Hi Ho Back to Weight Watchers I Go

Hi Ho Back to Weight Watchers I Go

As many of you know I have been a Slimming World member for longer than I care to admit (I’ve been slimming in one way or another since I turned 18). I have health and weight goals that I have to meet and the only way to do so (for me) has been to attend a regular slimming club.

SW has been great however I’ve recently become… bored is probably the best word. It’s hardly surprising as I know the plan inside out and back to front and so I’ve struggled. I made the executive decision last week to leave Slimming World and return to Weight Watchers (I was gold member back in 2005). I’m not knocking SW, don’t get me wrong. It’s a great way to lose weight but isn’t for me right now.

My first WW meeting was Sunday night and I’m so glad I went. I’m not a huge fan of the leader who has run WW classes here on a Tuesday since the beginning of time however hearing that there was a new class with a new leader opening was the tipping point for me.

My weight loss journey is an on-going one and for the first time in a long time I’m feeling motivated again. It’s been a good ten years since I’ve done WW and so I’m a newbie once more. This means there are new recipes, shiny new books and the like and most importantly a new focus. Hopefully when I return on Sunday it’ll be with a decent loss; either way I’m feeling positive and that’s never a bad thing.

Wish me luck!


I've even been inspired to increase my activity levels. I don't recognise myself!
I’ve even been inspired to increase my activity levels. I don’t recognise myself!

Is staying in the new going out?

On New Year’s Eve instead of getting the goose grease and shoehorn out to try and get myself into something resembling a going out outfit we opted for a night in. Back on with the saggy jeans! Phew!

You see, sad as it sounds. I prefer staying in. When Roy and I got together we went out every Friday and Saturday night, we had a blast. However, even before the kids arrived we had started to slow down. We are just home bods. Sometimes we watch whatever we’ve recorded on Sky+, sometimes we hit the Kinect (and I kick his backside at whatever we are playing), sometimes we do our own thing like read (did I mention I now have a Kindle?) and sometimes I work or play about on the internet while he does his own thing. Other times we have people round for something to eat or a drink, we don’t completely close ourselves off from the world.

At the end of the day, we are comfortable enjoying our leisure time in a leisurely way. Some “friends” consider us to be a bit boring or stuck in the mud but we don’t stay in because we have nothing better to do, can’t afford it or whatever, we stay in because we want to!  Shocking isn’t it?

Are you a home bod? Have you traded in nights out on the tiles for nights in on the sofa? Are you someone who looks forward to getting out and about and would be bored silly staying a home of an evening?  Is staying in the new going out?

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