Bingo- A Great Way to Have Fun

Bingo is a great way to unwind after a busy day. I love playing bingo and am tickled pink that I can do so without even leaving my comfort zone (the sofa). Sometimes I take part in the chat games (ways to earn extra points and prizes) and the chat and sometimes I don’t. That’s the beauty of it. Sometimes I give it my full attention, sometimes I have it running at the same time I binge-watch my latest craze on Netflix or similar. I love the flexibility it offers me (as well as the many free or affordable games).

Did I mention I like the fact that I can play in my PJs and fluffy slipper boots? I’m not sure that would go down well through at the nearest big bingo hall. We did have a bingo hall here in Thirsk but it closed down years ago. I went a few times and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wouldn’t drag myself out to a city to go to one of the big ones though, too much like hard work at the end of a busy day (I’m a mum and work full time from home so every day is a busy day).

Bingo is educational too you know (bear with me). My youngest loves to sit beside me and call out the numbers as they are called. He’s quite the whizz at it too.

One of my current favourites is Game Village Bingo who offered me free bingo bonuses after my first three deposits and I do like a freebie (check the site to see what the current offers are). For me, an hour or so on a bingo site is a great way to unwind, a lot cheaper than going out and of course if I win a little then that’s a bonus too. If you’re looking for a good site to play, you should give GVB a try. I flit between a few different ones as the mood strikes but this one is one of my main ones at the moment.

Are you a bingo player (who knows, maybe we’ve chatted online during a game before!)?




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The Magic of Disney Marvel

We are a house full of Marvel fans, with Roy and I being experts in the field. Naturally we’ve been keen for the boys to jump on the bandwagon and to our delight they have, with gusto! There really is something magical about the Marvel brand, from the TV shows, the comics, the cartoons, the books and now the games.

The Disney Marvel Kids site is jam-packed with games and activities perfect for ages 4yr+ which revolve around their favourite Marvel Characters. We limit the boys’ digital time to what we consider acceptable levels and some of their time on tablets or the PC are spent on educational sites. That said, every now and again it’s great to see them kick back and really enjoy some good old fashioned hero vs villain action.

Spiderman rescue
As parents Roy and I felt it was our duty to test out these games thoroughly before the boys played them. Roy likes Spider-Man Rescue Mission but I’m more of a fan of  Gamma Storm Smash.

The Disney Marvel Kids site is packed full of games, videos, activities and more so that if your mini Marvel fans are looking for something to do on a rainy (or snowy!) afternoon you can be reassured that they are in the safe hands of their favourite Avengers (and you won’t be hearing “I’m boooooored”).

For off PC fun the site has a great selection of free printable activity sheets to keep kids busy (while they unknowingly practice a number of skills from school).


We’ve had great fun investigating the site (the boys have too), and will look forward to completing the villain and hero work sheets and activities soon.

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