Small Home Tips and Tricks

Small Home Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of benefits behind smaller homes. They’re often cheaper to run, easier to clean, cheaper to decorate and provide the perfect amount of space. We’re moving to a bungalow soon, a smaller home in some ways compared to our current three-story Victorian terrace and already can see the benefits, not least the reduction in heating bills. Sometimes, however, a small home can look a bit too cramped and overcrowded if not decorated in the right way. Here are some interior design tips on ways you can maximise space to really get the most out of your small home.

Stay Neutral

Neutral and minimal colour schemes work best when you need to make a smaller space appear large. Rooms with walls painted white, for instance, will create a brighter and more open appearance in a small room compared to darker shades or bold, patterned wallpaper. If you can’t help insert a bit more colour into the space, consider creating a feature wall with a hue like a light blush pink, which looks beautiful in rooms with a lot of natural light.

Wooden floors are also useful for making a room feel more spacious, especially those in lighter shades of wood like oak. is a property company that often offer smaller studio apartments, in which they use wooden floors and neutral walls for a stylish feel. Another big trend right now is painted floors, so if you feel your wooden floors could do with an update, consider painting them in a white shade to really open up the area.

Make Use of Wall Space

Rather than taking up precious floor space around your home, think of ways you can use your wall space for storage and decoration. This could mean putting up floating shelves to display ornaments or plants, or installing floating storage cabinets where you can keep bits and bobs out of sight. Hanging artwork on your walls can work wonders in a smaller space. Think about stacking artwork vertically which can lengthen the appearance of the wall, or make a statement with large and eye-catching prints or canvases. Historically this is something I’ve been rubbish at doing but I will be following my own advice in the new house.

Use Mirrors in Your Small Home

Mirrors can be effective in creating the illusion of space in a smaller home. Be selective in how and where you use mirrors. For instance, try hanging a large mirror behind a piece of furniture like a sofa, placing a mirror behind a lamp to maximise the lighting effect, or hanging a mirror next to or across from a window to mimic the appearance of an extra window.  Everywhere I look, from interior design shows to Pinterest, I get the same advice about mirrors so must start taking notice myself.

Pick Furniture Wisely

You might automatically think that because your home is small, your furniture should be too. While this can be true in some cases, filling rooms with multiple small pieces of furniture can actually draw attention to the small size of the property. Instead of lots of small pieces, use a limited amount of full-sized furniture that will fill the space without making it appear too busy. When choosing items like a coffee table or dining table, consider translucent glass styles that will open up the space. You should also be mindful of furniture that doubles up as a storage solution, such as beds with built-in storage to keep clutter hidden away.


While the bungalow we are moving to is far from tiny some of these ideas could make all the difference to the feel of the rooms. Have you used any of these interior design tricks and tips?


We Need A New Bed

I’m a busy woman. My day often starts at 4am, long before the children are awake and I can sometimes be found still tapping away at the computer as late as 11pm when I have one of “those” deadlines approaching. Roy is much the same, regularly pulling in 13hr shifts. We don’t mind working hard, mainly because we love what we do and we juggle it around fabulous family time. What we do insist on is a quality sleep when we do fall into bed and at the moment that just isn’t working out as well as we’d like.

Mattress Woes

A couple of years ago I bought a memory foam mattress. Oh my days, what a revelation. No more bothersome springs, no more lumps and bumps or anything else which would disturb our sleep. Unfortunately the wonder that was our fancy pants (quite cheap) mattress is now a bone of contention as it feels thin and unsupportive. Clearly a new mattress is on the cards however we also need to be looking at a new bedstead.

A Bedstead That Will Work for Both of Us

As far as I’m concerned at a dinky 5ft 2″ you could pop me in a small single bed and I’d still have plenty of room. My 6ft 5″ husband however needs some extra leg room. Up until now we’ve had to rely on a bed with no end so that he doesn’t continually crack his toes on the end or end up sleeping diagonally.
Clearly a new bed is on the cards and we’ve been looking at websites including Bedstar to see if they meet our list of requirements:

  • It must fit in with our white wood theme so white, brown etc
  • It must be a double, we don’t need a king size really
  • It must either have no end or be long enough for that not to matter
  • A decent headboard is a must. We both read and write in bed and the top of our steel framed bed at the moment sports a headboard made of black metal bars. Not exactly supportive or comfortable if you want to sit up in bed without 30,000 cushions.
  • We either need built in storage or for the new bed to be a true bedstead so that I may store items underneath and hide them with a valance.
  • We don’t want to have to sell any both parts in order to afford said new bed
  • A built in sound system, gaming system and TV is NOT a requirement, regardless of what Roy might believe!

bedstar, new bed


My question for you is this: What do you look for when choosing a new bed and mattress? Obviously I need something that suits us both and which lasts however I don’t want to pay over the odds.

We are very good when it comes to winding down, sleeping in a properly dark room, not using gadgets before bed etc. We do all the right things in order to catch some quality Z’s however it’s our bedroom hardware that’s letting us down. What I could do with is a masters guide to bed buying so if you have any nuggets of wisdom when it comes to bed and mattress buying recommendations and the like please leave a comment and let us know.