifies me and so we have taken extra special measure to ensure that we are secure and that we feel safe and secure too. If you don’t feel the same way it might be a good time to review your home security measures and take steps to secure your home to a higher level.

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