My Perfect: Finding a Little Good in Each Day

Hands up if you’ve ever had a truly rubbish day…..

My Perfect

What if you’re unlucky and have had a series of rubbish days? These things start to bog you down. They make you tired, you feel low and it may become harder and harder to see the positives that are going on around you because you’re too busy wallowing or fighting through the negatives.

my perfectThis is where the My Perfect journal comes in. The brainchild of Ali Gill, this fun journal merges calming colouring (if you want to) with actively searching out a positive or a perfect in every day. I have this journal and have to say that once you’ve started using it, you subconsciously seek out something good in your day or even several somethings. It changes your outlook and encourages you to be more mindful of what is truly going on around you. 

Take last week for instance. I spent most of it in a mad panic as Christmas is fast approaching and I have a ridiculous amount of work to do. I have a bad foot and it ached with the cold pretty much all of the time, everyone seemed to be getting grumpy and a load of bills hit my doormat. All in all, a pretty crappy week. Or was it? T had a fabulous week at school, K was happy, I had a lovely breakfast catch-up with friends and one had fabulous news. I enjoyed a lovely half an hour with just me and my book and another fab morning with a super friend and her daughter. By focusing on the positives and recording them I was able to completely change the way my week went, and how I felt about it.

I’m now entering a ridiculously busy week. I finish for Christmas at midnight (and it will be midnight!) on Thursday. I have a ridiculous amount of work to do, still have some Christmas stuff to sort, it’s still cold and I have to fit a hair appointment in too. I’m already seeing the potential perfects for the week ahead. I know that when I finish piece of work x,y or z that I’m going to feel great. I’m excited about Christmas. My hair appointment might be time out of the working day but the salon I go to treats everyone as a VIP and rather than simply a haircut it’s an opportunity for some pampering.

My perfect

All of this from a journal? Yes, actually! There’s flexibility in how you use My Perfect, however, I would say try and do something daily as doing so helps you form a positive habit. I’m a complete stationery tart as many of you know and this journal just feels nice! I’m not a big one for colouring however even I’ve been tempted to doodle and colour a little. On days where I haven’t, that’s ok too. There are no rules, it’s all about creating a bank of perfects for you to reflect on in the present and to look back on in the future.

If you are looking for a gift for yourself or for anyone else the  My Perfect Journal is available via Amazon and is a wonderful treat, worth everything penny and many more asides.

*I was sent a review copy of this journal and fell in love with it. I’ve already mentioned it in my stationery gift guide but decided to do a bigger write-up, purely because I rate it so highly. Be assured that any reviews I do, I write up based on my experiences only, and nothing is written from a brand crib-sheet or similar.

Say Nice Things Stationery

New stationery brands pop up on what seems like a daily basis, however, every now and then one catches my eye and holds my attention. I spotted SNT (Say Nice Things) over on Twitter way before they launched and was intrigued. We got to talking and I was rather tickled to be sent a rather substantial pack of goodies to have a look at.

I was sent:

The Crystal A5 Journal


I fell in love with the Crystal A5 Journal at first sight. I adore the simplicity of it and like the fact that it has been designed so that you may use it any way you want or need to. This journal features 6 sections, all of which being colour-coded.


This enables you to split the sections up to use for different purposes, for example, a dream log, goals, diet information, anything! The first four sections are lined for you to use as you will and section five includes blank rather than lined paper as well as geometric colouring pages (to match the cover) giving you more freedom to doodle and colour to your heart’s desire. The sixth section features twelve double-spread month to view calendar pages which are ideal for planning, habit tracking and more. The possibilities are endless!


My photography really doesn’t do these items justice if I’m being honest.


The Crystal Journal also features a handy pocket at the back for stickers, notes, basically anything you want to keep at hand. I’m using the journal as a bullet journal and am loving it. If you’re looking for a present to make someone grin this year, this (or any of the SNT journals) would make a great choice.


The Cadence A5 Notebook


I’ve had to keep this bad boy under wraps somewhat as I’ve snaffled it and hidden it to put in Roy’s Xmas box! Not “just” an ordinary notebook the Cadence Notebook feels great, is perfect again for bullet journal use, work notes, story notes, doodles, whatever you want.

With a selection of plain, lined and grid paper pages, this offers a flexible notebook solution that can be whatever you want it to be.


A selection of gorgeous notecards / postcards and envelopes


These are just adorable! Like everything at SNT Stationery, these cards and their envelopes are made from the highest quality materials and you can tell that the second you look at them. I haven’t used these yet (mainly because I’m trying to decide which ones to pinch from my writing box to pin up in my office) however when I do I’m sure the recipient will be thrilled.

Specific details, the dimensions and everything you really need to know about these items may be found on the SNT Stationery website. I just wanted to talk / blog about what *I* think about them!

An up and coming company Say Nice Things really seems to see and understand what people, men and women, want from their stationery and as such I’m looking forward to seeing them grow. If you want to help support them, make sure you have a nosy on their site and if you see something you think would make a brilliant gift (for you or someone else) go for it! You won’t be disappointed 🙂