When Your Child Wants To Work In Theatre

When Your Child Wants To Work In Theatre

One of my sons has a flair for the dramatic and I’m sure he’d love to work in theatre. The thought of a nine to five job would send my child to sleep. What about your children? Does he or she dread the idea of sitting at a desk and staring at the computer all day long? There are a lot of people who feel this way. Instead, they want a job offering excitement and a great thrill. The world of theatre definitely provides this. Nonetheless, you will need the correct training if you are to make it in this competitive industry, and therefore selecting one of the best theatre schools is of paramount importance.

Starting early is important. My youngest attended a local drama group class for a year and loved it. It was clear to see that some of those who had been going for a few years already were obviously well suited for work in theatre, or at least that they had the skill and confidence.

Courses Available – First and foremost, you need to take a look at the courses that are available. After all, there is no point going to a theatre school if it does not have the course your child wishes to embark on. Don’t make the mistake many do by simply reading the name of the course. Take a look at the curriculum and what your child will be learning on a yearly basis. All areas should be covered – i.e. acting, singing, and dancing.

Eligibility Criteria – You need to discover what you will need in order to be accepted on the course in question. After all, you will need to see what qualifications your child needs. This impacts the school you send your child too. The best schools, like LeicesterHigh.com, will ensure your child plots out the perfect career path. Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that a lot of theatre schools accept candidates based on auditions.

Cost – The cost of your course is obviously important, as you will need to make sure it is something you can afford. This point is different for each person. After all, there are those that will be entitled to grants and loans, whereas others may need to fund their theatre course themselves. Furthermore, you should also try and factor in other costs, such as travel.

Level of Experience – It is vital to go for a school that has been set up for a considerable amount of time. In most instances, going for a school that has just been set up is not recommended. After all, how do you know that they are going to provide your child with a worthwhile education when you have nothing to go off?

Tutors Teaching on the Course – Make sure you take a look at the tutors who will be teaching on the course. Do a quick search online to discover their credentials. After all, you want to be sure your child is going to be learning from someone with a lot of experience and a successful history in the industry, especially if the end goal is to work in theatre.

Reputation – Finally, you should read reviews that have been left by those who have already attended the theatre school you are considering. It will be even more beneficial if you can find reviews that have been left by those who have already taken your course. This is the best way to get an honest assessment of the school in question. Nonetheless, consider the reviews as a whole, don’t be blinded by one.

While my son would probably love to work in theatre, he decided to go down another route and therefore we didn’t formalise his training or take it further. If we had though, Roy and I would certainly have had to do our due diligence and ensure that whatever courses, or whatever schools we looked at offered well-rounded study and that they would be places that he would be happy. It’s amazing how opportunities are open for our children these days, enabling them to build skills and even grow careers at a much earlier age than we ever could.


Magic Maths from Orchard Toys

We’ve been fans of Orchard Toys since Kieran was little. Kieran is coming up to eleven years old now and so while he’s outgrown the game a little he’s always happy to oblige his little brother when a new one arrives! His place as an official tester was temporarily taken over by Taylor’s friend B who was here for a play date on the day we received our review copy of the new math game Magic Maths.

B and Taylor are both in Year 1 of primary school (6yrs) and while initially their enthusiasm towards “Let’s play a maths game” wasn’t quite as energic as when I suggested pretending to be ninja unicorns they soon got caught up in it! In total, we played the game four times over two different sessions as they both asked if we could get it out to play with again. 

A sort of bingo-type game which involves solving sums, both loved showing off their math prowess, racing to work out harder sums with or without the aid of fingers (and toes)! I’m a keen advocate for learning through play and a game such as this which encourages children to work on their mental maths while enjoying time together, taking turns, sharing, congratulating each other and more is always going to get the thumbs up from me.

See more about the game and buy from the Orchard Toys website where you will find a wealth of other fun games geared towards learning and development. Perfect for KS1 age and for gift giving, we’re giving Magic Maths a solid 5/5* rating.

Perfect for KS1 age and for gift giving, we’re giving Magic Maths a solid 5/5* rating.


*I am an Orchard Toys Ambassador. What this means is that we are occasionally sent new games or jigsaws to test out and review. One of the rules of being an ambassador is that all reviews must be true and honest descriptions based on our own experiences and Orchard Toys have no editorial control over what we write. You may be sure that all review on Curly and Candid are based on our own experiences only.