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I’ve added Passion Planner to my planning setup!

As I’ve blogged about before I have a Personal Filofax with a weekly view that I use for advanced planning / reminders & graph paper Field Notes (in cherry wood) in the back that I use as a bullet journal for brain dumping tasks etc.

What was missing was a method of increasing productivity via better time management. That’s where the Passion Planner comes in. What I’ve done in the picture about is to use the free weekly downloads on their site and have stuck them into a notebook. This is a temporary measure whilst I trial this method however strongly suspect I’ll be buying the 2016 compact version (which has monthly pages etc too) soon.

I’ve been a fan of Passion Planner from the day I saw the first Kickstart video however as a standalone planner it didn’t meet my needs as I juggle a number of regular clients as well as ad hoc projects each week as well as everything home / family / school related.

One of the things that really attracted me to the Passion Planner was their social media accounts, specifically the CEO’s idea of using the Passion Planner to achieve bucket list items or achieve wild dreams. This was unlike anything I’ve seen on any other planner / organisation website and I love it. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to lose 3 stone, buy a house or attend the American Academy Theatre Academy in London or New York and enjoy the limelight; the idea is that nothing is impossible if you prioritise, organise and focus.

Used alongside the Filofax (appointments, school information, club info, birthdays, important dates etc) and the Bullet Journal (running task lists of what I need to achieve work and home each day) it seems to have really come into its own. I’m using it to schedule my time and so far so good! Given that I’ve recently taken on (another) course to do from home making the most of my time is going to be essential.

Do you use a Passion Planner? What is your current planner system? Comment and let us all know.

The Erin Condren Deluxe Notebook with Calendar

Erin Condren Deluxe Notebook with an added calendar

As many of you will no doubt already know I have been using the Erin Condren Life Planner for a while now. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and it has even encouraged my creative side out of hiding. I’ve decorated the daily spreads somewhat, used stickers, become more organised BUT (there’s is always a but) it hasn’t ticked all of my organisational boxes.

I’ve spent an obscene amount of time browsing blogs, YouTube videos and stalking  following my favourite stationery tarts and decided to give using a bullet journal a try. I adapted my current ECLP and used the notepaper in the back and came up with the perfect system.
Planner zen at last.

This system allows me to organise and prioritise work notes and tasks, incorporate brainstorming, lists and more while still managing a busy family and home schedule and all the appointments and reminders that comes with that.

While this notebook is larger than the popular midori set up  the size is perfect for me and I’ve included monthly spreads and monthly note pages in the front for scheduled / adavnce planning etc (this cost $15 more).

I’ll blog properly about my bullet journal soon however for now I’m just happy to introduce my Erin Condren deluxe notebook with calendar.

The notebook comes with:

  • 12 monthly spreads (starting from whatever month you choose)
  • Monthly note pages
  • 132 lined pages
  • 21 designer blank pages
  • A double sided sleeve for storing papers
  • A clear sealable pocked for storage
  • A page of date dots to use on the monthly spreads
  • A clip in ruler / page marker
  • Removeable covers 
  • A voucher for ordering a personalised divider (I didn’t order dividers as I have two ruler/page markers I can use if I want).
  • An assortment of stickers, postcards, sample coil clips, a sample page of EC Do it All Dot stickers
  • Referral cards (gives someone $10 off their order and I beleive $10 credit to the person whose link is used). I’ve not included my referral link but feel free to comment and I’ll email you it or contact me via the contact us page if you aren’t on my FB etc.

I can vouch for the paper quality already as this isn’t my first EC.

Keep your eyes open for a new post shortly about how I’m using this as my schedule / bullet journal.