The Wonderful World of Charity

The Wonderful World of Charity

I believe it is important to get a balanced picture of the world right now, the good, the bad and the ugly. It is a rarer sight indeed to see something positive being done because it gets shrouded by the negativity we see online and in the media on a regular basis. Thanks to an increase in social awareness and social media campaigns though, we have seen a huge increase in people getting involved in charity, which is really heart-warming to see.

There are always many charities campaigning at this time of year; there is something about the season of goodwill and sharing with our loved ones that makes people want to get involved more than they would normally, which is never going to be a bad thing! I just wanted to take a moment to look at some of the many wonderful ways you can get involved in charity these days.

Social Media Campaigns

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There have been a few really popular digital charity campaigns over the last few years that have really captured the social media generation, such as Movember: being sponsored to grow a moustache for the month of November to raise money for the Movember Foundation, who deal with a number of men’s health issues; and Dry January – being sponsored to go alcohol-free for the month of January to raise money for Alcohol Change UK.

Another recent campaign that was actually banned from TV but went viral was an Iceland advert about palm oil, which originated from a Greenpeace advert. Regardless of the source, the online traction this campaign saw was incredible.

Raising money for charity has never been so accessible, which is fantastic.

Ongoing Charity and Sponsorship

It is commonplace to see charity advert campaigns on TV asking for regular sponsorship to help those in need, whether this is children, animals or for an ongoing crisis that is devastating lives around the world. These campaigns are often hard-hitting because they deal with the very issues that we hope to never have to deal with ourselves.

I have recently seen a campaign that focused on helping the homeless, with essential supplies being delivered into the rough sleeper community by a group of young Muslims’, which I thought was a wonderful idea. In Islam, charity is a huge part of everyday life and I have recently found out what zakat is and means for Muslims; zakat is an obligation to share wealth to those less fortunate in their time of need, and focuses on purification and growth of the body and mind. This kind of ongoing charity is brilliant to see and opens up your eyes and hearts to the good that can be done.

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Charity Shops

Charity shops have long been a staple on our high streets. Thanks to a number of influential celebs endorsing ‘thrift shops’ over the last few years, though, the humble charity shop has found a resurgence in popularity – but there is always more that can be done. Not only are these shops a haven for hidden gems, you might be surprised at the quality and selection available – and you’re doing your bit for a good cause, too. So, next time you’re after a book or are simply looking for an afternoon of adventuring with the kids, why not visit a charity shop and see what you can find!









As a blogger I’m often asked to post about charities or fundraising efforts for local and national causes. If I’m being honest I dislike these emails, getting four or five sometimes every week. I just don’t have the time to write articles (for free) for all of these very worthy causes, I wish I did.

I had eight different people last month who came to my door to ask me to sign up to support and fund their charities, I wish I could help everyone but I can’t. The seven clothing and bric a brac charity bags sat in my hall will be put back out on the relevant day as I just don’t have anything else to give.

Sometimes it can be very overwhelming when you consider the number of people in the world who need our help and the number of projects that desperately need funding.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who feels this way, not by a long shot and I suspect that charities and community groups are constantly having to find new ways to raise funds and awareness. One way to do this is to run an online auction or auctions.

Think about it for a moment. Using online auctions like these can be a great way to raise funds in a secure and easy to advertise way. Online auctions are timed. Some of the time limits are just a few hours while others can last for over a week. There is just something special about looking at a time ticker on an online auction site and realising that you only have mere seconds to get your bid in before the opportunity is lost forever. The need to bid becomes increasingly important as that time limit approaches. We are all human and therefore attracted by the thought of missing out if we do not react in time. Couple this with having great items, services or promises up for “sale” and you have a unique opportunity to raise some serious funds.

An additional benefit to online auctions is that they are online! People don’t always want to go out during the evening to a charity event, to attend a fundraising sale on a Saturday and for this reason online auctions have an advantage. Home shopping online has long since been proven to be the preferred method for many and of course with social media being the marvelous tool it is when it comes to free advertising this could be the way forward for fundraisers.

I can’t stop the charity bags, the door knockers and the emails asking for my help however in future I’m going to suggest giving this alternative way of fundraising a go!