Eradicating Your Work-Induced Stress In 10 Minutes

Eradicating Your Work-Induced Stress In 10 Minutes

Going to work can be stressful. But when you’re stuck at home, tapping away at your laptop keyboard all day long, it can be even worse. Nobody is coming to your desk asking you if you want a coffee. And nobody is joking around in meetings, reminding you that work isn’t as serious as you make it out to be.  Eradicating your work-induced stress in 10 minutes can be hard when you don’t have others to bounce off.

Getting rid of work stress, however, should be a priority. Evidence suggests that people who are stressed out at work are less productive and more likely to get sick in the long term. 

But what if you don’t have time to combat stress? Don’t worry: this post has got you covered. Here, we take a look at some of the ways you can eliminate work-induced tension in ten minutes or less. Check them out below. 

Eradicating Your Work-Induced Stress In 10 Minutes: Take Ten Deep, Long Breaths

You might think that deep-breathing is a bit of a gimmick. But the evidence suggests that the practice really works. Taking long breaths activates relaxation pathways in your body’s nervous system, automatically claiming you down. 

Try this. If you’re feeling stressed, take ten deep and long breaths. Close your eyes if you want to and count to six as you breathe in and six as you breath out. If possible, try to expand your diaphragm in a way that causes the stomach to stick out, not the chest to heave.

Eradicating Your Work-Induced Stress In 10 Minutes By Using Adaptogens

Stills struggling to calm down? If so, then why not try using adaptogens? 

Adaptogens, as this CBD guide explains, are herbal compounds that return the body to balance. The idea is to chemically undo stress and help the body return to its regular, functional state. 

Ashwagandha is one of the most popular adaptogens right now – and a buzzword in the health community as well. Research suggests that it can profoundly relax people and make it easier to get through a challenging day. 

Eliminate Self-Imposed Stress

Sometimes, we can’t help feeling stressed. Events outside of our control impact our lives in ways that we don’t predict. 

Often, though, we are the creators of our own stress. For instance, we tell ourselves that we have to get eight hours of sleep per night to be at our best and then beat ourselves up when we only get six. Or we add extra complications to our lives that don’t really improve them, such as taking on additional work we don’t need. 

Usually, eliminating self-imposed stresses only takes a few minutes. You just change the way you think about a particular stressor and suddenly, you find that it vanishes. 

Find Ways To Cool Down

Taoist philosophy says that people should “be like water,” and essentially adapt to any situation in which they find themselves. When somebody says something hurtful to you or starts piling on the pressure, the goal should be to simply adapt and move on. 

A great way to cool down is to remind yourself that you are not your job. You’re a separate being. So no matter what happens at work, you’re an independent person whose overall happiness is essential. 

Eradicating your work-induced stress in 10 minutes might seem like a tall order but these hints and tips can be helpful Don’t underestimate stress though. If these ideas don’t work or you find that your stress is getting worse please seek the advice of your GP.

Reducing Freelancer Anxiety

Reducing Freelancer Anxiety

It is not always easy being a freelancer.  I’ve been freelancing full time for over fourteen years. For many people who have gone down this road though, they might feel they made sacrifices in order to feel freedom. Of course, the life of a freelancer comes with many ups and downs. From financial concerns to getting the next client, it can be a big battle to contend with. One of the biggest battles we might have as a freelancer is with ourselves. Anxiety is not uncommon amongst freelancers. This can be for the very obvious reason that they don’t know where the next contract is coming from. It can also be down to not having a good work/life balance. Reducing freelancer anxiety is not easy, but is achievable.

Reducing Freelancer Anxiety: The Right Supplies

Learning to look after your health is about making sure you have the right practices. When we work at home the temptation to snack on unhealthy foods is right there. But when we are constantly fuelling ourselves with the wrong things, it can fuel our anxieties. A very good example is if you are someone who is slightly intolerant to gluten. There’s research that shows gluten to cause mild depression, and this is due to the inflammation the body creates. Reassessing your diet is crucial, but it’s also important to think about the things that will keep you going throughout the day

. Having the right supplies in terms of the right nutrients will make a massive difference. A Vitamin D supplement is the first port of call, but there are also other things that may help to reduce your anxiety. CBD gummies can be a little snack that gives you a dose of cannabidiol which can help you feel calmer. Giving yourself the right supplements is a little thing, but it can be paramount to your overall health.

Reducing Freelancer Anxiety: Focus on Financial Security

Being a freelancer can be about financial concerns. And for many, learning how to save money can feel like an impossible task. But this might be where you need to get the balance right. Financial concerns versus our feeling of freedom as a freelancer is a battle that will always rear its head. There has to be times when we need to take a good look at our finances and see if we can focus on making ourselves secure in this respect.

If we focus on getting ourselves financially secure, this will give us more freedom to pursue the things that we are passionate about. There is no shame in doing a part-time job, especially in this climate, but some people feel that they cannot go and do a regular job because it will take them away from their passion. It’s about getting that balance right. Giving yourself the focus and task of earning money in the short-term so you can pursue your dreams is a worthy pursuit.

Reducing Freelancer Anxiety: A Daily Practice

Stress is a daily occurrence for many freelancers which is why you need to have a daily practice to reduce your anxieties. If you feel that 80% of being a freelancer is fantastic but there’s that 20% that can tip you over the edge, learning how to keep yourself calm in those situations is about conducting a daily practice that will greatly reduce your perception of stressful situations.

One of the simple things that we can all do is deep breathing, as this can take up ten minutes in the morning before we start our day and it can start us off on the right foot. Learning to feel calm when you go into stressful situations will also make you feel stronger and will gradually over time increase your confidence, which is crucial to winning those all-important contracts. I completed a mindfulness diploma in 2017 and this has made a significant difference to my anxiety levels.

Know Your Barriers to Promote Reducing Freelancer Anxiety

We all need to know when we’ve hit our limit. As a freelancer, we can feel that we are constantly on the go as we may feel that if we stop working then it will dry up. Everybody feels this at some point, but you have to focus on your health first and foremost. As a freelancer, we can get into this frame of mind where it is all about the work. But when there is no barrier between work life and home life everything becomes muddled. Understanding where your limits lie is crucial. And this is where working your freelance life as if it is a nine-to-five job will serve you in good stead. That way, it gives you the opportunity to step away from the computer and focus on other aspects of your life which will, in turn, reduce any sensation of anxiety.