Customer Service Tips For Businesses

Customer Service Tips For Businesses

When you’re running a business, customer loyalty and retention is everything. You might have the most fantastic product on the planet, but if you’re not providing excellent customer service- you’re not going to meet your business goals. Over the past 13 years in business, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that it’s worth taking a little more time to perfect your customer service strategies. 

Consider an Effective CRM System 

If you want to boost your customer service you’ve got to get yourself a great CRM System. CRM stands for customer relationship management. It’s essentially a cloud-based software which makes it super easy to manage all of your customers in one place. For each customer (or potential customer) you’ll have a profile complete with contact details, buyer history, social media details and preferences. 

 Your team can collaborate easily on the system so that there are no missed sales opportunities. Each time that a customer contacts you, the process of interacting with them is made easier and more efficient. With a great CRM system, your customers receive a faster and more personalised service. A CRM is perfect for those looking to streamline their customer service processes and improve the user experience. Sites like ebecs can offer some great information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

 Want To Improve Customer Service? Consider a 24/7 Service 

 These days the consumer expects to reach your business 24/7 and wants fast results. The idea of an around the clock service sounds pretty demanding on you or your staff if you have one. Many businesses avoid the use of call centres because they want a more personalised service. One option is to hire a virtual receptionist or virtual assistant. A virtual receptionist works remotely and can answer your calls 24/7 around the clock. You can hire these professionals via external companies for an affordable price. A virtual receptionist will get to know the ins and outs of your business so that they know how to best represent you on the phone. 

 Some companies also like to use Chatbots to provide a 24/7 service. Chatbots are a type of artificial intelligence technology that can simulate human interactions. You may have experienced them via social media, i.e. Facebook messenger. Chatbots can communicate with your customers using predetermined responses via messaging systems. While these are not exactly offering a personalised service, many customers prefer to communicate via messaging. Keeping up with the latest communication trends is great for enhancing customer service.

 Try Webinars For Enhanced User Experience 

Webinars are live online seminars between a representative of your business and an audience (typically stakeholders and customers). Many companies like to use webinars to present a new product or service. The audience has the opportunity to interact with the presenter and ask questions. With a webinar, you are offering something a little extra. Your customers will appreciate something that that goes above and beyond the FAQs on your website. You are allowing your audience to engage with you in real-time about your products and ask you questions and queries. Webinars can also do wonders for your branding. You can present your brand story and allow your customers to feel that they are getting to know you better. 


 Making use of the best business tools out there is a surefire way to enhance your customer service right way. 






Dealing With Business Customers


As someone who has been a freelance copywriter for over twelve years, I can tell you that your customers can be your biggest headache and your greatest asset. In this day and age people are more likely to take the time to complain than praise (one of the reasons I make a big deal about thanking companies for excellent service). This blame culture or complaining at a drop of a hat can affect a business’s reputation. There are plenty of websites where customers can leave complaints for the whole world to see, not just on your own website or Facebook page. Can we please everyone all of the time? No. We can take steps to make sure that our customer service is excellent though and that we deal with clients consistently and fairly.

The Customer is Never Wrong

 The customers that you’re dealing with are never wrong. Despite what you may think in your head, they’re always right. It can be so annoying to have to agree with a customer who is making and mountain out of the most minor of issues. If they see it as an issue though, you have to too, and you have to respect that and deal with the situation. Of course, if a customer is coming up to you with the most outrageous request that just isn’t the company’s fault, or they are rude etc then you do have to break the customer is always right rule. Be polite and calm but do stick to your policies and terms and conditions so that you and the customer are happy with whatever outcome is agreed upon in the event of an issue.

Streamline Your Customer Experience

Customers hate being passed from pillar to post wondering why the customer service is so poor, so focus on making it the best it can possibly be. If you check out this link,, you’ll find a customer relationship management system fit for your company to use, and I highly recommend that you use something like it. The process of dealing with a customer will be ironed out, and the reputation of your company will remain protected.

Set The Right Tone with Customers

I’ve found over the years that setting the right tone with clients from the beginning has been invaluable. I adopt a professional yet cheerful and polite demeanor. I don’t get angry, even if someone is trying to pull a fast one and deal with everyone consistently yet ensure everyone feels they are getting special treatment.

Protect Yourself

While your clients or customers will be the lifeblood of your business, you also need to protect yourself from them. Go with your gut when it comes to who you work with (not as easy if you are a retail business), have terms and conditions in place and transparent on your website and above all, take care of yourself. Dealing with a nasty customer can be tiring to say the least.

Fortunately 98% of the customers or clients you come into contact with will be fabulous, however the remaining 2% will test you so makes sure that you are ready.


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