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I gave up smoking in 2005 and have never looked back. Quitting was hard which is why I wish that e cigarettes and e liquids were around then. I might have decided to vape instead of smoke much earlier if they were available back then as vaping has a great number of benefits over smoking.

vapeDid you know that WHO (World Health Organisation) have classified a number of the ingredients in tobacco cigarette as being toxic and potentially cancer-causing? That in itself should be enough to have smokers throwing their cigarettes away instantly, but quitting is hard, which is where vaping comes in.

Studies show that it isn’t just the *nicotine that smokers find difficult to walk away from, it’s the hand to mouth action, the relaxation, the taking a drag and the social aspect. Smokers find smoking enjoyable, and I get it, trust me. Vaping offers the opportunity for smokers to enjoy all of this without the nasties they are putting into their bodies when smoking, and even Public Health England say that vaping is at least 95% healthier than smoking. It’s the perfect alternative. You may have your cake, each it and not feel sick afterwards or have to worry about calories or guilt.

Variety is the Spice of Life
One of the wonders of vaping is that there are so many different e juice flavours to try out. You can go fruity, sweet, creamy, minty, enjoy drink-related flavours, tobacco flavours (yes really) or opt for some of the original-tasting flavours that many vapers love.

There are many e cigarettes, from those which allow you to alter the temperature you vape at (producing big flavoursome clouds) down to plug and play starter kits that get you going without any fuss or need for vast knowledge of the ins and outs of an e cigarette. You may completely customise your vaping experience.

The Cost
On face value, some might think that vaping is more expensive than smoking as you have some set-up costs (although basic starter kits are actually really affordable) and e liquids and consumables to consider. All of this has been taken into account by many doing professional comparisons and vaping comes up considerably cheaper each and every time, particularly longer term.

It all comes back to health at the end of the day, and so it should. Health professionals, NHS trusts and charities are all pointing people towards vaping in order to get them off smoking in order to improve their health and reduce the risk of smoking-related premature death. Public Health England, the UK Government department responsible for the introduction of the Go Smoke Free legislation which saw smoking in many public areas made illegal have been keen to advocate for vaping, even listing e cigarettes as a useful cessation tool on their 2017 Stoptober materials. A Hampshire NHS trust are giving those serious about giving up smoking a one-time £25 vaping voucher for use in local shops to help them get a basic starter kit and introduce themselves to vaping properly in order to make the switch.

Clearly the benefits of choosing to vape far outweigh any reason to continue smoking. Black Note have put together a great article on help you quit smoking. If quitting smoking is on your list for 2018, good luck! As I wrote previously, I quit back in 2005 and have never looked back. My only regret is not putting in a jar what I spent on tobacco cigarettes each week and saving it. I could be looking at early retirement by now!

*E liquids do contain nicotine however, unlike tobacco cigarettes, you may choose with vaping the strength of nicotine you want, gradually tapering your usage down if you wish until you are enjoying zero nicotine vape e liquids.

Smoking Cessation Success Due to Vaping


Since the Go Smoke Free legislation went live in the UK back in 2007 there has been a keener public awareness of the dangers of smoking, however people still continue to smoke. Why is this? While smoking numbers have dropped it would appear that vaping has had a lot to do with cessation levels, and hopefully will in the future as vaping offers a better way for smokers to give up.

I gave up smoking over twelve years ago, long before vaping really became a thing. It was hard! It was so blooming hard but I did it. I had some great motivations to quit and by that point, I think I was ready, however, for some giving up smoking is incredibly difficult, especially going cold turkey.

When it comes to giving up smoking you aren’t simply making a decision to quit. First of all, there’s the nicotine content in tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is addictive, no-one is denying that. Believe it or not, you may also be addicted to the other chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Strictly speaking, these may not be known for having addictive properties however your body does get used to having them around. On top of this is the fact that you would be giving up another habit; a hand to mouth habit/action, a part of your day, a routine and of course the social aspect of smoking (although this has lessened since public smoking bans came into place).

It would seem for some that giving up smoking is simply too difficult, especially going cold turkey and particularly if more traditional methods for supporting the quitting of smoking ,such as gum and patches haven’t worked for you. What’s the answer? Vaping is.

E Cigarettes as Cessation Devices

Many official bodies advocate for the use of e cigarettes as a safer and healthier alternative to smoking. WHO (the World Health Organisation) have classified a number of the chemicals found within tobacco cigarettes as being toxic and potentially cancer causing. No such classification exists for e liquids, which are heated to produce a vapour as opposed to tobacco that is burned. When moving over to vaping you get to maintain an enjoyable, relaxing hobby, the hand/mouth action isn’t lost, there is a social element to vaping and you still have access to nicotine. As a cessation device the e cigarette has been highly effective and partially responsible for the drop in adult smoking numbers in the UK, as well as further afield. Vaping even caters for those who don’t want to miss out on the tobacco taste with quality e liquids such as these from Black Note.

What About Nicotine?

We know that nicotine is addictive, however there is no evidence that it is harmful to health beyond that (unless you drink it, please don’t drink it!). The benefit of moving over to vaping from smoking is that with vaping you may choose to use e liquids with varying different nicotine strengths within them. That means that you may maintain the level you are used to with smoking and gradually reduce this, all the way down to zero nicotine. There are many zero nicotine e liquids so that it is possible, and many do choose to vape nicotine free e cigarettes, enjoying the hobby without any chemical nasties and without nicotine.

Who Supports Vaping as a Cessation Method?

Vaping has not yet officially been given the stamp of approval from the government in terms of putting up billboards that say “Quit today, use an e cigarette” or having officially adopted e cigarettes as NHS cessation devices however, there is a lot of support for this. Numerous health bodies, cancer charities (including UK Cancer Research), doctors and other health professionals have called for the use of e cigarettes to help people quit, citing the fact that you are immediately choosing a cleaner and healthier hobby over a well-known dangerous one, as well as them understanding that when it comes to giving up smoking, you are fighting a physical habit, as well as a chemical one.

Public Health England, the government body responsible for the implementation of the 2007 smoking ban legislation which saw smoking banned in pubs, cafes, on public transport and more are keen advocates of vaping, listing e cigarettes as a valid and useful cessation aid on their Stoptober campaign materials (Stoptober is the annual NHS public health campaign aimed at helping people quit smoking). Clearly many support the use of e cigarettes as a cessation method.

The Future

The number of people choosing to smoke is falling and the number of people switching over to vaping is rising. This can only be a good thing. I’d love to see a wider acceptance for vaping, particularly from the NHS (officially) as I truly believe it is a great tool in helping people quit smoking and as such should be one the government are supporting more widely. Vaping isn’t as complicated as many expect it to be and there is some great guidance for helping people get started and for vaping troubleshooting. It’s definitely worth finding out more about.

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