Roel Jansen: Obstacle Course Race (OCR) World Championships 2017

I am not the fittest of people. The last time I took part in sport actively was playing hockey for school and a local hockey team last millennium. The last time I ran was when I saw that there was a half price salmon on the reduced to clear at Tesco and someone else was heading for it. Joking aside (the Tesco thing did happen by the way), I am in awe of people who make fitness a priority in their lives and find them incredibly inspiring. That is why I am supporting Roel Jansen from Fit For Anything’s entry into the Obstacle Course Race (OCR) World Championships next month (October 2017).

Roel JansenRoel is an experienced personal trainer working in and around Chorleywood, helping scores of people fulfil their fitness goals, looking at everything from bespoke training plans to nutrition. In addition to this Roel somehow finds the time to train and compete in a number of events throughout the year, and doesn’t do too badly in them either!! His last big event was at the OCR European Championships in the Netherlands which clearly went well and he is proud (yet far too modest!) to have been chosen to compete in the OCR World Championships in Canada.

Like most athletes, unless they are sponsored by a major brand, Roel is having to fund his event attendance himself. Already clients of his have been keen to contribute towards his goal and there is a GoFund Me account set up so that business and individuals may also help Roel realise his dream of attending this event via sponsorship.

Please have a read of this blog post which tells you more about the event itself and also how businesses especially may benefit in turn by contributing to this very worthy fitness-related cause.

If you want to know more about the services that Roel Jansen offers in and around the Chorleywood area, as well as to read information and advice on all aspects of fitness have a nosy at his Facebook Page.

Good luck Roel!


Yoga and Whole Body Wellness

yoga-in-dharamsalaFor years I’ve been waffling on about needing to exercise me. I’ve power walked, done step aerobics, water aerobics (that nearly finished me off) and followed fitness DVDs from Spice Girl get fit to a very cheesy Zumba video. Predictably it didn’t take me long to fall off the wagon.

As a young woman, I was believed that “an hour here” and a “fitness class there” was all that was needed to make me the best I could be physically. Over time I’ve realised there’s a lot more to it than that. I know now, wiser with age, that to affect real change you need to look at your body as a whole as opposed to separate parts. You also need to consider the link between physical and mental wellness.

I’m not particularly sporty or as active as I should be these days. I spend more hours than I should sat behind a computer. That said I am at least aware of the need for change and the type of change that is required.

For me, Yoga looks set to take me where I need and want to be. I’m not looking to be the same size and shape as I was when I was eighteen (that ship has sailed!), I’m looking to be the best version of myself I can be, inside and out.

Looking into Yoga properly, researching for personal reasons with copywriting precision I’ve learned a lot more about Yoga, its background, the culture, history and ethos behind it. I’ve also realised that someone who can take me where I want to be will have undertaken a lot of training.

Those undertaking yoga training in Dharamsala for example, learn about nutrition as well as the spiritual and physical aspects of Yoga. When you view a Yoga exercise class you don’t truly appreciate the depth of understanding, the amount of training and I believe the dedication that goes into becoming a yoga teacher, and helping others to achieve their goals.

I’m feeling quite zen I suppose you could say, about myself and my future. I have health goals and wellness goals and for the first time feel that I’ve found a way to help me achieve them, by making life changes. Who knows, perhaps one day I’ll catch the bug and might look to train as a yoga teacher myself? Anything is possible…..