Switch Banks and Earn £100

switch banks

There are many reasons to switch banks, just as there are many for staying put. Banks and building societies offer a number of different accounts, benefits and more. If you aren’t happy, switch banks and reap the benefits of a new account and maybe even earn yourself a bonus.

Switching to Nationwide

I have banked with Nationwide for over tens years. I have numerous accounts and products with them, from savings accounts to the children’s CTF accounts. We have a local branch (the staff are lovely) but to be honest I do all of my banking online. As with most banks Nationwide have a brilliant website and a very handy app. You can set savings goals and so much more.

When it comes to customer service though, Nationwide are gold, and that is why I recommend Nationwide to people who want to switch banks. Every year I am able to recommend five people to Nationwide who, if they switch banks to them, will earn £100 within 30 days. I earn £100 too. Last year I recommended NW to three people. This year I have already been asked to refer two. This means that if you are looking to switch banks,  and want to earn yourself some extra pennies, I can help (three of you). 

Email Me with Subject Line “Switch Banks”

Email me on contact@nickicawood.co.uk if you would like me to refer you or to ask any questions. I just need an email address and you will receive an email from Nationwide with step by step instructions. I can only refer three more people so first come, first served.

Nationwide have been very good to us. We appreciate the way they run their business. If you aren’t happy with your current account now could be an excellent time to reconsider your options.

*I am recommending Nationwide because I have been happy with their service for over a decade. Please ensure that you do your own research into the best bank/accounts for you.
If you ask me to refer you and send me your email address I will use it solely for the purpose of filling in the referral form on Nationwide and sending you the initial referral email. After that, I will delete it.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Money


I’m a huge fan of saving money and if I can do so in a “green” way then all the best. This contribution from Autotrader has some great tips for doing just that.

Any way that you reduce your energy consumption saves you money. However, many people still view going green as a luxury rather than something that can be achieved within the confines of normal budget; it is inextricably tied to trendy hipsters who enjoy composting and kale salads. This is just not the case! Being friendlier to the environment isn’t just good news for the planet, it’s also great news for your wallet. Below are a series of tips on saving money by saving the world.

One Man’s Treasure is Another Man’s Trash

Instead of throwing everything away, why not take a long hard look at what you’re getting rid of? If you are getting rid of clothes, you could take them to a recycling centre that offers money for fabric. If you are throwing out furniture, you could put it on websites such as Gumtree or eBay. There are even places that offer money for old glass and tin cans. Not only this but passing your possessions on isn’t the only solution. You could always embrace arts and crafts by upcycling even the most ordinary of household objects, and you could sell them to make money or find a special place for them in your home.

Lower Your Energy Bills

It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to switch off the lights when they leave a room. You can take this a step further by switching off appliances at the socket. It can also help to put draft excluders in your house and to take your heating system off automatic so that you only use it when absolutely necessary. Replacing your light bulbs with LED lights is another easy solution. These bulbs are certainly a wise investment, as they can last up to ten years!

Cars Can Be Recycled Too

The notion that new environmentally-friendly cars are always the best option for the environment is open for debate; instead, older used cars can often be the more ecologically sound option. This is due to the fact that buying a used car avoids the problem of carbon dioxide produced at each stage of the production of a new car. It is also an excellent way to get the best value for money. Furthermore, buying a used car doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality, for instance, the Hyundai i20 strikes the perfect balance between handling and comfort, boasts generous standard specification levels and a generous amount of space on the rear bench.

Save on the Laundry

The laundry is a great place to start saving both money and the environment. Make sure that you always wait to wash a full load rather than wasting water and money on washing powder and energy. You can clean your clothes in cold water without this affecting the quality of the wash, just use a quality washing powder or liquid. Finally, make sure to line dry your clothes rather than shelling out for a dryer and the cost of running one.

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