The Kind Entrepreneur

The Kind Entrepreneur

A kind entrepreneur is the business person who not only succeeds but who enjoys their entrepreneurial journey.  I’ve been in business long enough to see that how you treat those around you will determine how well your enterprise will go, how long it will last and how your reputation will be built. Whether you take this to mean looking after your employees or acting in a mindfully aware and kind way with other freelancers, kindness should always be your default way of treating people.

A Kind Entrepreneur Breed Success

The Cadbury brothers in Birmingham offer one example of treating employees well that is still very present in the memory of the West Midlands. When the first factory in the centre of Birmingham became too small, the brothers decided not only to relocate but also to offer their staff the best possible living conditions. They chose Bournville to establish their HQ, away from urban pollution. Bournville provided workers with tonnes of facilities, from sports grounds to houses. There was even a kitchen for the staff, which was a novelty at the time. The rest is history, and visitors can join the Cadbury World tour to visit the old houses and workplace. 

You might not be the next Cadbury, but you can certainly learn from the two brothers to create a company that looks after its people.

People are Everything in the Business World

First of all, it’s fair to say, that the idea of a people-centred economy is not new. Despite living in a date-focussed world those in the know understand that you can have all of the algorithms in the world but not succeed in business if you ignore the personal aspect. From clients to service providers and from employees to customers, it is essential that you don’t overlook the importance of being a kind entrepreneur when it comes to all of your person to person dealings. In a move designed to deliver a sense of caring at every level in the business – similar to the Bournville story, you can establish a sense of unity and loyalty that goes beyond what any other company can offer.

A  Kind Entrepreneur Takes Care

Your employees are the key to your success. They provide the services you deliver. They inject their creativity and productivity in the business. In a word, they make the brand. They can only build a reliable company if they know that you have their backs. If you want your staff to go above and beyond you need to show that you value them.Whether this means helping them looking after their future via or investing in training to help them proceed will depend on who you employ and what your set-up is.  The better you look after your staff; the further your business can go.

The People, Your Reputation

The people you care about don’t need to be employees. In fact, businesses that make philanthropy a habit have experienced a positive return from their community. If you’re trying to take your business to the next level – see this article from the blog for more –, supporting a charitable cause that makes a difference to people’s lives is worth the most sophisticated marketing campaigns! In the end, your customers will love a company that cares about others!


As a kind entrepreneur, you need to put people at the top of your business plan. They are not only the most critical asset in your company; they are also the key to making your business relevant in a fast-paced market. From sole-traders to CEOs of multi-million-pound businesses, being kind is good for business certainly but it is more than that. Kindness in business is what will help ideas and innovations grow. The result of being a kind entrepreneur might simply be to make someone’s day better, and that is good news whether you are in business or not.


The Wonderful World of Charity

The Wonderful World of Charity

I believe it is important to get a balanced picture of the world right now, the good, the bad and the ugly. It is a rarer sight indeed to see something positive being done because it gets shrouded by the negativity we see online and in the media on a regular basis. Thanks to an increase in social awareness and social media campaigns though, we have seen a huge increase in people getting involved in charity, which is really heart-warming to see.

There are always many charities campaigning at this time of year; there is something about the season of goodwill and sharing with our loved ones that makes people want to get involved more than they would normally, which is never going to be a bad thing! I just wanted to take a moment to look at some of the many wonderful ways you can get involved in charity these days.

Social Media Campaigns

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There have been a few really popular digital charity campaigns over the last few years that have really captured the social media generation, such as Movember: being sponsored to grow a moustache for the month of November to raise money for the Movember Foundation, who deal with a number of men’s health issues; and Dry January – being sponsored to go alcohol-free for the month of January to raise money for Alcohol Change UK.

Another recent campaign that was actually banned from TV but went viral was an Iceland advert about palm oil, which originated from a Greenpeace advert. Regardless of the source, the online traction this campaign saw was incredible.

Raising money for charity has never been so accessible, which is fantastic.

Ongoing Charity and Sponsorship

It is commonplace to see charity advert campaigns on TV asking for regular sponsorship to help those in need, whether this is children, animals or for an ongoing crisis that is devastating lives around the world. These campaigns are often hard-hitting because they deal with the very issues that we hope to never have to deal with ourselves.

I have recently seen a campaign that focused on helping the homeless, with essential supplies being delivered into the rough sleeper community by a group of young Muslims’, which I thought was a wonderful idea. In Islam, charity is a huge part of everyday life and I have recently found out what zakat is and means for Muslims; zakat is an obligation to share wealth to those less fortunate in their time of need, and focuses on purification and growth of the body and mind. This kind of ongoing charity is brilliant to see and opens up your eyes and hearts to the good that can be done.

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Charity Shops

Charity shops have long been a staple on our high streets. Thanks to a number of influential celebs endorsing ‘thrift shops’ over the last few years, though, the humble charity shop has found a resurgence in popularity – but there is always more that can be done. Not only are these shops a haven for hidden gems, you might be surprised at the quality and selection available – and you’re doing your bit for a good cause, too. So, next time you’re after a book or are simply looking for an afternoon of adventuring with the kids, why not visit a charity shop and see what you can find!