Slimming Down and Hitting the Sales


I’m back at Weight Watchers….

Yes, I know, you’ve heard it all before (although to be fair it is usually Slimming World), however this time I mean business and it certainly seems to be paying off. WW have a new Smartpoints plan which works brilliantly for me and so I’m hopeful I’ll see some significant weight losses over the next six months.

The problem with slimming down is the fact that you can’t take your clothes with you. I’ve already lost a few pounds and if I lose too many more my jeans will let me down and I’ll be shamed on the school run for flashing my M&S belly-grabber knickers.

In the past, I’ve refused to buy new clothes when losing weight because of course I knew I’d be (hopefully) shrinking out of them. I’ve made do with what I’ve got (despite it looking too baggy) or hit the charity shop for some “in-between” basics. This time around I’m doing things differently. I’m not waiting until I hit goal before buying new clothes, I want to enjoy clothes and feel good about myself now!

This is of course where the Yorkshire/Irish mix in me (frugal leaning towards being tight when it comes to spending on myself) is in conflict with my “I want to look nice and have nice things” self. The answer…. Sale shopping!

One thing I do not do, or do as rarely as possible is go physically clothes shopping. I hate it! The queue for the changing room, the VERY unflattering lighting and huge mirrors coupled with that unique changing room smell makes it a nightmare for me, and one to be avoided at all cost.

This time around I’ll be hitting the online Vivienne Westwood sale instead of the charity shops or even the online Joules sale (if I’m feeling brave enough!). I’m making another new clothing change too, this time around I’m not going to keep my “big” clothes. They encourage me to slip into them when I gain a few pounds rather than keep slimming to stay in the new size (slimmers will understand what I mean!) so they have to go!

I’m quite looking forward to this next leg in the Grand Nicki Weight-Loss Journey, including (for the first time) designer clothes shopping online.

To keep me going (I’m determined!) share with me your top Weight Watchers or slimming down hints, tips and tricks!

Hi Ho Back to Weight Watchers I Go

Hi Ho Back to Weight Watchers I Go

As many of you know I have been a Slimming World member for longer than I care to admit (I’ve been slimming in one way or another since I turned 18). I have health and weight goals that I have to meet and the only way to do so (for me) has been to attend a regular slimming club.

SW has been great however I’ve recently become… bored is probably the best word. It’s hardly surprising as I know the plan inside out and back to front and so I’ve struggled. I made the executive decision last week to leave Slimming World and return to Weight Watchers (I was gold member back in 2005). I’m not knocking SW, don’t get me wrong. It’s a great way to lose weight but isn’t for me right now.

My first WW meeting was Sunday night and I’m so glad I went. I’m not a huge fan of the leader who has run WW classes here on a Tuesday since the beginning of time however hearing that there was a new class with a new leader opening was the tipping point for me.

My weight loss journey is an on-going one and for the first time in a long time I’m feeling motivated again. It’s been a good ten years since I’ve done WW and so I’m a newbie once more. This means there are new recipes, shiny new books and the like and most importantly a new focus. Hopefully when I return on Sunday it’ll be with a decent loss; either way I’m feeling positive and that’s never a bad thing.

Wish me luck!


I've even been inspired to increase my activity levels. I don't recognise myself!
I’ve even been inspired to increase my activity levels. I don’t recognise myself!