Unused Spaces as a Home Office


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If you are just starting a business from home or working from home regularly, you might be struggling with home office space and storage. It is important that you separate your living and resting space from your work one, or you will end up working in front of the TV until midnight (or in my case be up early, slouched on the sofa with a laptop – I’m not a night owl). Ideally, your home office will have a door that you can close behind you after you have finished with all your work. Ours doesn’t which is one of the reasons that we are looking to move in the not-too-distant future. Not everyone can up and move though. Below you will find a few ideas on where to look for space in your home to start your or run your business.

Basement Home Office

If you have a basement that you are not using, this is an obvious choice. You will need to take care of the insulation, the heating, and the lighting first though.  Talk to a professional on how to convert your basement into a home office and have all the facilities you need to make the space work for you. Provided there was a way to guarantee enough air and light in a basement, I’d be ok with that.


Another budget-friendly solution is converting your loft into an office. You can have your separate space, and it will be much quieter than on the corner of the sofa or in a spare bedroom. You might need planning permissions, though, and it is a good idea to talk to Empire Lofts about your plans and get everything arranged; from electricity to heating and lighting, as well as access to your space.  


Most of us are using our cars every day, and storing it in the garage simply doesn’t make sense. If you are currently only using your garage for storage, you can transform it into a great space that is insulated, bright, and inspiring. Focus on floor insulation, especially if your garage is detached from the home. Replace the windows and doors, and use secondary glazing sheets to keep you warm during the winter. Your own home office, separate but with the convenience of being at home at the same time. I like it!


Most of us love the conservatory in the summer, as we can entertain our guests there and enjoy some bright sunshine. However, you can add extra comfort and insulation to your conservatory to make it suitable for work all year round. The natural light will make this space a perfect office.

Under Stairs Storage

While this is not the ideal home office, you can use your under stairs storage to hold your fold-down chair and desk. Whenever the kids come home from school, you can just remove yourself from the living room, provided that you are not finished yet. There are plenty of great ideas for storage and furniture that will fit your tiny space initially. Harry Potter managed perfectly well under the stairs so there’s no reason why you can’t work from home under the stairs in the right space. 

Working from home can be challenging. One of the main problems you will face is that you want to keep your work and home life separate. With some savvy thinking and a modest budget many homes can incorporate a home office that will give you the space and the privacy you need. Sadly our current home just doesn’t offer these opportunities (the attic is a full bedroom and we have no cellar) so we’ll be moving. What about you though? Do you have a home office tucked away somewhere clever?


How a House Move Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

house move

Moving house is one of the most stressful things that you can do in your life. While the future can feel a little uncertain at the moment with all that is going on in UK politics, there are still plenty of people that will want or need to move home. Some people will put it off until they know what is going on with the economy, but some will just want to get on with a house move. We just want to get on with it. Yes folks, we are looking to move house. We are still doing some interior design things here as who knows how long it will take to find the right place but a house move is on the cards for us.

Moving house doesn’t need to be a huge or traumatic life event. There are many benefits to moving, so in actual fact, moving home can be such a good thing. 

Clearing Out the Clutter

When you move home, especially if you haven’t done so for a number of years, you really have to sort through your things to decide what you do or don’t want. There can be many things that will have accumulated in your home or been put in storage that you forget that you ever had. And if you are moving far, such as from the UK to a different country like Ireland, it will make your removals UK to Ireland much more straightforward than if there is a lot less clutter and junk to take with you as well. Moving gives you the chance or motivation to get it all cleared and sorted. This is what I am hoping anyway as we need a massive declutter and sort out session and a house move will get me started on this (mammoth) task.

Move House and Forge New Friendships

When you move to somewhere new, even if it is moving to somewhere not that far from where you were before, it gives you the chance to meet new people and start some new friendships and relationships. You will have new neighbours and new people living locally to you. Of course, you can still keep in touch with everyone else from your previous address, but having new people in your life can be a really good thing. I’m all for meeting new people so for us, this is a plus.

Re-evaluate Life

Moving home is a really unique chance to reflect on your life. A house move can take you out of your comfort zone, which may not feel like a good thing, but in terms of self-development and improvement, it opens doors to new opportunities and some self-reflection. A blank canvas, a new page, a new chapter; a house move offers you all of this and more.

Cheaper Bills

When you move you have an opportunity to reassess your outgoings. Will your rent or mortgage be cheaper, what about your gas and electricity? We saved a fortune the last time we moved as the new house had a new boiler and double glazed windows, plus we moved to a newer, greener energy company. 

In Summary

Moving house can be stressful, expensive and time-consuming. No-one is going to argue with that! What you do need to remember is that there are a lot of good things that come out a house move including new neighbours, a better home layout, a shorter commute, cheaper bills, a big declutter and more. Don’t let the fear of the moving process put you off if a house move is what you really want or need.

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