Are you a business mum who would like £750 worth of design and print work?

 To celebrate the launch of  and Biz-Brand-Buzz! ,  Ces Loftus (known as @Ces_Creatively on Twitter) is giving away £750 worth of design and print. The print of business cards and flyers are being sponsored by Dorset Digital Print. Everyone who applies to #WIN will be given a fantastic free promotional feature on

I am a huge fan of Ces’ and her work (one example being my website header!). I’ve spoken to Ces online many times but I didn’t realise until recently how and why she set her her new career. Ces is a mum of 3 from Poole. In May 2006 her 4th son was still born at full term and she has overcome adversity to make a successful new cyber career. Ces says…….

When my son died I almost died too. During the following few years I had several miscarriages, was grief stricken and went through a rough time on many levels as I lost my business, got into debt and felt like my life was collapsing around meHaving worked as a brand image designer in agencies across the UK during my fifteen year career before becoming self employed, I set my business back up from scratch with no budget or funding in 2008. Purely by being innovative, self marketing and creating a biz brand buzz online I have taken my business from struggling to flourishing and I want to help other multitasking mums to do the same!“.

A remarkable goal to set yourself in the face of the tragedy she faced but one she has not only met but far surpassed!

So, whether you have an existing business or a new venture you can choose any of the following #WIN : professionally designed logo, twitter page, facebook fan page, flyer design and print, business card design and print, website or blog design, banner design, ebooks, and more.


Email Ces via and request an application form which will form the basis of a feature to promote your business on All those who enter will be sent details of further opportunities to create a Buzz for your business through Biz Brand Buzz and Supportive Business Mums. Closing date for entries 22nd August 2011.

A great opportunity for someone starting out, looking to rebrand or someone needing an extra hand to get moving.


1. Look at your branding from your ideal customer’s perspective. Do you stand out and give them good reasons to choose you?

2. Build credibility through a professional image, compelling content, savvy self promotion and great reviews. Make it easy for people to find and recognise your brand.

3. Be innovative and look for niche angles, collaborations and ways to promote yourself.

4. Maximise your potential to win business through your branded online presence with effective microsites, blogs, twitter usage and facebook fan pages.

5. Remember to engage. Great conversations lead to great opportunities. When people like you and your brand stands out in a positive way they will advocate your business.

Great advice! Don’t forget to visit Biz-Brand-Buzz to find out more about Ces, her work and the competition!

Make money from your hobbies: 5 tips to get you started!

Today’s fantastic guest-post is from Helen Lindop who blogs at BusinessPlusBaby and is the writer of the Earn What You Deserve as Mumpreneur e-course*. Her Facebook page is here and do look her up on Twitter. The formal bit aside, Helen has been a fantastic support and great listener whilst I have been rehashing and writing my plan for world domination so I can recommend her a sound person to follow! Right, less of the slushy stuff and onto a great post!

Nicki x


Make money from your hobbies: five tips to get you started

Many mums are looking for ways to earn a flexible income around their families. Some just want a bit of extra cash every month and others are working on building a full-on business.  So if you fancy earning an income from your hobby, here are five top tips to get you started.

  1. Will your hobby still be fun if you’re doing it as a job?

It sounds great to get paid for doing something you enjoy doing. But if you turned your hobby into a job, would it still be fun? And would you end up losing your hobby?

Let’s say you enjoy making jewellery. If you do it as a hobby, you can take as long as you like experimenting with different materials and designs. Once it becomes a business, you’ll have to be much more disciplined about getting items made in a certain time. Would that turn a fun activity into a chore?

  1. Check you can actually make money from your hobby

To give you a really rough, back-of-an-envelope idea of whether it’s worth turning your hobby into a business, try this. Add up the cost of your raw materials and your time (if you’re stuck for an hourly rate, the national minimum wage is £5.93 so you probably don’t want to go below this) and then double it to account for your admin and marketing time and any other costs you might have forgotten about (tax, national insurance, flyers, business cards…) Then divide that by the number of items you can make in that time.

That should give you an idea of whether you can sell what you’ve made at a price people are prepared to pay and still make some money from it.

  1. Check out your competition

If you enjoy your hobby, the chances are that lots of other people will do too. So there could be plenty of competition plus people doing it for fun may be selling their stuff at a much lower price than you.

Don’t despair, though. You could tweak your hobby so instead of (say) selling jewellery, you teach people to make it.Or set up a website selling jewellery made by other mums. Getting creative about how you make a profit from your hobby could really pay off.

  1. Think about how you’re going to sell

Making your products is only one part of making money. You also need to think about how you’re going to reach your customers. The good news is there are lots of low-cost options from craft fairs to setting up your own website and even hosting parties.

  1. Don’t forget to register as self-employed

If you’re earning an income or planning to, you need to register as self-employed or you could risk a fine. It’s quick and easy to do it online here

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