Get Your Small Business Noticed?

Get Your Small Business Noticed?

Running a successful business can feel sometimes like it needs to take up nearly all of your time. Elon Musk says, to change the world, that you need to spend at least 80 hours a week, in doing so. That’s a pretty bold statement to make, but those are also some bold and impressive results he’s achieved with his teams at Tesla and Space Ex, not to mention Paypal. personally, as much as I respect Elon I disagree with that 80-week target. I’ve run a business for 13 years, am fully booked and have a waiting list and have excellent work/life balance. If you work hard to get your small business noticed, being savvy with your time, you certainly don’t need to put those kinds of hours in.

Here are some ideas that can help kickstart any business into the market spotlight and get the attention it so rightly deserves.

Break a Record, Or Simply Attempt To

Do something quirky if you want to show off your dream business. People love seeing others break records. They love it! Imagine the buzz you could create for your business and how many new clients or customers you could reach if you decided to break some sort of work record. fun and lighthearted, you could double up your efforts to raise money for a charity that is important to you. If you promote it on the usual social channels and reach out to local news stations, you could get a big audience.

Be sure to pick a record that will be worthwhile though. I’m not sure what audience your business would get if you were attempting to beat the worlds biggest dandelion. – FYI currently 70 inches. Remember to keep it relevant and fun if you want your small business noticed. If you run a food or beverage related business there are plenty of records listed in the Guinness Book. In fact, almost every category of record you can think of is in there, and some will definitely apply to your business.

Do Something For Charity

As before, this is almost certainly a win-win situation. The charity of your choice gets much-needed funding and publicity. And in doing a fantastic deed to society, show your business ethics and morals which will build goodwill with potential customers and potentially, temporarily increase sales. many businesses do this and it isn’t unethical to support a charity while boosting your profile, far from it. If it helps people in need you are onto a winner.

Get Your Small Business Noticed Online

Over 50% of small businesses are already online, but there is still plenty of businesses that haven’t made the transition onto the web. If you’re one of them, getting online can gain your small business a massive increase in attention if it is done correctly. One priority should be choosing a domain name that matches your business name or industry. Along with potentially opening another medium for your business to create custom, your business can also help affiliate for market competitors; which could also earn your business commission and build valuable relationships with clients.

Integrating other aspects of online marketing such as advertisements or firms like an SEO Company can greatly help in achieving getting your business name out there. Google accounted for 91% of the site visits that were produced by mobile search, so if your website is not gaining traffic, this could be your answer. I know I need to make my Nicki Cawood Copywriter website more mobile friendly.

It can take time to get your small business notice, and of course, you want to make sure that it is noticed for the right reasons. What would you recommend that has helped your business succeed? Drop them in the comments below.


Running a Business Effectively

Running a business can feel a lot like juggling, much like parenting does. At any given moment you could have a lot of balls up in the air, and you can’t afford to drop a single one. However, some areas of your business are going to be more important than others and should be considered a top priority. It’s crucial that you know what these areas are and how to handle them effectively. This is something I learnt very quickly!

running a business


Security Matters

It’s safe to say that security has become a major issue for every business owner and indeed, every customer. In the next few years, cybertheft will become the main problem for companies with a hack on a company expected to occur every twenty seconds. When a cyber hack does occur then, it’s not your business that is targeted but rather your customers. It’s their data that’s being stolen. It’s them who is actually at risk.

Recently business owners in Europe were put through the ringer with the new GDPR, a set of data regulations and a hefty threat of fines for not remaining compliant. You may have noticed that a number of high profile websites are now no longer accessible in Europe, suggesting their security was simply not up to code.

Increased security can start at a basic level simply by running your site on Https, a higher level of encryption compared with Http. Make sure you are up to date with what your business needs to do in order to be GDPR compliant and of course as secure as possible.

Data and Running a Business Effectively

While data is certainly linked to security, this is not the only reason for focusing on this area of business. You should also be thinking in terms of what data can do for your company. Ultimately, using data correctly you can chart not just where your business is but where it is going and what it can be. Every major company invests in data analytics or uses a service like Cloudstream Partners, and you should consider doing the same. With this type of setup, you can unlock the true potential of data from discovering what your customers want from your business to finding out what your next step should be.  


Are you worried about the legal aspects of your company? The answer is probably no, but you should be. It’s very easy to fall on the wrong side of the legal line when running a business. Regulations and laws change every day, and if you don’t keep up with these new evolutions, then you could find yourself with legal fees and claims against your company. Do make sure that you consider investing in the services of a legal advisor who can keep you on the right path here and have insurance in place. 


Lastly, do make sure that the logistics area of your business model runs like clockwork. It’s vital that deliveries and orders are handled fast with turnaround time kept low. A failure to do this will result in poor customer reviews that could cripple your business bottom line. Whether you are a freelancer such as myself or run a bricks and mortar business or even a big company, having effective management of these things is a must.

What would you say is essential to running a business effectively?


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