Household Chores You Should Leave Until Summer

Household Chores You Should Leave Until Summer

When summer is close, you start to picture yourself either on holiday relaxing on a beach or sitting in your perfectly manicured garden enjoying the sunshine. The Coronavirus pandemic has put those dreams to bed. Still, it doesn’t mean that your summer has to be unproductive. Like many people around the world, you can use the time to take care of problems that you usually put to one side. Household chores should be at the top of the list since your house is your castle. Here are household chores you should leave until summer and focus on from June to August.

Household Chores You Should Leave Until Summer: Clean The Water Tank

Water tanks aren’t as old-fashioned as most people assume. Although you may not use yours for drinking purposes, you could have your tank installed outside for garden maintenance. Maintenance on your water tank is key, too, since bacteria will grow if the conditions are right. It’s best to clean the tank’s interior and exterior every six months for hygiene reasons; however, the summer is a must as the water level is lower. As a result, it’s easier to clean a bigger surface area and kill more germs.

Household Chores You Should Leave Until Summer: Deal With Pests

Pests aren’t only the animals that wreak havoc on your garden. Yes, the likes of ladybirds and slugs and snails will eat through your vegetable patch and flower bed in the blink of an eye. Yet, there are more pests to consider. The ones you want to focus on are the animals that will come indoors when the weather gets warmer, such as mice and rats. Once they nest indoors, they’re almost impossible to remove, so the summer is the perfect time to look out for the warning signs. If you spot them, you should call an exterminator.

Trim Backs Vegetation

Your garden is an Eden. At least, that’s what it looks like from a distance. Sadly, the features that you love can also be counterproductive, as thick vegetation is hazardous. There are tonnes of stories of trees falling down naturally or when kids climb on them during the summer. Plus, it’s not uncommon for overgrown trees and hedges to become so big that they block light and make your property feel cold and bare. For trees, you’ll need an expert as felling them alone is risky. However, hedges are straightforward to trim back as long as you have clippers.

Household Chores You Should Leave Until Summer: Wash The Car

Okay, the car isn’t part of your home, but it does sit on the drive. During the autumn and winter, the specks of dirt and grime that build up aren’t easy to see, thanks to the lack of light. Of course, when the sun takes off its hat, the UV rays reveal a horror show. Not only is a dirty vehicle bad for your home’s kerb appeal, but it’s also unhealthy for the car. Cars require regular maintenance, and the fact that it looks filthy should encourage you to jump into action.

Do you have any chores that you’ve delayed that are perfect for the summertime?

Gardening Can Help Improve Your Health

Gardening Can Help Improve Your Health

We all care about our health and wellbeing. We want to stay as fit and healthy as possible. But when we think of activities that help us to achieve this, we tend to think of things that many of us don’t find all too fun. We think of heading to the gym. We think of running on the treadmill, lifting weights, squats, sit-ups and more. But there are plenty of activities out there that are good for your health and wellbeing as well as proving to be a fun hobby. You may be surprised to know that gardening is one of them. Here are just a few ways that gardening can help improve your health.

Burn Calories

When you garden, you burn calories. It’s generally considered a moderate-intensity exercise and it’s thought that one hour’s worth of gardening and light gardening work will burn 330 calories. Activities such as raking leaves, digging up weeds, digging flower beds and more require strength and stamina!

Gardening Can Help Improve Your Health: Get Your Recommended Vitamin D

It’s recommended that we all get vitamin D. Most people get their vitamin D from spending time outdoors. But nowadays, people tend to engage in more indoor activities, such as watching TV, using the laptop and more. By spending time outside gardening on a regular basis, you are much more likely to get your daily recommended dose of vitamin D!

Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Many of us suffer from high blood pressure and there are a number of ways to counteract this. But you may, again, be surprised to know that gardening can help you to reduce your blood pressure. Not only does it provide moderate levels of activity, which help, but engaging with calming gardening like hydroponics can help to reduce stress and blood pressure too!

Gardening Can Help Improve Your Health: Improve Your Grip

If you’re struggling with grip issues, gardening can help! Holding onto tools and completing actions required to trim and prune plants and trees can help to increase your grip and encourage nimbleness of the fingers and hands. This is surprisingly good for your health and wellbeing! Just make sure to always wear good quality gardening gloves to ensure your hands are protected from nettles, stingers and other potentially harmful plants.

Growing Your Own Food Can Be Healthier

When you garden, you can grow almost any plant-based matter. Sure, most people opt for flowers and other beautiful plants. But you could grow your own fruit and vegetables too! Growing your own produce can provide you with a healthy influx of food that is free of additives, preservatives and even pesticides. Using them to make meals incorporating your own fruit and vegetables can encourage you to manage a healthier diet full of all of your necessary vitamins and minerals.

Gardening Can Help Improve Your Health – In Summary

While gardening might not be a sport, it can help with your health, fitness and wellbeing. So, why not incorporate it into your routine? Getting green fingered really can make all the difference!