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One of the best things about being a freelance writer and working from home is that the work can be completely flexible when necessary. This week is of course half term and we’ve had the Jubilee celebrations as well. Being self-employed I haven’t had to book holiday leave, I have simply done a bit of a switch-around and freed up time to spend with my favourite people, Roy and the boys.


Grandad and Kieran - Thirsk Jubilee celebrations

We’ve had a great half term so far, with Jubilee celebrations at home and in town with the rest of Thirsk, a big family get together / birthday party and barbecue, lunch out, baking, lots of Star Wars-related art and craft and of course playing with cardboard boxes.

Box fun

This isn’t the longest of blog posts because I have to finish some bits and pieces before eating Kieran’s blueberry jelly surprise, cooking a Wookie tea and attempting the world record for the number of bubbles in a kid’s bath.

Playing nicely

Whatever you have done this half term, whether you’ve been working or not, I hope you’ve had a great time. I for one will be sad when the half term is over and “normality” resumes!

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