Considering Retirement Accommodation Options

Considering Retirement Accommodation Options

I recent months I’ve started to do a lot of future planning. I’ve looked at finances, insurances and even retirement. A lot of people tend to avoid the topic of retirement as much as they can. They think that it’s not going to happen any time soon and that they have plenty of time to save up money for the day they exit the workforce. In reality, you should be planning for retirement as early as possible to help you manage your financial responsibilities. Early retirement can sound like a good idea, but it’s actually more about reaching financial freedom so that you can safely retire with ample funds to live out your golden years. If the current situation has taught me anything it is that having your bases covered, from pensions to considering retirement accommodation options should be put off.

 In this post, I’ll be covering some of the most common retirement accommodation options and why you should consider them.

Considering Retirement Accommodation Options: House Sharing with Relatives

If your relatives or family members are inviting you to stay with them, then this can be the most economical option since you can simply sell your home and take all the capital into your retirement fund. This can be a great option for families with larger homes. 

Care Homes

For seniors with medical or mobility issues, care homes might be the most practical solution for retirement accommodation. You’ll be given a private room and shared communal areas to engage with other residents and staff members. While it can feel a little restrictive, it does provide the best care that you could ask for. Senior care ranges from full-on nursing support to much more independent choices. These are worth considering as you don’t know what your future holds and you want to be able to afford the best choice for you.

Retirement Villages

If you’d like to be surrounded by purpose-built developments and other seniors around your age then retirement villages can be a fantastic choice. These can provide a huge mix of accommodation styles and you’ll be able to downsize your existing property to something a lot smaller and affordable. Consider a set up such as ERL retirement villages that offer lots of additional services and local amenities that can enhance your experience. While there are some age restrictions, these self-contained villages can feel like holiday homes in some cases and will provide lots of extra comforts that will make your life a lot easier.

Considering Retirement Accommodation Options: Staying in Your Current Home

Of course, you could just stay with your current home if you’re content with it.  While many people prefer to just stay in their own home, there are arguments for downsizing that should be considered since it can save a lot of money and offer more comfort. Staying in a large and empty home isn’t for everyone but it really depends on your personal preferences.

Just like how you have lots of retirement options, there are also lots of different choices for retirement accommodation. Doing your research here is important because purchasing a retirement property can be a huge investment.

Have you started to look differently at your future because of what is going on in the world and your world right now? I certainly have. Next up is to take another look at my insurances to make sure everything is up to date and that my cover is adequate.

Small Business Dreams & How To Achieve Them

Small Business Dreams & How To Achieve Them

Do you consider yourself a dreamer? Have you always wanted to start your own business but you’re just not sure how to get it off the ground? First of all, you’re not alone. From 2018-2019, there were over 670,000 new businesses registered in the UK. That’s a lot of people with small business dreams looking for ways to make their ideas profitable.

Don’t let scary statistics get you down or stop you from going after your small business dreams. People like to throw around the fact that many small businesses are quick to fail. Unfortunately, there is some truth to that. Starting your own small business does not set you up for automatic failure if you know what you’re doing though. It’s important to start off on the right foot. With that in mind, let’s look at three simple tips that can help you to launch your business and become successful.

Achieve Your Small Business Dreams: Listen to People Who Matter

If you talk to people in your life about starting a small business, chances are everyone will have an opinion. Some people might try to steer you away. Others might try to scare you by telling you how much work will be involved.  While you can certainly take everyone’s advice into consideration, be careful about the advice you take to heart. 

If you can, talk to other small business owners in the area, or entrepreneurs of larger corporations. Contact friends or family in the business sector and get advice from them on how to get started. This can help to keep you grounded as you take the first steps toward launching.

Determine What You Need

It can take a lot of time, effort, and money to get a business off the ground. Will you need to take out a loan? Will you need commercial minibus insurance if you have to travel to deliver products or complete a service? How many employees should you hire? 

Some people call this process ‘counting the costs’. Creating a realistic budget and business plan before you start putting yourself into the business itself can save you a lot of stress and unnecessary headaches. Will your business fulfil a need or be a solution? If you can answer all of those questions, you can move forward in the process with confidence. 

Do You Have Small Business Dreams? Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

You don’t have to be a marketing guru or have any advertising background to speak up about your business. If you’re just getting started, show others how passionate you are by spreading the word about what you do and what you’re offering. Start out by telling family and friends, or creating a social media page and asking people to share it. 

So many businesses started on grassroots marketing campaigns, as can yours. If you’re providing a popular product or service, for example, your business will soon start to speak for itself. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of marketing there is. Get your name out there as quickly as possible, let your actions do the ‘talking,’ and stand behind what you’re providing. 

Do some businesses fail? Yes. Will you have to risk a lot to get yours off the ground? Absolutely. Remember though, turning your dreams into reality isn’t impossible. Keep these tips in mind to help you get through those first few steps on your small business journey. 

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