Move Home Time : Getting Ready

Move Home Time : Getting Ready

Buying a property and getting on the property ladder can often feel like such a big deal. Once you are settled into the pattern of paying a mortgage and looking after a home, you get to the point where you may be thinking, what next? Is it move home time? This can sometimes mean selling your house and buying another. Here are some of the steps to consider when it comes to your next house move.

Move Home Time? Research and Find the Right New Home 

One of the first things to consider when you want to move home would be what you are looking for in a new home. I’m a Rightmove fan myself so personally would have numerous alerts set up and be getting ready for viewings. It may be difficult to put anything set in stone until you have actually sold your own house, but it is a good idea to at least assess your budget.

It may be that you want a new build. Clearly this is a popular option as the new build homes industry is booming right now. Or it could be you would like a house to put your own stamp on or invest into the future with. Visiting houses and potential properties will help you to identify exactly what you want and need from a new property, and also allow you to physically see what you can afford in real terms.

Make Sure Your Property is Sellable 

Deciding that it is time to move home is a big thing. If you are ready to get started with the process you need to ensure that your current home is in a position to sell.  To be prepared to move quickly you might want to think about making some changes to help this happen. Choosing neutral decor, reducing the clutter and even investing in your home to make it more saleable would be a great step forward and could even increase the value you get. 

Move Home Time: Pop the House on the Market

Once your home is ready to sell and you know exactly where you stand, all that is left to do is to put your house up for sale and on the market. A decent agent advertises it on their own website and on other move home property websites. You will want a physical indication that the house is for sale with a board on the front and you may even want to consider holding an open house to attract a few buyers at the same time. 

Be Open to Buyers 

Make sure you are open to buyers and are accommodating. Offer weekend and evening viewing options so that it fits in with people’s busy schedules, setup open houses and be open to them in terms of their offers and feedback. The feedback you get could help you make a small change that could then result in a sale being made. There may be some cheeky offers but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them, you can just leave them on the table. 

Do you have any other top tips to help those ready to move home?


Outdoor Influences & Interior Design

Outdoor Influences & Interior Design

When it comes to redecorating your home, to breathing new life into a room, trends come and go. Outdoor influences in interior design is one theme that does not go out of fashion. Bringing outside inside couldn’t be easier and it offers you a relaxing, calming and fun space to live in.

Having moved earlier this year we are thrilled with our new spaces. We waited until we’d lived in our new home a few months to get a feel for it and now we’re now ready to inject some colour and redecorate a little. Here are just some of the ways we plan to bring outdoor influences into our home.

Outdoor Influences & Interior Design: The Use Of Plants

It has long-since been a joke amongst my family and friends that the only growing things I’ve been able to keep alive are weeds and Sea Monkeys. Well, folks, it turns out that there are plants that I can keep alive (so there). I’ve opted for aloe vera plants, spider plants, some ferns and have my eye on some cacti. These all look great and help with oxygen in the house (seriously, plants in the house are really good for you).

I’m looking to expand my houseplant collection soon. I’ll also use the plant theme in some artwork around the home.

Outdoor Influences & Interior Design: Soft Furnishings and Windows

One of the quickest and easiest ways to breathe new life into a room and incorporate the outdoors theme is to use soft furnishings and window coverings that are inspired by the outdoors. We’ve been looking at Swift Direct Blinds for some curtains to pull together the plant-inspired prints, rugs, cushions and more that we have picked out. We’ve gone for soft, textured and with muted greens, creams and accent colours to create the look we want.

Outdoor Influences & Interior Design: Use Natural Materials

Scrap the MDF and flatpack. Look for real wood pieces to add to your home, from a rustic coffee table to driftwood on the mantle piece if the beach is your thing. You’d be surprised by how easy it is to add natural materials in a practical way to help build up the layers of your outdoor inspired home or room. Seagrass carpeting can be very practical and fits in perfectly with this theme. My favourite place for wooden creations is Nashwood Crafts – well worth a look.

Outdoor Influences & Interior Design: Natural Light

Light is important when creating a feel in a room. For areas inspired by nature, it makes sense to use natural light. Choose window coverings carefully so as to maximise the natural light coming in while maintaining privacy, arrange your room so as to make the best of the light, use mirrors to brighten darker corners and open the windows.

Yes, open the windows. You’d be surprised how some genuine natural fresh air changes the atmosphere in the home and it definitely has health benefits.

Outdoor Influences & Interior Design: What Top Tips Do You Have?

These are some of the things that I am doing or plan to do in order to bring outdoor influences into my home. I welcome any top tips that you have to offer on anything from paint colours to furnishings. If you’ve created an outdoor look indoors please feel free to comment and tell me what you feel worked best.