Protecting Your Floor From Your Pets

Protecting Your Floor From Your Pets

We all love our pets and they add untold levels of comfort and companionship, however, they do often throw parts of your home into disarray on occasion. Nowhere is this more apparent than in your floors, with muddy paw prints, scratching at carpets and those little accidents they can have when alone presenting plenty of times when you will be on your hands and knees cleaning. Protecting your floor from your pets can, at times, seem like a full-time job.

Interior designers often state that real hardwood flooring is not an ideal candidate due to its vulnerable nature towards scratches. If you go in another direction and opt towards laminate or Karndean click vinyl flooring, you find something far more acceptable and accommodating to your four-legged lovable friends.

Protecting Your Floor From Your Pets: Heart Set to Wood

If you have your heart set to the option of a wood floor, you can still have the perfectly replicated look of oak, light and dark woods without the weaknesses towards dogs and cats.

Firstly, vinyl flooring has seen many growths in protective technologies over the last few decades to incorporate the strongest anti-scratch measures. No matter how many times those pets dart across the floor in a day, your planks and tiles will retain its healthy look.

Real hardwood flooring has a lot of vulnerability towards scratches and can fall victim to being a scratching post over time, as well as more stubborn towards cleaning and chippings over time. Protecting the pets pads on their feet is always a big part of reliable flooring.

Non-Slip Layers

Our pets tend to get very excited on occasion and tend to slip everywhere on the floor; from them greeting us coming home to playful chasing around the house.

This causes slips into furniture and cabinets as well as potential injury to your pets. Karndean click vinyl flooring is heavily layered with anti-slip properties to prevent your pets overly active habits becoming potentially damaging. By also incorporating water resistance and moisture resistance they also are protected from any spills that those wagging or curled tails can bring to glasses on your coffee table or worktop.

Protecting Your Floor From Your Pets: Messy Pawprints

The biggest part of having pets is those occasions when muddy pawprints ruin your carpets or wooden floors.

This causes a lot of scrubbing out mud and dirt from carpets and various cleaning products to remove the offending marks, but with Karndean click vinyl flooring you take the effort out with a simple mop or quick sweep with a brush, ensuring that there is no risk of discolouration or fade with your flooring from any specialist chemicals.

Karndean click vinyl flooring is a much cheaper alternative allowing you to spend more time with your cuddlesome loved ones and reducing your worries and cleaning efforts around them.



Creating the Perfect Bedroom

Creating the Perfect Bedroom

The bedroom is an essential space in the home for a lot of people, which is why you want to create the perfect one when you have the chance. To a lot of people, it is more than just a place to sleep, it’s a place in the home that is theirs alone, in which nobody else will disturb them. Creating the perfect bedroom shouldn’t be a tough process as long as you know what you want to achieve and what to do. In this article, I’m going to be looking at just that, so keep reading if you want to find out more.

Creating the Perfect Bedroom: Somewhere Comfortable

First, you’re going to want the room to be comfortable. It’s no good stepping inside and feeling like you’re in some other place with nowhere to sleep and nowhere to sit. You need to get a comfortable bed that allows you to get the absolute best night of sleep. Sleep is essential to humans, and if you’re not getting the right amount, you are going to notice certain changes in your body. For this reason, you should be looking at beds and mattresses that are going to aid you in getting a good night of rest. Do your research before settling on a single product so that you know for sure you have the best. I’ve fallen foul of buying a cheap bed and mattress in the past and have regretted it.

That’s not all though, because there should also be somewhere for you to sit and just relax. Sometimes if you want to escape the busy hustle and bustle, you might just want to sit in your room for a minute. Ideally, you should never get into your bed unless you’re going to sleep, so finding a chair or a sofa is best. Just make sure it doesn’t become a clothes horse.

A Space Just For You

The space is going to be yours, so it should be filled with the things that you love. Make it personal while still keeping it looking fantastic. Little touches here and there like a rug, posters from your favourite movie, and so on are all it’s going to take to make your room feel like your own. If there’s anything that you think you absolutely need to make your room complete, then ensure it’s in there and not somewhere else in the house.

Creating the Perfect Bedroom: Tidy Is Best

Finally, a tidy room helps you to keep a tidy mind, but to do this you’ve got to have adequate storage. This includes your wardrobe, so you’ve got to think about where to get the best one, how much it is going to cost, and so on. A site like Online Bedrooms will be able to help you here, so take a look at their products and see if anything stands out to you. 

You should also think about shelves, freestanding bookcases, and so on that, you can use to store your items. Having everything on the floor is simply not an option, so write a list of things such as a bedside table and shelves that you can use for storage purposes, then go and find them.

In Summary

I hope that you have found this article helpful, and now have a better understanding of why creating the perfect bedroom shouldn’t be too tough. With these points in mind, I’ll be making changes to my space to make it less cluttered and calmer.