Interior design, Dulux, New Colours and the Ideal Home Show

Interior design shows, peeking at people’s houses via estate agent websites and similar obsessions are all things that make me ridiculously happy.

One of these days I will take my love of interior design one step further and actually manage to get to the Ideal Home show. New colours, new styles and more for me to bask in. It sounds heavenly.

Until that day comes I will keep myself going with updates from those that did attend. Dulux sent me a sneaky peak at some of the new colours they chose to highlight at the show this year so I thought I’d share them with you! At the show Dulux took over Santiago House to produce the largest show home exhibition ever seen. Their colour experts used a variety of trends and colour combinations to show an array of contemporary living spaces.

[slideshow id=13]

When I do get my bottom in gear and get organised enough to get to the Ideal Home show I’m planning on taking the lovely Karen who kick-started my love of interior design. I just haven’t told her yet! Has anyone reading this been to the show? Is it as good as it sounds? From the pictures sent by Dulux alone I expect the whole event is like the interior design fan’s personal version of heaven. Do let me know if you’ve been and how you found it!

For more details on the new shades visit the Dulux website.

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