My Hydration Pledge


I need to drink more. No, I’m not talking about sneaking the odd gin and tonic in here and there, I’m talking about that free running stuff that comes out of the tap. We are very lucky that here in the UK we have access to fresh water wherever we go and it is free (ok, we pay water rates but that incorporates everything from the washing machine to the shower as well as drinking water).

Why Now?

Why am I making a pledge to increase my water intake now? Now is as good a time as any and to be honest I’m well aware of how lax I’ve been in the self-care stakes when it comes to drinking enough! I have definite health, weight and activity goals, I wear a fitness monitor bracelet thingy, I go to Weight Watchers and track my food and yet up until now I’ve made little real effort to boost my hydration. A lack of motivation and a smidge of laziness on my part if I’m being honest.

I’m choosing now because there is no good reason to wait.

Why is Hydration Important to Me?

Hydration should be important to all of us. Our bodies are made up primarily of water, our cells need water, our joints require it for lubrication, it helps regulate our temperature, delivers the nutrients we need to where we need them, helps to flush out the toxins and other rubbish our bodies build up and more.

Not meeting hydration targets and becoming dehydrated may cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue, you wee less (and urine may be darker) and these are the least harmful side effects with severe hydration being incredibly serious. This guidance from the NHS shows that hydration really isn’t a joking matter.

I always make sure that the boys are properly hydrated because it is important and I figure that it’s time to apply the same standards to myself and my own health and well-being. If you’re looking for more reasons to hydrate and how to achieve it have a look at the Hydr8More website which has a fabulously informative blog as well as being home to a funky water bottle I’ve had my eye on for a while (two types, one for plain tap water which uses a special natural filter to soften water or a newer fruity version that you can use to infuse your water with fresh fruit flavour).

The Pledge 

I hereby pledge to increase my tap water intake (I’m not a fan of wasteful throwaway bottled water). I will track my progress and I will report back. Today (at the time of writing) is the first Monday of August 2015 and there’s no better time to start now.

Wish me luck.

Top Tips and Tricks

Do you have any top tips or clever ways to boost hydration when like me you tend to forget? I’m determined to make this change for the good of my health but any advice or clever motivation tips would be much appreciated!

Stay hydrated!



Boosting Activity at Work

Boosting Activity at Work

We all know that when it comes to increasing your fitness and decreasing your chance of weight-related illnesses that we need to move more. We know this because the NHS tell us so, because it is all over the news and because everyone on Facebook (apart from me perhaps) seems to go running three times a week or attends a spinning class.

What few people share is how we are supposed to manage to boost our activity levels or more so when. When you are at work from 9 -5pm for example you have a limited number of hours a day during which you have to fit in your housework, your family time, time when you eat, commuting and everything else.

The key it seems is in boosting activity at work. Those in the know over at Simply Health have written this really rather useful article around promoting activity at work. There are some great ideas for you workers here and this is definitely one to forward to your manager (unless accessing personal email at work is a no-go, in which case a random hard copy on their desk ought to do the trick).

Boosting activity at work seems to be a hot topic at the moment with BP having bought their employees wearables such as step trackers and activity monitors in order to monitor and encourage movement during work hours. This move (I believe called the BP Wellness Programme but don’t quote me on that) has been met with mixed receptions as some feel it is great and supportive of BP while others have concerns about it being a bit Big Brother-ish.  BP’s health insurance company no doubt think it’s a fabulous idea. The point here is that even the big businesses are now cottoning onto the fact that boosting activity at work is a good idea.

So what do you do when like me you work from home. I work for myself full-time in my home office. I don’t have a wellness programme or health mentor and I’m not hooked up to a wearable (yet – this is on the cards!).

Here are my tips for increasing activity at work (when at home).

Track Your Movement

First of all find a way to track your movement. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean using a wallet-busting gadget. I currently use a free pedometer app on my phone. It’s great at basic tracking although I’ll soon be using a wearable as this app eats battery. Being aware of your movement helps you set and meet goals.

Talking of Goals, Set Them!

Make your goals SMART and find a way to achieve them. You don’t need to double your steps (etc) in the first day but gradual increases are great for health.

Use the Stairs

My office is upstairs and my kitchen is downstairs. For this reason I tend to bring a flask / snacks etc upstairs so that I don’t find myself grazing during the day. This means fewer steps down to the kitchen which my app doesn’t like. What I do therefore is use the stairs as and when I normally would however when I get to the bottom I go back up again and come down, doubling my stair climbing time. Genius, especially when you add all of the other times i end up back up or down because I’ve forgotten what I went there fore in the first place!

Make Time

I take thirty minutes for my lunch (all I need when my lunch is ready prepared in the morning). Before my thirty minutes I might walk around the block, do a few extra stair climbs or walk around the garden. This helps me build an appetite and boosts my activity.

Get Up Earlier

Those who want to fit in a workout before work have to get up earlier, end of story. The same goes for me even though I work from home. Thankfully I’m an early riser anyway so this gives me an extra 30 minutes to use my baked bean can weights and do another half hour of my Strictly Come Dancing exercise DVD downstairs (don’t be fooled, it’s harder than it looks!).

Just Get Up and Move

Taking a few minutes here and there, standing up, walking around and boosting your activity at work will serve to refocus your brain, increase motivation and productivity and of course make your app or wearable happy. When working on a PC like myself all day it makes good eye health sense to take short breaks too.

It isn’t always easy to boost your activity when you are working, whether you work from home or somewhere else however the benefits to health and well-being  moving more increases makes  the effort is worthwhile.

Do you have any tips for increasing activity when at work? If so I’d love to hear / steal them!

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