10 Ways To Give Your Home More Character

10 Ways To Give Your Home More Character

Like people, homes can possess a certain personality or ‘character’. This is determined by how unique they are. If a home lacks character, it’s usually because there’s very little unique about it. It may look identical to other homes on the street or it may use very generic decor that results in a sterile show home quality. There are many ways you can give your home more character.

New builds are more likely to lack character than older buildings. Older buildings tend to have a lot of history, which may have led to various unique features being added over the years. New builds can contrastingly feel like empty shells that are yet to be filled.

By making certain improvements to your home, you may be able to add character to it. This could be useful if you’ve recently moved into a modern home. 

10 Ways To Give Your Home More Character: Think beyond neutral colours

Neutral colours like black, white, cream, brown and grey are very popular in modern homes. They tend to be seen as safe colours that can be easily mixed and matched and that won’t affect the value of a home. However, using these colours exclusively can also make a home feel slightly bland. 

Bolder colours can be more difficult to mix and match, but they can make a room much more unique and exciting. These could be small pops of colours such as baby blue cushions and baby blue curtains or they could be large explosions of colours such as lime green walls or a red sofa. You can read more about using colours in the home here.

Add some natural textures

Synthetic materials such as metal and plastic tend to have a very uniform appearance. This is also the case with synthetic coatings such as gloss paints.

With natural materials, no two surfaces are the same. Timber has its own distinct grain and knots, while stone materials like granite have their own veins. This itself can help to add a uniqueness and character. Consider whether you could add more exposed wood or stone to your interior. 

10 Ways To Give Your Home More Character: Consider bespoke items

Mass-produced items are popular in homes because they tend to be cheaper to buy. However, they can also contribute to a home’s lack of character – your neighbour may have the exact same Ikea table or Wilkinsons kitchenware set.

Consider splashing out on a couple bespoke items. This could be a custom sofa, a fitted wardrobe or even hand-built dining table, which leads onto the next ‘character-building’ trick…

Embrace art and crafts

Arts and crafts items often contain elements that are made by hand. This can mean that each one is individual. Such objects are a great way to bring character to a home. 

You can buy such items directly from an artist or a craftsman or you can make your own. The last option is the most sure to ensure that something is unique, but it does require more time, patience and skill. 

10 Ways To Give Your Home More Character: Add some history 

If your home is full of brand new items, this too could affect the character. Such items tend to have no history and therefore can fail to tell a story. This is often why older homes have more character – certain structural features could be a window into the past.

Adding an antique or two to your home could instantly add some character. This could be anything from a 60s table lamp to a Victorian mirror. Try to match these to the style of your home so that they don’t look too out of place. There may even be family heirlooms that you can display around your home to add some personal history. 

Opt for quirky accessories

Sometimes you can add character simply by playing around with the small details. In many homes, these are the features that are often overlooked.

Examples could include accessories like overhead light fittings, rugs, curtains, door handles and radiators. By choosing quirky stylings, you can make a statement with these small features. 

Display photographs and souvenirs

Photographs and souvenirs can be another way of adding character to your home. These items can tell a personal story about who you are.

There are lots of ways to display photos. You could get a photograph blown up on canvas or you could simply use cheap photo prints in frames or in a collage. As for souvenirs, these could be items from your travels or items from special moments in your life. You may be able to display these as ornaments on a shelf or hang them on a wall.


Show off your hobbies and interests

Showing off your hobbies and interests can also be a way of personalising your home and giving it more character. This could be anything from a love of music to a love of cats.

You may be able to show off certificates or trophies of achievements related to hobbies in your life. Alternatively, you may be able to show off collectibles and valuable items such as books, musical instruments or sports equipment. You may even be able to simply show your passions through ornaments and decorative items such as movie posters or cat statues. 

Grow some houseplants

Houseplants can literally be a way of bringing life into your home. Because not two plants look the same, they can be another way of bringing a unique touch to your home.

To really add character with houseplants try to consider unconventional a few plants. You can also play with colours and shapes and try to use these to match the decor.

Give your home a décor theme

What if your home could have a theme? This is a great way to give your home a unique identity throughout, although it can take a lot of commitment. 

You could choose to incorporate a certain colour scheme throughout your home or you could go for a certain decor style such as industrial or farmhouse. Whatever the case, try to put your own personal stamp on it.


Make Your Home Look Elegant

Make Your Home Look Elegant

Creating an expensive-looking home can sometimes be a challenge, particularly if you are on a budget. But it turns out that it could be much simpler than you imagine. Little changes here and there can make your home look luxe. And, for our purposes, that’s good enough. Check out these quick tactics and transform your living arrangements to make your home look elegant. 

Make Your Home Look Elegant: Declutter and Embrace Simplicity

What do you notice about practically every high-end, super-luxury home? They’re all clutter-free. They only contain the essential elements needed to complete the room, and that’s it. There are no toys on the floor or piles of clothing scattered around the room. Just tidy-looking seating, a rug, perhaps a floor lamp, some wall art and that’s about it!

Upcycle Old Furniture

Buying luxury furniture from new is notoriously expensive. You’re often paying thousands of pounds for designer wares. But taking a tatty old piece of furniture and restoring it to new is surprisingly inexpensive and something you can do at home.

All you really need is for the frame of the chair to be in good condition. Once you have that, it’s just a matter of replacing the outer fabric (and the padding if necessary). And here, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Any seat-worthy material will suffice. 

Make Your Home Look Elegant: Accessorise With Clocks

You don’t have to buy the most expensive clocks in the world to benefit from clocks. Just simple, elegant timepieces in your home will make a massive difference. Clocks aren’t just there to tell the time – although that helps. They’re also there to offer decoration and make your interiors look more attractive. Beautiful clocks can be a joy to behold. 

Use Hardwood

Carpets feel great underfoot, but luxury homes usually lay the ground floor with hardwood and then add things like rugs on top of that. 

Hardwood provides a wonderful return on investment. It’s durable and doesn’t require the same level of care and attention as other floor coverings. This way, you can live your life more freely without endlessly worrying about muddy shoes – great news if you have a family. 

Make Your Home Look Elegant: Recess Your Lighting

Traditionally, light sources sit in the open, visible from vantage points throughout your interiors. But if you want to create an elegant, classy space, then recessing it can make a massive difference. Put it on top of kitchen cabinets or behind shrouds in your living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. 

Upgrade Your Hardware

High-quality hardware isn’t expensive. And yet, the vast majority of people choose not to use it in their homes. That’s a missed opportunity. 

Today, you can get basins, faucets and counters with designer features, but for practically the same price as their mass-produced brethren. You don’t need to go out and spend a fortune on granite worktops. 

Improve Your Window Treatments

Lastly, you might want to improve your window treatments – one of the most budget-friendly ways to enhance your interiors.

Make Your Home Look Elegant

These are all great tips if you want to make your home look elegant. Where possible, try to use natural-looking materials, such as cotton, silk and linen. And ensure the colour scheme matches the rest of the room.  Do you have any top tips for interior design to share?