Homebirth #2 – The results are in!

I was overwhelmed recently when I blogged about my difficulty around my birth choice this time (I am due with No2 early in Dec) as I received so many fab comments and messages (read the original blog and comments here)

Well, the results are in and……a homebirth it is! It’s not a decision I’ve made lightly, I’m quite conservative really but in truth, I’m quite excited!!  On asking hubby his opinion (it’s his living room too lol) he was fabulous and said “I am not the one pushing our beautiful baby out into the world, you are the one doing all the hard work, so whatever you feel most comfortable with, is fine by me”. Good man!! We actually watched my sky+’d programme from BBC3 entitled Cherry Has A Baby, which was a fabulous hour long documentary about 7 women and their experiences, worries, fears, and in some cases their birth’s together (Thanks to this fab blog telling me about the programme, I’d have missed it otherwise ), and having watched a home waterbirth – he was so impressed, and was up and googling birth pools as soon as it had finished!! I hadn’t previously considered a birth pool before to be honest. My first labour was very spontaneous, ie head not engaged the day before, no contractions until my waters broke with a bang at home at 5.35am, then straight into active labour, no rest between contractions and by the time I got to the hospital at 6.15am-ish, the head was appearing. Me being me, HAD to wait for Mum or “Muummmmy” as I’m sure I was calling her that morning, so Kieran was born at 8am. Being SO fast and full-on there was no time for niceties ie the pool wouldn’t have got set up/filled and this time they are expecting it to be quicker even (any faster it’ll be like shelling bloody peas!). No only did I not have time, but well I’m not sure I’d have been able to keep that still, I liked to be active (ie running around the room cursing).
So…. now I’ve made the decision, and am set, I’m looking for Mummy and Daddy hints and tips for homebirth! What did you use prop/furniture-wise, did you have a birth pool, if so how was it, what did you like, what would you change, what made it your “perfect” environment?
I want music in the background, and my fantastic Mother, who will also be there again this time, thinks it’s a cracking idea, though suggests “My Sex Is On Fire” is possibly not something I will find overly funny or appropriate at the time, so tell me, what was the soundtrack to your homebirth?
Looking forward to reading your comments!!!!

Guest Post –from SavvyMum4, Life with autistic/special needs children

One of the best things for me since stumbling into the world of social media and blogging is the people I have “met”. I was very lucky to get talking to Wendy, a fab Mum of 4 whose own blog is about her family, and in particular about her two children with Autism/Special Needs and how the family copes with the daily challenges and celebrates the successes. Wendy hopes that her blog will help others in her position and raise awareness, and I’m sure it will.
In my “previous life” I worked for the National Autistic Society so have an insight into some of the difficulties Wendy faces, but now as a Mum, I have a fresh respect and admiration for her and the family as I know that being a Mum can be challenging at the best of times, but with something else thrown into the mix, it can be much more than that!
Whilst many of us were stressed, worried and anxious standing at the school gates recently, Wendy had additional worries and asked me to share this piece she has written. This is just one of Wendy’s fab pieces, and in itself it actually the second part of a blog, so please leave Wendy a comment after reading, and do have a look at the rest of her blog. It makes inspiring and humbling reading.
Nicki x

Pinkie’s first day at school was so full of a mixture of emotions for both us. My main concern was Pinkie going to fit in with the other children or would she been seen as different and become an outsider. I was hoping that the other children would just accept to for who she is.
We walked into the school full of anticipation, I was more nervous than Pinkie, I felt like it was my first day, you know how you feel that everyone is staring at you. You sit there waiting for your name to be called out as everyone is weighing everyone else up, you get the picture. Eventually Pinkie’s class was called and it seemed to be a free for all scramble to the classroom and that was just the parents, what did they hope to achieve??????? . Pinkie got to the class and looked so scared and bewildered. The teacher just took her by the hand to go and they went off to play in the sandpit while I quietly slipped away.
So the first day was a complete success, the second day well that’s another story.
I should have guessed everything would go to pot when the taxi was late picking up Perkie for school. Oh what a performance we looked like a scene from comedy of errors. I was trying to run with the pram, with Pinkie in tow, in the pouring rain. We got to school and guess what we was late. Not a good start !!!!!

“Oh I can’t do this”, was all I could hear in my head. As we stood in the playground waiting for our darlings to come out. I felt everyone was talking about me as I heard pinkie’s name mentioned a few times. It was all to do with Pinkie getting a bit more attention from the teachers than the other children. I really wanted to say something but you know it’s not worth it. I will have to see these people daily so didn’t really fancy upsetting them
So it looks like for the next 3 years we are going to be isolated yet again in the school playground. When will people see that children that are slightly different from the “normal” children have so much to offer. Oh well here we go again, somehow I will have to learn how to cope with it again

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