Frugal Living 2014 – Buying Meat Online

The expense in our household that is rising the fastest is the grocery bill. I suspect this is the case with many families.
I hate waste and so have become pretty savvy with using the leftovers however changing the way I shop has made the biggest impact on food shopping costs.

Meat is notoriously expensive however I have found that the most economic way for me to find quality meat is via an online butcher.

Buying Meat Online
I recommend two meat retailers, Clare Barry (check out the “Green” offers especially) and Meatpacks (see below order) and I alternate between the two  dependant on what I need and to take advantage of offers. This week I bought 6kg of meat which I have portioned up into 18 meals and popped in the freezer for £51.22 delivered as you can see below. Yes the delivery seems steep however the meat comes properly packed in temperature controllled packaging and even with this cost my meat still works out cheaper than it would at my local butcher. If you and a family member both ordered within one order you could also divide up the delivery cost.

My most recent meat order from Meatpacks

Quality Meat
We’ve all seen the shock TV exclusives about the rubbish that is found in processed food and even supermarket meat may be injected with water and who knows what else to bulk it out and preserve it. The meat I get from the online butcher is free from all of the artificial rubbish so you pay only for proper meat. An additional benefit to this is that when you get a chicken breast from a butcher it doesn’t magically halve in size when cooked as the water evaporates.

For between £50 and £60 a month I can fill my freezer with 20-22 meals worth of meat for four (two adults and two children). Our other 8-10 meals are made up with fish or are vegetarian meals.

Where do you get your meat from? Would you consider using an online butcher? If you already do is there someone else that you would recommend?

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Money For Nothing & Kicks For Free

No, this isn’t a post about the Dire Straits song, it’s a post about getting money for nothing (or very little) and using it for whatever you like, perhaps a treat, perhaps to pay off a bill?

Lot’s of people talk about cashback, but how many actively visit a cashback site and regulalry make savings and earn extra? I do!

Quidco is my site of choice, mainly because it so easy to use but also because it is packed with features. I’ve done pretty well out of them so far too. Basically, before buying anything online I check to see if the business is featured on Quidco, if so (and I don’t find a similar business listed that might have what I want cheaper!) I click through to the site via Quidco, shop as usual and voila…. after a period of time pennies start appearing in my account!

I contacted Quidco prior to writing this, to see what was new on the site, and their reply was:

Quidco now has 1.2 million members and works with over 2,900 retailers.  Originally set up as a cashback company, Quidco’s services have grown extensively.  Last year we introduced voucher codes (which can be used alongside cashback offers to allow you to save twice), printable vouchers and In-store cashback (which allows you to earn cashback on purchases in certain stores with any of your debit or credit cards).  This year, we launched Quidco Compare (our car insurance comparison tool which works out the best deal for you (inclusive of cashback)).  Furthermore, we now offer cashback on Group buy sites such as Groupon and Crowdity.

We also launched a Save 1K page which allows you to record your voucher savings as well as cashback earnings, and Smart Shopper which is an online blog which pulls together all of our best deals and promotions.

The average member saves about £450 a year with us and it’s so easy because you can make savings on everything from household bills to travel and everyday shopping.

Put like it’s well worth a look!

I’m posting this today because I like to save money, I like to make money and I like to help others do the same too. This is not a sponsored post etc, the only contact I’ve had with Quidco was asking their press team to supply me with up to date info re new features, so you can be sure I am telling you this because of a positive personal experience with the site! So, take a minute and pop along, you’ll be surprised by the number or retailers on there (not just shops but car insurance and more), special offers and other ways to save or make money. There is even a nifty toolbar you download which reminds you to shop via Quidco (which I must download actually lol) so you don’t forget and miss out (Firefox only at the moment but available soon for Chrome, Internet Explorer etc).

Go and have a browse and let me know what you think!



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