Maintaining Professionalism When Remote Working

Maintaining Professionalism When Remote Working

Small business owners are facing a brand new challenge, largely thanks to the ongoing pandemic. If you have had to take to running the business from home, then you might feel like you’re running at less operational power and that the brand is taking a hit in terms of professionalism. Maintaining professionalism when remote working is essential and easier to achieve than you might think.

Maintaining Professionalism When Remote Working: Set Up Your Day Like a Professional

First of all, you want to make sure that you’re at full operating power, personally, even if you’re in a new workplace. Get used to working remotely. Treat the day like any other, giving yourself the time to wake up, get dressed like a professional, and schedule what you’re going to be doing for the day. A lot of people find themselves having trouble switching from home mode to work mode. Taking the time to treat the day like a normal working day can help you make that mental switch.

Be Available: Make Sure You Don’t Miss a Call

If you’re outside the office, then you might not have access to the phone system that ensures you stay connected and accessible or that you can easily take messages if you’re not readily available. However, there are alternatives that allow you to do that from home. With some virtual office support, you can make sure that you have a connection to a receptionist who can take messages if you’re not there at the phone. A virtual personal assistant can help you manage all your communications so that you’re able to prioritise who you get back to and when you get back to them.

Maintaining Professionalism When Remote Working: Be More Accessible Online

If you’re going to be doing more of your work online than ever before, then you need to make sure that your online presence is the best it can possibly be. Boost your website during lockdown by investing in its design if necessary. However, you can make a great support tool as well. By installing a live website chat, you can make sure that you and your team are on hand to help any customers during the process of conversion. You can be there to help them immediately, making sure they don’t get lost, lose interest, and move on.

Maintaining Professionalism When Remote Working: Be upfront with any changes

The pandemic has been disrupting a lot of business operations and you need to be upfront if it’s going to disrupt yours any further. If you’re unable to meet regular deliveries, get as much stock in, or there are simply some services you can’t offer from the home, make sure your customers know. A blog post linked from the home page and emails to all those signed up can make sure you’re being as transparent and honest as possible.

Staying professional and reliable as possible during the pandemic is crucial. If you can keep customers assured and satisfied during such a weird and difficult time, then you could stand to earn the kind of loyalty that’s very hard to dash.

Creating the Ideal Home Office


One of the biggest benefits of living in the information age is the fact that it is easier than ever to work from anywhere. With cloud-based technology giving easy access to documents, email and shared projects, more people than ever are saying goodbye to the daily commute and hello to the home office.

Working from home gives unprecedented levels of flexibility, particularly if you are a working mother, allowing time to fit the school run and other household chores around your working life.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is to maintain a barrier of sorts between home and work commitments, which will inevitably compete for your attention. Key to getting this right is having a dedicated space where you can enter work mode. Let’s take a look at what makes the perfect home office.

The right location

You will be spending plenty of time in your office, so the first thing to consider is where it will be located. The box room might look ideal at first sight, but not if it means traipsing to the other side of the house every time you need a comfort break or a cup of coffee.

On the other hand, you do not want to be in the corner of the living room if there are too many distractions and other family members constantly coming in and out.

Think about natural light – a windowless corner is no fun, but if you are near a south-facing window, you might want to invest in some full height window shutters to guarantee comfort whatever the weather.

The perfect chair

In some areas, it makes sense to economise, but one area where you should really treat yourself is with a good office chair. No stinting and “borrowing” a spare dining chair; the last thing you need is to end every working day feeling like you have just completed the Tour de France!

There is a huge choice out there, and back pain experts Spine Health have published a useful guide on how to choose the right one.

Keep it cheerful

Definition between home and work is great, but this is still your own space, so it does not need to be corporate grey (use you love corporate grey of course).

Choose a colour scheme that inspires you, whether it is a vibrant primary colour or a soothing pastel shade, and have some nice pictures and accessories around. The advantage of the home office is that it is yours to create, so make it a place where you want to spend time.

A place for everything

For some people, it is easy to create a beautiful home office, only for it to be covered in stacks of paperwork within a matter of days. If organisation is not your strongest point, make it easy for yourself by thinking what sort of system works best for you.

Cube storage can be an attractive alternative to traditional shelving, as any space that you do not need for paperwork and office equipment can be home to pictures, books or knick-knacks.

Enjoy the benefits

There is no doubt that remote workers have the perfect opportunity to find the ideal work-life balance. However, achieving that balance does not happen by itself. Creating the right working space is a huge step towards enjoying the benefits and avoiding the pitfalls that working from home can bring.

What is your must-have office essential or top tip?