Promoting Proper Family Fun with Ikea

It isn’t often a YouTube video makes me go “aww”, smile and start rearranging furniture and making a list for a shopping trip to Ikea. This one did. It incorporates three of my favourite things, food, family and furniture and shows how all of these all work together perfectly for the Lim family (with a little help from our favourite furniture company)

Don’t take my word for it; do watch as it is only a short film however it is very cleverly put together! This is a marketing movie obviously however Ikea have tapped into what is important to so many of us and I personally think they have got it spot on.

I am one of six siblings, Roy is one of four. We have nephews, nieces, partners, fiancées, husbands and wives and the odd pet. Most of us all live near each other so getting together isn’t too difficult and so I appreciate very well juggling furniture and arranging things to make space for visits.

The first things I added to my list after watching the film was the extending dining table featured in the film. Next up was the thingy with the paper roll on it for the kids to use (again, you’ll know what I mean if You watch the short film). Everything looks so organized, everything has a proper place and yet nothing looks stilted, sterile or stiff. Everywhere looked warm and comfortable and everyone appeared happy and to be having fun. I really can’t imagine a better mix of interior design and family than this.

We always sit down for our evening meal together and always have. For me it is lovely to see Ikea focusing on family and family values; between this and their meatballs it’s no wonder they are so popular!


My question for you all today is: Which item on the video jumped out at you and screamed ORDER ME? It was definitely the table for me.

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Dear Diary (snort!)


photo by Jill via PhotoRee

I’ve never really done the whole keeping a diary thing. I did try when I was much younger but my little sister and I got the same diary for Christmas with the same key and well, it ended badly. Soon everyone knew that I LURVED the boy in my class more than chips or even Wagon Wheels. Kids can be cruel!

Anyway, because I am up ridiculously early as usual, want to blog and can’t think of anything interesting I am going to write a diary for the last week.

Dear Diary (snort!)
It’s been a long time since I wrote to you, blame you know who.
Anyway, last week was a very odd week.
First of all my long awaited chocolate brown suite arrived… in boxes with assembly instructions. Yes really. In truth I should have just given up on the week there and then. Being the independent and strong woman I am, I panicked, got my neighbour to come and have a look and then threw the instructions at Roy when he returned and made him sort it because “I just caaaaan’t!”.
I turns out it was just the feet that needed attaching but that’s not the point, who sends a new suite IN A BOX?

Ikea delivered my furniture order though and that was just box upon box of shiny loveliness. Fortunately for my bank balance there isn’t an Ikea I can get to so I am limited to what I can buy online. The whole point and click aspect of internet shopping is just asking for trouble if you ask me. I really do think I need another Trofast unit to go under the stairs…

Friday was fun! I woke up, stood up and fell down. I stood up again, walked forward hit the door frame and fell down again. Fun times! After a while I gave up onthis game because no-one should have to endure the room spinning thing without having had the benefit of getting pie-eyed first so I just moved on to throwing up. Nice! Fortunately Roy was off work so took over the school run and everything while I lay bleating on the new sofa, stroking it’s brown loveliness and calling out pitifully for water. Good times.

By Friday afternoon  I actually felt much better. Roy encouraged me to go for a shower (I think the smell was starting to get a little too much) and I felt great when I came down. Then the phone rang, I was Kieran’s school, could I pick him up early as he was unwell. When I got there he was on the carpet in the middle of the floor, covered in a blanket and fast asleep. Poor lamb! All weekend he suffered with severe headaches and high temps on and off. I suspect it was his way of fighting off the bug I obviously couln’t.

On Sunday we were all shattered so it was a PJ day. Kieran spent most of the time building with Lego. He built our house, a garden and even included a while picket fence. Ok he forgot the door but he is 5yr old, I’m more impressed with the fence! I got told to go away for a while so that Roy and co could do some secret stuff (it’s not that secret, they were buying my Mother’s Day present from the UNICEF inspired gifts page. I have no idea what it is they’ve bought in my name but I’m very excited about all of this!).

All said and done it’s been a mixed week but we’ve come out of it ok and with shiny new furniture.
You can’t ask for better than that really can you?

Nicki x