Win Christmas treats for the kids with MyFamilyClub

Today’s post is a quick mention of a great competition from a new and very current website aimed at saving parents time and money. MyFamilyClub has been live only a short time but is already getting rave reviews!

MyFamilyClub want to make your Christmas shopping easy this year so they’re giving away a bumper bag of this year’s most popular Christmas toys for children aged 0-16.

 From their lovely friends at Spinmaster you could win:

  • Bakugan Dragonoid Collossus
  • Zoobles Nursery Playset
  • Fab Effex Variety Pack
  • Bizu Style Studio
  • Air Hogs Vectron Wave
  • Moon Sand Bake Shop
  • Disney Cars 2 AppMate

The competition is easy to enter and ends on the 24th November 2011.

Visit their Facebook page and click on the Competition’s tab to enter.


Find MyFamilyClub on Twitter and enter by following them and retweeting #mfcwintoys

Good luck all!





Dear So & So

Dear the thoughtful person setting off fireworks last night:,

Please see my FB status:




Dear This Weekend

I will be shopping, I will be gossiping with my best friend.

I will not be working.

I will be doing the bare minimum of needed housework.

Just so you know,

Love me


Dear Kieran

Asking questions like “Mummy, how did Daddy put Taylor in your tummy” is NOT going to get you a DS for Xmas. You’ve been warned.

Love Mummy xx


Dear Taylor

You clever nearly-but-not-quite-11m old. You stood up for the first time this week. Well done! It was cute.

I saw it, I told Daddy about it. Now stop it! You are mobile enough without furniture cruising.

Love Mummy (who remembers your big brother as a toddler)


Dear self

Buying boots is addictive, I will resist

Buying boots is addictive, I will resist

Buying boots…… ooh there is a sale on!

Love, Skint


To All

If you aren’t on my FB you may have missed this:

This made me chuckle, so I shared it.

Now it has been shared SEVERAL times so my timeline is full of vagina pounding mentions. This is fine.
I have apologised to my parents on your behalf.

Love her who needs a new FB account purely for naughtiness x

Dear So and So...