Dealing With Business Customers


As someone who has been a freelance copywriter for over twelve years, I can tell you that your customers can be your biggest headache and your greatest asset. In this day and age people are more likely to take the time to complain than praise (one of the reasons I make a big deal about thanking companies for excellent service). This blame culture or complaining at a drop of a hat can affect a business’s reputation. There are plenty of websites where customers can leave complaints for the whole world to see, not just on your own website or Facebook page. Can we please everyone all of the time? No. We can take steps to make sure that our customer service is excellent though and that we deal with clients consistently and fairly.

The Customer is Never Wrong

 The customers that you’re dealing with are never wrong. Despite what you may think in your head, they’re always right. It can be so annoying to have to agree with a customer who is making and mountain out of the most minor of issues. If they see it as an issue though, you have to too, and you have to respect that and deal with the situation. Of course, if a customer is coming up to you with the most outrageous request that just isn’t the company’s fault, or they are rude etc then you do have to break the customer is always right rule. Be polite and calm but do stick to your policies and terms and conditions so that you and the customer are happy with whatever outcome is agreed upon in the event of an issue.

Streamline Your Customer Experience

Customers hate being passed from pillar to post wondering why the customer service is so poor, so focus on making it the best it can possibly be. If you check out this link,, you’ll find a customer relationship management system fit for your company to use, and I highly recommend that you use something like it. The process of dealing with a customer will be ironed out, and the reputation of your company will remain protected.

Set The Right Tone with Customers

I’ve found over the years that setting the right tone with clients from the beginning has been invaluable. I adopt a professional yet cheerful and polite demeanor. I don’t get angry, even if someone is trying to pull a fast one and deal with everyone consistently yet ensure everyone feels they are getting special treatment.

Protect Yourself

While your clients or customers will be the lifeblood of your business, you also need to protect yourself from them. Go with your gut when it comes to who you work with (not as easy if you are a retail business), have terms and conditions in place and transparent on your website and above all, take care of yourself. Dealing with a nasty customer can be tiring to say the least.

Fortunately 98% of the customers or clients you come into contact with will be fabulous, however the remaining 2% will test you so makes sure that you are ready.


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