What’s Sabotaging Your Confidence?

What’s Sabotaging Your Confidence?

Confidence is often misunderstood. In truth, confidence is merely the ability or propensity for feeling truly at home and happy within yourself, despite what might be going on around you or what other people might think of you. If you haven’t quite mastered this ability yet, you might want to look into what you can do to make it a reality. Work out what’s sabotaging your confidence and take action. In this article, I look at some of the best ways to do that, so you can be more confident in no time.

Not Being Happy With Your Appearance

There is a tricky concern to think about here. You don’t want to simply try to look like everyone else, or try to follow the fashions and ideas of attractiveness that the culture around you happens to have. That is no way to be confident in yourself, and it is only going to mean that you struggle to ever feel like yourself. That could mean dressing a certain way, straightening your teeth with Invisalign, or taking better care of your skin. Whatever it takes, be sure to do it.

Sabotaging Your Confidence? Past Experiences Can

If you have often struggled with issues of low self-esteem, then you might find that past experiences crop up again and again and haunt you in a manner which is not going to be very helpful. If you have lots of past experience of suffering embarrassment, then it is going to be even more difficult to make your confidence shine through. You need to allow yourself the permission to let all that past go, so that you can win through and be yourself as confidently as possible. In time, you’ll get there.

Being Out Of Touch With Yourself

Many of us are out of touch with our true nature, and when this happens it can make it much more difficult to be naturally confident in the way that you would hope to be. Being out of touch with yourself means that you are going to not know who you are trying to be, and with that confidence is going to be challenging indeed to bring about. So spend some time getting to know yourself as fully as you can – it will make a world of difference to your confidence levels.

Sabotaging Your Confidence? The Unkindness Of Others

Sometimes, you suffer with a lack of confidence because of other people putting you down or being unkind. This can happen at any age, and when it does you need to make sure that you are going to do whatever you can to rise above it. The more that you do so, the better you will feel about yourself, so it really is going to be important that you can do this. You should be able to respect yourself more and then enjoy a greater degree of confidence as a result of that increased respect.

Self Confidence Boosting Tips


Confidence can significantly affect your overall quality of life. Confident individuals tend to be happier and more content. Now, some of us just aren’t naturally confident. We worry, doubt ourselves, and are often overly critical of ourselves. I’m not talking about being an introvert, that is something entirely different. I’m talking about a lack of self-confidence which can have a knock-on effect in many areas of your life.

The good news is that you can take steps in your life to boost your confidence levels. Here are just a couple to try out yourself although they are the tip of the iceberg. I’d love to hear some of your self-confidence pick me ups.

Be Aware of the Artifice of Social Media

Social media can be extremely detrimental when it comes to your levels of self-confidence. Why? Well, we tend to only portray our lives in the best light possible on social media. The majority of people will only post the positive aspects of our lives, the most fun things that we are doing, and attractive photographs of ourselves. We leave out the negative details and occurrences. A surprising number of people also highly edit their photos to look more stereotypically attractive than they may look in real life, and stage photos that make it look like they’re doing things that they might not necessarily be doing. So, you can’t compare your life as you know it to the lives that others are consciously curating and coating in artifice. If you feel that your life isn’t levelling up to those of others you follow on social media, remember that everyone has arguments, everyone has difficulties, and nobody looks perfectly photoshopped in person. Don’t put these expectations on yourself.

Wear Nice Underwear

The majority of us wear whichever underwear happens to be the comfiest. However, this often results in us wearing the same few pairs time and time again. This results in them looking a little worse for wear as time passes by, and more often that not, they probably weren’t the most flattering items to start with. Believe it or not, many women claim that the underwear that they choose to put on in the morning can significantly affect their self-confidence throughout the day. There’s just something empowering that lies in wearing appealing undergarments, even if nobody else ever sees them! So, sift through your underwear drawer, donate old and battered pairs to recycling clothes banks (that can put the materials to better use), and invest in some new panache lingerie. As someone who practically lives in M&S belly grabbers, this point is a significant one for me. I need to invest in some nice, comfortable and *gasp* matching undies that make me feel good.

Implement a Thorough Skincare Routine

This is a self-care tip as well as a self-confidence one. For years I neglected my night-time routine however just feel so much better for prioritising this. The glowing skin you will have as a result of a decent skin care routine will be more than worth the effort. Invest in a high-quality face wash, toner, and moisturiser composed of natural, organic, cruelty-free ingredients and don’t forget to take your makeup off before going to bed, no matter how tired you may be!

Practice Self Confidence

This might sound odd but the more you put yourself out there, the easier for most people it gets. Join in with a conversation, share your views in a meeting, join a group. Work hard on identifying the areas you struggle with and hit them hard.

These are just a few different steps that you can try out when it comes to boosting your confidence levels. They are relatively easy to implement into your attitude and routine. So give them a try! You have nothing to lose!