The Joy of Mindful Writing

The Joy of Mindful Writing

When the Joy of Mindful Writing popped through my letterbox I knew after just a few pages that this was going to be one of those books that I keep with me for a long time and refer back to again and again. The Joy of Mindful Writing, one of a number of books in the Mindful series from Leaping Hare Publishing, has been written by Joy Kenward who writes with warmth and a keen understanding of what it is to write and to be mindful.

Joy of Mindful WritingThis isn’t a read once and shelve it kind of book. This is a book that you put page markers in, sticky notes or even highlight (unless you borrow someone else’s copy of course). It’s a reading and understanding book with exercises, meditations and more for you to try, all of which help you get closer to your goal of mindful writing.

Mindfulness is not something you can switch on and off like a light switch unless perhaps you have reached Buddha level (which I have not). I started to gain a keen interest in mindfulness and mindful living last year and as a consequence am now nearly the end of a mindfulness diploma. I’m also someone who loves to write. I’ve been blogging for coming up twelve years and have been a freelance copywriter for nearly nine years full-time. I love to write and I’m pretty good at it. There are different ways to write however and mindful writing is more than rambling in a blog post or working to a client-sent brief. Mindful writing is….. more. I’ve written mindfully in the past, without knowing it. I don’t write that way all of the time because it isn’t relevant. It’s difficult to explain but if you are a writer moving into mindful writing, you might very well know what I mean.

The Joy of Mindful Writing is perfect for those just starting to write and those who, like me, have been doing it for years. It’s not a better way to write or a more professional way to write. It is simply a different way to write and its something I’m exploring more in my personal writing right now.

To fully appreciate the impact this book has you really do need to explore it yourself. There are meditations and more which help bring clarity and open you up to creating something unique and special to you.

This is the only book in the Mindfulness series that I’ve explored however it will most definitely not be the last. Thank you to Leaping Hare for sending me this book to try out, it’s been quite the exploration!

See the full The Mindfulness Series collection for more ways that you may enjoy a more mindful way of living.

Joy of Mindful Writing

Patreon Patron: My Way of Supporting Creativity

Patreon Patron

As you may know, the last six months or so I decided to slow down, to take stock and to do things a little differently. I’m being more mindful, I’m doing new things and I’m appreciating things more. It’s this focus on new things and helping others that’s led me to be a Patreon Patron to the lovely Daisy from My Green Cow.

I’ve “known” Daisy a while, having watched her creativity and planning videos for ages, and we’ve been members of the same planning groups etc. This video today introduced me to Patreon and I loved the idea, and have decided to become one of Daisy’s patrons.

Basically, I pledge a certain amount of money a month (there are different tiers) which supports Daisy and I get some treats too. I won’t go into the ins and outs of Patreon myself, however, there’s a great explanation right here. 

I really do think that this is a great way to support creative types, to help them get their businesses going and so on. Daisy’s link is here and tells you more about what she offers and you can easily search to find other artists and creatives you might like the idea of being a Patron to. 

Don’t get me wrong, my deciding to become a Patron isn’t entirely selfless. As well as giving me the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you do something for someone else, I get something back. I’ve been a fan of Daisy’s doodles and her journalling skills for some time and so by pledging a relatively small amount each month I get exclusive pieces just for me (and the warm and fuzzies). 

Who knows, I might up my pledge or decide to add another creator to my pledge page in time. Is Patreon something that you’ve heard of? What do you think? I think you might be surprised by how many creators are on the site and how fabulous some of their work is!



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