Creating The Perfect Look

Creating The Perfect Look

How we look can play an important role in how we feel. Whether we want to wrap up because it is cold or be bold enough to show off a little skin in the warmer months, our confidence in the clothes we wear and our appearance can make a huge difference. Creating the perfect look is not about trying to recreate catwalk looks, it’s about finding a style that suits you and makes you feel as special and you undoubtedly are.

Creating The Perfect Look: Look After Your Skin

During the winter, our faces can take a lot, from the cold wind to drying out. So now is the perfect time to think about showing it a little attention ready for the warmer months ahead. Speaking with a skincare expert can help identify your problem areas and where you need to pay extra attention. They may be able to advise you on some of the best products to use and try.

Our skin is on show a lot more during the summer, so it isn’t just our faces that need attention but the rest of our body as well. Now is the time that we get our legs out and show them some love and care. Our skin will be much dryer after winter so investing in a good body moisturiser can help to alleviate that ahead of the seasonal changes. You may want to try some of those gradual tan lotions that can give your body a healthy glow. 

Creating The Perfect Look –  Fashion Choices

During the warmer months, we can pull out the maxi dresses and skirts and go with a more relaxed fashion choice. For some reason, a summer dress can look great during the day and night. Making good fashion choices will go a long way to creating a perfect summer or winter look. You may want to consider a loose fitted dress and team it up with some sandals. Or some cropped jeans and a look online at women’s blouses to get some ideas. Both looks are timeless and will look great at any time of the day. In the winter, many of us can tend to gravitate towards a jumper and jeans combination, but this doesn’t have to be boring. You could wear statement jewellery or add colourful scarves. When it comes to creating the perfect look you need to be comfortable too!

Choose Your Makeup Wisely

Makeup doesn’t always have to be full-on. Things like BB Creams are essential at this time of year as it can give you a glow without a full face of makeup clogging up your pores. Not only do they give your skin tone an even and flawless complexion but they also have the added SPF protection built-in. This is ideal for when the weather gets warmer. A little bronzer and long lashes and you are good to go. The only thing you could do to enhance the look is to apply a lovely bright lipstick for an evening twist. 

Remember that everyone’s skin is different so look at different brands and ask for recommendations before spending a fortune.

Your Hair Can Be One Of Your Best Features

Finally, your hair can often be lifeless in the winter months, so you may want to start being adventurous with the way you tie it up. There is nothing wrong with adding a cute Alice band to your head to complete a look. In the summer, things are a little different. Letting your hair dry naturally and embracing a more low-key beach vibe could be a great way to enhance your look with minimal effort. 

For me, hair care is all about the right cut (I have thick curly hair) and hair products. I use a vegan oil in my hair these days and the difference is significant!

What’s your best tip for creating the perfect look?


Wedding Guest Outfit

Wedding Guest Outfit

I need your help! Roy and I are at the wedding of a good friend in a few weeks and up until now, I haven’t given a thought to what I’ll be wearing. The last wedding I went to was in 2008 (a family affair) and since then I’ve gained a few stones and now live pretty much exclusively in jeans. Can you help a curly-haired fashion disaster find a wedding guest outfit that won’t break the bank and that could possibly be worn again?

Wedding Guest Outfit for Dummies

There really should be a one size fits all guide to wedding guest attire. It used to be that when it came to going to a wedding everyone wore a proper wedding outfit. That meant a hat for us women, a jacket, full suit for the fellas and so on. Everything seems much more casual now and yet we still need to make the effort because while we won’t be in any of the main photos, no doubt we’ll get snapped at some point or other.  When we got married in 2003 the wedding guest outfit choices were indeed more casual but then it’s a pretty swanky place we are going to. Where is that Dummies guide?

Not Dresses

The last time I wore a dress was on my wedding day. No really! Having managed to avoid baring my legs up wedding guest outfituntil now it is safe to say that my wedding guest outfit will not be including a dress or a skirt in any way. Besides, I just feel nicer in a trouser suit or set. In fact, I’m seriously considering a jumpsuit just as this one from JD Williams. A nice navy one with Bardot shoulders. I’m not sure what I’d put over the top i.e. jacket, cardi, bolero, feather boa? What do we think about that one? A jumpsuit is a bit more dressy I think than just trousers and again, it isn’t a dress.

Are there any 5ft 2.5″ readers out there who are plus-size and who have tried a jumpsuit? Does it work? I’m hoping so!


I don’t really do colours, at least not in normal clothing. I’m a black/dark grey or navy gal, it’s just the way I am. I feel confident in those types of colours. I’m guessing black for a wedding guest outfit in the spring is a no go. Navy could really work as long as I accessorise properly. I could add a splash of colour that way and still feel comfortable. That’s the plan anyway. A fascinator or hat is out (no chance with these crazy curls). New flats, a bag, some jewellery and a so-on could be in order.

Wedding Guest Outfit Woes: In Conclusion

Clearly, a jumpsuit is calling to me but I want to know what your opinions are. I’m limited on time for shopping (we move house next week and the wedding is the week after, during half term). I have possibly left my wedding guest outfit shopping a little later than I should but there’s no point worrying over that now. Let me know if the comments below what you consider proper spring wedding attire and any tips for keeping my outfit cost down and maximising my comfort. Once I’ve sussed the outfit and am happy with it I can relax and start looking forward to the day a little more! Here’s hoping I can pull something decent looking off!