Just Us!

People blog for many reasons. For me it’s been about several things, it has been the springboard for starting myself as a freelance writer and various other bits and pieces, but the reason I do write is because I love it! I really do enjoy getting the random ramblings in my head down on paper, as such, and as a very lucky Mum and wife, regardless of what I am writing, my fellas are always “there” when I do. This is either as part of my experiences or because I am who I am and write the way I do because of them – so….
Today, no review, no big debate, no pregnancy drama, or funny comment of the day…. just a blogpost about how me and mine spent our weekend together.

4am: “Mummy, I’m in your bed”.
No?! Really? I thought someone had just shoved two ice-blocks into my back for the fun of it lol!
I gave up at 4.30am and we went downstairs to leave Daddy to get some sleep and get the fire on! It is very rare Kieran ever gets up this early (obviously – I’d have shot him by now otherwise lol), but when he does, I can’t really be mad, as sneaking downstairs when it’s still dark to have a warm drink and play for a few hours, just the two of us, has never lost it’s magic!

Later, it’s off to Grandma and Grandad Cawood’s house for a family visit, play then home for a rest (in my case a snooze, well I WAS up at 4am!) before a family tea (a chippy – naughty naughty!) and then a trek off to the Thirsk Firework Display. Armed with Kieran’s Ice Age torch and swathed in layer upon layer of clothing, gloves, scarves, wellies and hats – we set off and had a lovely night! Kieran kept up a running commentary throughout the walk, the show, the walk back and after hot chocolates all round, it was off to sleepyland for Kieran, and a curl up in front of the TV for us.

7am start (MUCH better son!) and I hit the ground running – we all did and have had a fabulous day- lots of housework done, Kieran has enjoyed crafts, jigsaws and being “Mummy’s helper” whilst Daddy has done a grand job of ticking off jobs off the ever-growing to-do list Mummy keeps finding hidden under the microwave and adding to (!). Nothing spectacular but busy in it’s own way, and homely. The slow cooker has been bubbling away, and our clean,tidy, cosy house has smelled of home baking and lasagne all day! You know what…. it’s been just lovely! Almost sinfully indulgent and although we didn’t visit a museum, go swimming, trek around a local attraction we have just had a fantastic time enjoying each other’s company and being a family.

And being able to share small snatches of our family life like this, the odd lazy weekend or simple afternoon, is really why I write.

Frugal Family Fun

As you know I’m a bit of frugal (tight?) Mum and prefer not to spend when I don’t need to. This summer we enjoyed many days out and activities, and the majority of them were free, or at least very low cost. Amongst the favourites were the National Rail Museum, York (which for Kieran was like heaven as he is a very keen train enthusiast!), up to the top of Sutton Bank, North Yorkshire to have a picnic and watch the gliders taking off and landing, and best of all (and cheapest) were our family walks! Nothing too challenging, a backpack, paper and crayons for tree rubbings, our own drinks, little bags to collect up our leaves and other fantastic finds and little more. At four, Kieran has a keen mind (and thinks he is Diego!) and is very easily pleased!
Just one of our frugal jaunts
Now unfortunately, being in the UK, not all of our days out were greeted with sunny skies and dry grass and picnic areas for picnics, in fact this was rarely the case so more often that not it was a car picnic or eating out. Eating out, I think, has become increasingly expensive, unless you opt for somewhere, shall we say, less that up to top standard (ie greasy and dirty, with a good chance of indigestion and/or the runs!). I actually like eating out, and can usually stretch a budget to it if our day trips are more frugal than not, and besides…. eating out means someone ELSE does the cooking/preparing and the dishes other than Mummy.
Unfortunately it seems I missed the boat somewhat this summer as I am now aware Pizza Hut do a “Kids Eat Free” offer, which they have now extended until January which means Kieran would get a free two-course meal or kids buffet when an adult meal is purchased. This is a bargain! Pizza Hut for us is a treat as I can have pasta or similar (I do love the pizza but their pasta and salads are to die for!) and Roy is a regular pizza fiend. His motto is the bigger and meatier the better and he really can pig out. Like I said I missed the boat on this one over the summer but with it being extended we will definitely be taking advantage as our weekends are now sacred as Kieran is now full time at school (sob!) so we don’t get the time together during the day that we did.
Pizza hut offer
Full terms and condition and more about this offer can be found at: http://bit.ly/drSGbv
Enjoy – we certainly will lol! (Diet starts in January so multiple helpings are allowed for now!)!