A Sanity Saving SmartSign Design

When the SmartSign blogger challenge popped up on HIBS100 I knew straight away which sign I would be looking for.

We’re moving house next month (in the middle of the summer holidays with no childcare, while working from home – send cake) and so have a sign in mind.
Is it a family rules sign? No!
A “Beware those who dare to enter” for my pre-teen’s new room? No (although this might not be a bad idea)!
Perhaps something with a quote like “Sorry about the mess, my children are making memories”? No, sorry.

What am I looking for?
A miracle. It’s a miracle I’m looking for. You see, I am slightly outnumbered in my house. There is little old me, then are three boys (two boys and a husband).What I’m looking for, is a pee-free bathroom.

 This is the look of a mother who is frazzled, worn down and quite frankly worn out…. by boy pee. Parents of boys will feel my pain. I thought that a handy sign would remind my cherubs to WIPE THE DAMN SEAT so I that I wouldn’t have to yell “HAVE YOU WIPED AND FLUSHED?” up the stairs who be a wise choice. I’m pretty sure when I yell right now using my stern Mum voice that our current gentleman neighbour sits down to pee. I’m hoping to make a more refined impression on the new neighbours, at least for a little while until they really get to know us and so I put this sign together…

They’re not going to be able to ignore that looking down on them, are they? We can but hope!
I was quite tickled, on browsing SmartSign closer to find that great minds think alike as they have a similar sprinkle tinkle sign. If I’m chosen as a winner of this fab comp (this post is an entry into the #MyCustomSign www.smartsign.com blogger challenge) I would ask them to make mine up to fit with my decor for the new house or design one similar perhaps without the disapproving dog looking down (see below).


What do you think? It’s a winner, right? 

Calling All Republic of Ireland Competition Fans and Travel Lovers

You know when you get all excited about a competition, see the prize, rub your hands together in anticipation and then realise that once again that you can’t enter because you are in the Republic of Ireland? Blinking annoying I’m sure! This competition however will work in your favour as my readers outside of the RoI may not enter!

Falcon Holidays are offering a whopping €500 voucher for those who take on the Passport Challenge, collect enough stamps and for one lucky someone, is chosen from the pot of entries that make up the grand prize draw.

Don’t get too cocky though, it isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is fair enough given the value of the prize. To earn your passport stamps you have to answer some fairly tricky questions about the six destinations which are Egypt, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Spain and Bulgaria.

Is your geography knowledge up to spec?

Would you love that travel voucher?

If so have a gander at the terms and conditions to find out more about the prize and the rules for entry and then go for gold!

Good luck all.

**Please do share this with any of your RoI contacts**



*This post has been written in collaboration with the mentioned business. That does not detract from the fact that it is an incredible prize and that I will be extremely jealous of the winner.