The Working Mum #3 – Perils of working from home

I can list many advantages to working from home, the chief one being that I need little or no childcare  (just as well considering the costs!).

There are some downsides though. These are few of mine, sound familiar?

The fridge: When I worked in an office the fridge was in the kitchen which was not within the office. The fridge only contained whatever I’d brought in for lunch that particular day. Here the fridge and the cupboards seem to taunt me.  Curiously the fruit bowl is often silent. Fortunately I am now in the habit of bringing the fruit bowl into the living room (where I work). Genius! (I can still here them though…..).

Copywriter bum: I’m not convinced my bum has changed shape from so many hours sat on it but I do seem to suffer more nowadays from what I call copywriters bum. Most people call it coccyx pain, I call it a pain in the arse, regardless it can be painful if it is a problem you suffer with. Working on a strict deadline whilst hopping from bum-cheek to bum-cheek is not the most productive way of working, though seems to amuse anyone else who happens to be in the house at the time.
Please note that kneeling on a pc chair may help with the pressure but is likely to result in injury when the hair tips and you land on your nose. Just so you know.

Chewed pens: This is probably not very widespread but one that occurs daily. I chew pens. I gave up smoking years ago and seem to have picked up the disturbing habit of chewing on any pen, be it a cheap biro or a Parker pen. Not only is this disgusting for anyone who happens to try and steal your pen (no sympathy really) but this can also have severe consequences..
Please note that going on the school run with a blue ink-stained mouth is less fun than you would imagine.

Cute kids: These are my downfall. I work around Taylor (Kieran is at school during the week), starting very early and finishing late, and cherishing the 2.5hr nap he still enjoys. Occasionally I will even plonk him in front of Baby TV for half an hour if I am on deadline (he doesn’t seem to mind). Unfortunately he is cute, VERY cute. He knows exactly how to press my buttons and one flash of that cheeky grin and the pc is abandoned and I am rolling around the floor. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I’ve thrown it in because I expect I am not the only mother with a child who has a work-destroying grin.

Social Media: Oh my! Social media is a wonder in this modern technological age, it is also the top of my procrastination list. I just don’t have time to spend on social media I used to and have to be very strict with myself. I have to wonder if I’d ever used one of these nifty online timers just how much of my time was being taking up on Twitter and Facebook. It’s another voice calling you when you really are struggling through the most deadly peice of copy that ever existed but we have to be strong. It’s tough when I like to tweet like I talk (a lot!).

There are many advantages and disadvantages or rather downsides to working from home, these are a couple I can dredge up having had only one coffee today. Can you add any?

With a smile that this you can see why I end up playing instead of working!


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  1. I am so glad I am not the only one with a talking fridge!

    I also find the ‘friends popping around’ thing ‘as you’re not really working are you’ quite annoying!

    1. THIS! How could I miss this off? I have friends who never turn up and will basically schedule an appointment to visit because that’s just how it has to be, and long-suffering friends who I haven’t seen in ages but who get it. I have other people in my life who ring constantly and do not take the hint that I AM WORKING and will get huffy if I am not available when it suits them, after all, it’s not like I work in an office or anything…..

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