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Sponsored Posts:
Occasionally I may do a sponsored post. Sometimes a company may ask me to include some information on the site and they agree to pay me for it. If I feel that the post could add something to the site and be useful or interesting for the readers then why not? All sponsored posts will be marked to indicate I’ve received payment as I have no interest in misreading readers (or breaking FTC guidelines about disclosure).

Occasionally I am asked, along with the family, to test and review a product or service for a company and write about it here. Any such reviews will be based purely on the experiences and opinions of the family and will be a true representation of the product as we found it. Where an item is given to us to review, this will be disclosed.

Spam / Abuse:
I have spam software in place and do regularly monitor comments. Somehow, however, things do slip through the net. If you have any concerns about comments left on the site please get in touch. Please note that the opinions of those who comment on the site are not necessarily the same as my own.

For any questions about these points or any matter involving C&C please feel free to email me at contact@nickicawood.co.uk

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