Win Christmas treats for the kids with MyFamilyClub

Today’s post is a quick mention of a great competition from a new and very current website aimed at saving parents time and money. MyFamilyClub has been live only a short time but is already getting rave reviews!

MyFamilyClub want to make your Christmas shopping easy this year so they’re giving away a bumper bag of this year’s most popular Christmas toys for children aged 0-16.

 From their lovely friends at Spinmaster you could win:

  • Bakugan Dragonoid Collossus
  • Zoobles Nursery Playset
  • Fab Effex Variety Pack
  • Bizu Style Studio
  • Air Hogs Vectron Wave
  • Moon Sand Bake Shop
  • Disney Cars 2 AppMate

The competition is easy to enter and ends on the 24th November 2011.

Visit their Facebook page and click on the Competition’s tab to enter.


Find MyFamilyClub on Twitter and enter by following them and retweeting #mfcwintoys

Good luck all!





Dear So and So.. The First Edition

Dear So and So...
My first set of letters, call it therapy! Basically brief notes to anyone and anything that has meant something to me this week.(Thanks Kat!) To read more visit the badge at the top of this post!


Dear Nicki

You are a writer. You are not a web-designer. Don’t tell yourself you will figure it out as you go along because you won’t.


A frustrated Nicki who has changed her theme and is unable to make everything the way she wants it.


Dear Thinking Slimmer

Wow. One week in I lost 4.5lb (I am obviously chuffed to bloody bits) but more than that I am so much more relaxed than I have been for a long time. Food isn’t an issue, I don’t binge when upset or pissed off and I enjoy my meals, though don’t need to pig out. I’m not counting points, calories or whatever and feel guilt free and happy.


Nicki the Relaxed Chick


Dear Zaggora Hotpants

I have a sweaty bum.

More updates later


Nicki, she would is ever hopeful her arse will stop looking like an elephant’s!


Dear Facebook.

I fear our relationship may be coming to and end. It’s not me, it’s YOU. You see, Twitter has so much more to interest me and rarely changes. You really shouldn’t have done those last updates you know.

Time will tell,


Dear National Lottery 

I have bought tickets for this weekend. I have been known to show a bit if leg when very excited (i.e. when winning LARGE sums of money).


Nicki, (The Poor Girl)