Dealing With Changes to Your Health

Dealing With Changes to Your Health

It can be easy to take your health for granted. I have done in the past but I have a number of health issues, including diabetes which means I no longer have that luxury. Whether you need to make simple and small swaps to accommodate your new needs or you need to seek out special assistance, there are ways that you can adapt. These health changes might occur as a result of an injury, illness or you may have been dealing with symptoms for several years. Whatever your current or future situation may be, here are a few ways to approach dealing with changes to your health.

Dealing With Changes to Your Health: Mobility Issues

Being able to get out and about easily isn’t something you think about very often. If you suffered an injury and weren’t able to walk, would you know what to do? Take a look at Mobility Connect for a whole range of electric wheelchairs that may suit your needs. There are so many options available nowadays and many public spaces are becoming more and more accessible. Taking your mobility for granted should never be done, so consider what you would do if your current situation changed.

Mental Health

Mental health and physical health are equally important. Knowing how to deal with shifts in your mental health will help you to get through anything in the future. Speaking to someone you trust, visiting the doctor or seeking out a professional therapist are all excellent long term ways of working through your mental health struggles. You don’t have to go through this alone if you ever experience it.

Dealing With Changes to Your Health: Stay Positive

If you’re dealing with a life-changing health situation, it can be very easy to focus on the negatives. It is so important to remain as positive as you can so that you can start enjoying your life again; being grateful for the amazing things you do have is so important. Whether you’re suffering from a long term injury or you discover a new allergy that restricts your diet, you always need to think about the positive aspects of your life. This will help you to push through and tack any obstacles that may get in your way in the future.

Hopefully, you never have to deal with any of the dramatic changes that are mentioned above, but you can always be prepared. You never know what is around the corner in your future, so you need to keep an open mind and know that there is always a way around every situation. Never take your health or your loved ones’ health for granted and appreciate how good your life is right now. Dealing with changes to your health won’t be easy, but you can do everything in your power to get prepared now.

Boost Your Energy

Boost Your Energy

If you’re working, a busy parent or perhaps both you’ll sometimes you’ll feel like you need an extra hour in the day. I certainly do as a parent and someone who runs her own business. The modern non-stop lifestyle would leave anyone weary. Here are a few tips which are useful to know when you are struggling to stay awake naturally and to give you the energy boost you need to soldier on through the day. 

Boost Your Energy With a Great Diet

To optimise the energy you get from what you eat it’s advisable to eat small snacks every few hours rather than three large meals a day. This will give your body a slow and steady supply of nutrients. Eat food with a low glycemic index, these can include oats and grains, pasta, rice, beans and pulse and most fruits and non-starchy vegetables. Starting the day with a good breakfast is fundamental as your body has been working hard during the night digesting and processing the previous day.

You might want to fit in some protein, eggs or yoghurt as if you choose healthier options. If you’re feeling like treating yourself maybe whip up some smoked salmon (you can find some recipe options here) which contains lots of Omega 3. If you’ve got less time, or find it difficult to get in all these different food groups, how about whacking it all together to make a smoothie? Then you’ll have everything you need in one, easy glass.

Boost Your Energy by Watching What You Drink

Be sure to continually drink lots of water throughout the day. A tell-tale sign of dehydration is feeling fatigued. If you haven’t already buy a refillable water bottle and try to keep it with you at all times. You can now purchase many made from recycled materials, and reducing your plastic waste, you’re doing the environment a big favour as well. Not drinking enough water is something I really need to work on!

The Caffeine Question

How can you best use caffeine to your advantage? Limit yourself to four cups a day, and steer clear of it in the evenings, as this might keep you up. If you’re looking for all-natural good quality coffee, try single origin coffee beans from Two Chimps Coffee. They even offer subscriptions right to your door, to make your life that little bit easier. I used to survive and thrive on caffeine (I’m a freelancer) but these days drink mostly de-caff and savour my caffeine drinks. 

Exercise and Rest

Both of these kept in balance will ensure you have an abundance of energy. Make sure you get regular exercise and try to restrict your sleep patterns to night time. This will give you more energy during the day. 

These are all great ways to boost energy naturally. How do you keep yourself going?

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