Preparing Your Digital Business For 2019

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2018 is fast approaching its conclusion. That said, there’s still plenty of time to make the changes needed to prepare your business for bigger and better things in 2019. I’m already planning and putting things in place to make 2019 my best business to date. If taking your digital business to the next level is your big plan for 2019, why not get a head start with these simple suggestions? 

Outsource and Utilise Your Network

The benefits of outsourcing are impossible to deny. Not only does it allow you to gain the best support at a more affordable price, it enables you to build a bigger team without increasing the size of your offices or other business premises.   

With a digital business, you’ll also have a chance to build a network of experts from around the globe. When not outsourcing to others, use your network to learn, to sharpen your skills and to discover more efficient ways to move forward into 2019.

Reduce Overhead Waste

Many business owners will enter the new year with a plan to cut their expenditure by a certain percentage, but you should take a different approach. There’s nothing wrong with spending money to make it. The problems start when you continue to unnecessarily overspend.

Reducing waste can be achieved in several ways. Reviewing business insurance quotes to unlock the best coverage at the best price is a great starting point. Similar sentiments can be used to save money on energy bills, office supplies, and various other items.

Furthermore, embracing smarter business habits should be high on the agenda. Encourage a culture where saving electricity, going paperless, and taking responsibility are vital. The extra money can be invested in far more important areas. This was one of my goals for 2017/2018 and it has saved me money in the long run and paid dividends.

Upgrade Your Online Presence

 As a digital business, perfecting your online presence should always rank highly. The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. If you want to survive in 2019, getting your business on Google My Business for example, will be vital. Embracing social media influencers will help too (yet don’t get caught up in the hype).

Your website will naturally continue to play the most integral part in your business’ online presence. Investing in new payment methods allows you to accept even more sales from a growing audience. Meanwhile, switching to Just Host service can provide greater stability. Regular downtime is not an option.

Customers will make judgements within seconds of interacting with the site. Positive reviews, a great layout, a strong search engine presence, and a large (authentic and relevant) social media following will benefit your brand. Consider launching an app too, and you’ll be able to send notifications right to service user’s pockets.

Improve Customer Care

Mistakes happen in business. There’s not much you can do about this other than do everything in your power to keep the errors down to a minimum. However, by responding to the issues in the most positive fashion, you’ll find that customers are far more likely to forgive you.

First and foremost, you should learn to establish a clear set of terms and conditions, for example, a fair returns policy. When coupled with a website FAQ, customers will have a far clearer understanding of where they stand.

Social media is a great solution for handling enquiries. Meanwhile, a virtual receptionist can aid your telephone communications. 

Target New Marketplaces

If you are in sales, look at ways of meeting new customers. Setting up an eBay store or an Amazon store can be a great way to reach new clients. They’ll trust the third-party platforms, which can give you a chance to gain their trust as a brand. This can be a great way to get rid of surplus stock too.

If nothing else, the increased visibility on those platforms further enhances the brand image and presence. For the sake of your on-site sales as well as the revenue as a whole, this is a step in the right direction. Just be sure to do it in the correct fashion.

Start To Show Personality

A digital business has many advantages over small ones working in brick and mortar stores, including being able to reach vast numbers of people online. Good quality photos and videos are particularly great ways to provide insight into you, your brand and/or your business. The Canon G7X Mark II review underlines the importance of a great camera. Don’t forget that it’s equally necessary to create great content too (trust me on this one, I’m a copywriter).

Listen To Your Digital Business Audience

It’s easy to get caught up in the ideas that you love. Ultimately, you cannot lose sight of the fact your business should be tailored to suit the customers. It’s their decisions that will ultimately decide whether the business succeeds or fails. With this in mind, they deserve your respect at all times.

 Many businesses forget to actually ask clients what they want. Use customer questionnaires and focus groups to gain further insight. By making changes based on those quantifiable results, the hopes of taking your venture to the next level are greatly increased.

A business that evolves with the best interests of the customers in mind will always do well. Get the ball rolling in the final weeks of 2018, and this will set you up perfectly for a bigger and better 2019. I’m on with this and it’s exciting! Are you ready to take your digital business into 2019?


Making Business Easier

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I’ve been running my own business for years now (over twelve). Over that time I’ve learnt a lot about making doing business easier. What people don’t tell you when you start up is that you need to know a lot more than just your particular skill. For example, I am a freelance copywriter. I also need to know about websites, logos and images, accounts, admin, legal matters and so much more. It can be a minefield. 

If you want to make running a business easier, consider these tips.

Systemise to Make Business Easier

It is important to systemise your efforts on a daily basis. Having systems in place, from dealing with emails, with admin, bookkeeping, customer care and more will streamline your processes, enhance customer experience, save time and generally make life easy. A great business is a well-oiled machine, and deserves to be treated as such. Consider using resources such as Templafy, as these options help you end the document anarchy you’re facing and get to real work, not just paperwork. Asana for Gmail is another tool I wouldn’t be without. 

What systems you’ll use will depend entirely on your individual business.

“Passion Fuels The Fire”

Passion fuels the fire. This means that hiring people who share your same vision and interest will help you spend much less time trying to motivate the troops. Higher levels of interest in your effort will bring out better results, and this can begin a positive feedback loops that gives you the chance to continue from success to success, and build your brand on the back of a quality reputation. Basically, you need people to be on board, to be invested and to be motivated. If you can crack that nut, you will make runny your business simpler for you and more profitable.

Outsource Where You Can

I outsource my bookkeeping and accountancy because I am rubbish at it and I hate it. I have a graphic designer for all my design needs because I haven’t the time or the talent to do design work. I have a trusted web developer to do all of the web develop-y stuff. By outsourcing I am able to concentrate on the core of my business, on the tasks only I can do. Having people to call on for such things definitely makes doing business easier.


Yes, learn. The more you work on your self-development, the more you know about yourself and your sector, your niche, the more you may expand and the more successful you will be. Above increased profits though, you are going to become more confident and confidence in business not only makes doing business easier, it makes doing business more profitable and often, more fun!

What tips and tricks do you employ in order to streamline your business processes, to save time and ultimately to make your enjoyment of running that business a priority?

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