Fashion for the Unfashionable

I marvel at people who leave the house on a morning looking perfectly put together. I consider it a win if I leave the house looking vaguely symmetrical. These days I realise that fashion is less about attention and more about confidence.

Fashion for the Unfashionable 

Current trends? Pah!

I don’t own labels. I haven’t worn a dress since my wedding day fifteen years ago and I haven’t worn makeup since I was seventeen years old. Trends have come and gone and overall I’ve just stuck with a style I’ve found affordable and comfortable. That’s not to say that fashion isn’t important to me. I certainly make more sensible fashion choices these days.

I may not be sporting the catwalk latest or spending obscene amounts of money on clothes, shoes and accessories, however, I still place importance on my clothing as how I look and feel in my second skin is a real confidence booster.

Fashion and Colours

Again, fashion is often about the latest trends, the next big thing, the latest colours. I’ve followed my own colour palette in terms of fashion over the past few years/decades, namely black. Black, gray and an occasional bold smattering of navy blue. I’ve tried injecting bold colours but they don’t make me feel good about myself. These days you might see more forest green, a little pink and even the odd smidge of mustard peeking out from my wardrobe. I can’t wear bright colours, bold patterns and that’s ok because fashion for me is donning something that again, makes me feel good about myself.

Fashion and Feeling

Something else I’ve realised over the years is that fashion is as much about how something feels as it looks. I’ve shopped at for several years and have found that they tick all of my style-related boxes. From fabulous fabrics, superior design and attention to comfort, even in their shapewear department, you can see why I keep going back time and time again. My current personal favourites are their denim jeggings which pull on and off, have a fabulously comfortable waist and look great with boots. I’m grateful to have found somewhere who caters to the “how you feel” aspect of womenswear. If I’m feeling like I need to spruce up my look, accessories are the way to go. A simple pair of glasses that are the height of Italian fashion and a tiny bit of modest bling around my wrist can help me feel a little bit “dressed up” if I need to be. That way I can wear these sorts of items without feeling uncomfortable.

In Summary

When it comes to fashion for the unfashionable, as I consider myself, it’s all about finding your own groove, what suits you and what makes you feel good. I no longer try to wear heels, having realised that comfort and style can go hand in hand and I don’t concern myself with trying to find my eighteen-year-old figure anymore. I’m pretty sure that ship sailed years and two children ago. What about you? What does fashion mean to you? Do you feel the need to keep up with the current trends, or are you comfortable in last season’s clothing as long as it is well-made and comfortable?



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