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If you have a child at school or starting school this year, or ever visit any parenting forums online you will no doubt hear parents complain about packed lunches and what to put in them. Schools are quite prescriptive about not allowing certain foods/sweets etc (most of which I agree with), but it can make finding new things to put in the boxes more difficult.

Luckily I just happened to have the kettle on when these arrived!

When I was asked if Kieran would like to test the new Fruit & Oat slices I thought these would be ideal, and I wasn’t wrong! These are a filling snack, packed wuith fibre and each snack contains the equivilent of one portion of fruit. Healthly info aside, they really are delicious.

Obviously being Kieran’s Mum I had to test at least one bar first to make sure they were of the usual quality you’d expect from Can You Get Arrested For Ordering Tramadol Online – and I am happy to report they are (luckily as well as being yummy these are also only 4 points on Weight Watchers (strawberry ones) so my mini-gorge wasn’t at all naughty although it felt pretty indulgent!).

Taste Test Child #1: Kieran loved these, he calls them his “grown up cereal bars” and they have taken pride of place in his packed lunch. Cereal bars are accepted snacks in packed-lunches but I find them so dry! These are anything but, being moist yet still firm.

Taste Test Child #2: Roy (yes the long-suffering husband) has also nabbed a few slices for his packups! I thought these would be a bit small for him but he assures me not, although for those who would like to see a bigger slice, these are being launched in the strawberry and apple flavours in the near future.

Mums Test: Well they taste great, are convenient, aren’t overly costly (£1 for 5 slices as an introductory price, rising to £1.49 for 5 slices, still being cheaper than many branded cereal bars), and have additional health benefits so it’s a big thumbs up from me.

My only problem with them…. keeping them in the cupboard long enough to make it into the lunch boxes!!

Kieran "rescuing" the slices from me. Humph!
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