The Joy of Mindful Writing

The Joy of Mindful Writing

When the Joy of Mindful Writing popped through my letterbox I knew after just a few pages that this was going to be one of those books that I keep with me for a long time and refer back to again and again. The Joy of Mindful Writing, one of a number of books in the Mindful series from Leaping Hare Publishing, has been written by Joy Kenward who writes with warmth and a keen understanding of what it is to write and to be mindful.

Joy of Mindful WritingThis isn’t a read once and shelve it kind of book. This is a book that you put page markers in, sticky notes or even highlight (unless you borrow someone else’s copy of course). It’s a reading and understanding book with exercises, meditations and more for you to try, all of which help you get closer to your goal of mindful writing.

Mindfulness is not something you can switch on and off like a light switch unless perhaps you have reached Buddha level (which I have not). I started to gain a keen interest in mindfulness and mindful living last year and as a consequence am now nearly the end of a mindfulness diploma. I’m also someone who loves to write. I’ve been blogging for coming up twelve years and have been a freelance copywriter for nearly nine years full-time. I love to write and I’m pretty good at it. There are different ways to write however and mindful writing is more than rambling in a blog post or working to a client-sent brief. Mindful writing is….. more. I’ve written mindfully in the past, without knowing it. I don’t write that way all of the time because it isn’t relevant. It’s difficult to explain but if you are a writer moving into mindful writing, you might very well know what I mean.

The Joy of Mindful Writing is perfect for those just starting to write and those who, like me, have been doing it for years. It’s not a better way to write or a more professional way to write. It is simply a different way to write and its something I’m exploring more in my personal writing right now.

To fully appreciate the impact this book has you really do need to explore it yourself. There are meditations and more which help bring clarity and open you up to creating something unique and special to you.

This is the only book in the Mindfulness series that I’ve explored however it will most definitely not be the last. Thank you to Leaping Hare for sending me this book to try out, it’s been quite the exploration!

See the full The Mindfulness Series collection for more ways that you may enjoy a more mindful way of living.

Joy of Mindful Writing

I am Good Enough

Good Enough

At this time of year, people start to think about New Year resolutions, personal goals and such-like. We’ve all done it, even if we’ve called it something else. We’ll be thinner, smarter, more sociable, we’ll work harder and generally be better versions of ourselves. This year I’m taking a step back from all of this. This year I am saying that I am good enough.

I am good enough! I’m not at my ideal weight. I’ve not reached ultimate productivity status. My hair will never be tamed. I won’t walk 10,000 steps every day. I don’t need to be better. I just need to be me.

Accepting who I am has made me happier. I’m not so bad you know. I’m a great Mum, a darn good wife and I try to be a good friend. I can be funny and cheeky. I run a successful business and I’ve set up monthly sessions to help other freelancers who suffer from isolation. I do what I can to support local businesses and community causes. I am proud of our little town. I am more mindful. I concentrate on the important stuff. I make a mean slow cooked lasagne. I can make people smile. People feel they can come to me for advice or just a hug. I give good hugs. I am kind. 

I am not simply good enough. I’m bloody marvellous! I’m fabulous and this year I’m not piling impossible expectations onto myself. This year I am saying….

Nicki… You are good enough. You do not need improvement. Have a spectacular 2018.

Try saying the same to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with striving for success, trying something new or self-improvement, not at all. Starting any of these processes with a healthy dollop of self-awareness though is important. This New Year, before you think about writing down your goals and promises to yourself and to others just at least take a minute or two to think about everything you are, can do, are all about. It can be quite the eye-opener and once you embrace all of that, you will feel blooming fabulous.



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