The Nicki Mini Guide to Removals 

When it comes to organising things I’m pretty good. No, scratch that, I’m the bee’s knees! If you need something sorting I have a contact, will find a contact or damn it I’ll do it myself. I try and stay on top of local news, apparently, I’m the first to update social media friends and colleagues locally about local travel and info and I personally dislike chaos. When it comes to removals, one of the most stressful situations we are to help

Perhaps it’s these attributes (which others have bestowed on me, I’m not blowing my own trumpet) that make me the go-to gal among friends and family who need something sorting. Several times recently I’ve been asked about situations involving removals and so here is my “guide to removals”.

Make Sure You Know What You Need
This might sound like a silly point however you’d be surprised I’m guessing how many people book any old removal van when really what they need is a man and van service, as opposed to the full-monty house clearance package. Removals come in all shapes and sizes; Apex Removals Company for example, offer a wide range of options from large multi-container vehicles and staff to a small man and van. Make sure you have a clear idea of what services are on offer and what you actually really need so that you don’t end up paying more than you should.

Choose Your Company Wisely
There will be times when it seems quicker and easier to simply call the person who last shoved a leaflet through your door. While this person may be excellent and shouldn’t be discounted it is worth shopping around, reading reviews online and asking friends and colleagues for recommendations.

Get a Quote – In Writing
We’ve all heard of instances of people verbally agreeing on a price for a service, the service being carried out and then the customer basically being held to ransom over a final payment amount that was far from expected. Thankfully there are many removal companies Reading area and beyond and the vast majority are legit. It does pay however to get quotes so that you may compare prices as well as it being general good practice.

Talk To Your Company
Once you’ve chosen the company you want to go with, talk to them! Make sure that they are very clear on what you need and when and don’t be afraid to ask their advice. They will know better than anyone what size of vehicle you’ll need for a certain job and will even be able to offer you advice on how best to pack and even wrap furniture for safe removal.

Happy? Let People Know
If as expected you receive excellent service from your removal company, whether it was a man and a van job, an office move or a cross-country large home move make sure you leave a review on their social media site, on their website and of course spread the word. This type of feedback is what weeds out the professionals from everyone else and helps people make a more informed choice regarding their job.

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