15 Craft Business Ideas for 2018

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Do you have a passion for arts and crafts? There are so many different craft business ideas and opportunities that allow you to share your crafting skills in a variety of different ways.

Let us have a look at 15 best craft business ideas to get you started.

Handmade Kitchen Gloves

You can always start with the handmade kitchen gloves, add the labels and sell them on Etsy or any other online selling platform. The material for it can be bought from the market and buying in large amounts would get you discounts. Of course, with creativity added, you can sell them at good prices. People prefer creativity along with quality nowadays and few markets these days sell both at a reasonable price.

Handmade Jewellery

If you love making jewellery, you could find yourself sitting on a lucrative business venture. Making handmade jewellery and selling it online is a great way to supplement your income. People love unique gift ideas or unique piece of jewellery.

Drapes and Curtains

If you enjoy interior designing, you’d better get going. Start designing curtains and drapes today.


Awaken your inner fashion designer this coming year and make cash. You can design dresses sitting at home and sell them via Facebook or perhaps your blog.

Handmade Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are forever loved. You can buy leather and create artsy and designer jackets that are sold in no other outlets.


Many of us, are big suckers for hats. You can craft different types of hats such as beanies, beret hats, fedora hats etc.

Silk/Chiffon Scarves

Making dreamy scarfs is the next best thing in the world. Scarfs are a requirement where there are coats or jackets worn.


Being a woman or a man you probably know the utmost importance of handbags or wallets.


Whether the winters are coming or not. Gloves are considered an important hand wears too many ladies and men who ride bikes. You’ll be doing them a great favour as well as your pocket.


If all seems vain, you may as well knit socks and sell them. A lot of people love handmade socks as they keep you warm. You can make them in order.

Artsy Masks

Masks make perfect gifts for wear or decoration. If you need inspiration, check beautiful masks at Carnival of Venice. You can find some interesting patterns.

Couch Cushions

You can either make handmade knitted cushions or silk ones.  


People are heads over heels in love with quilts. Why not? Everyone likes to show off once in a while. After all, they carry class.


If you know weaving there’s a good chance you can weave some amazing carpets and earn good money.


Yes, you can always craft beautiful handkerchiefs and sell them away at good prices.


Do you have any other craft business ideas to share? Creativity is a well that never goes dry and there are so many clever, skilled and craft people out there!


Top Tools and Apps for Business

We all have such a lot to get done, especially those running our own businesses. I came across a really interesting thread on a Facebook group I belong to about what tools people recommend for getting things done, and efficiency. It made me think about what tools I currently use.

Apps and tools are great for helping get things done and I have worked my way through a great number of them over the past ten years. There are no wrong tools, it’s all about what works best for you and this is my current collection. It might alter slightly as time goes on.

I use Canva for images/headers and all things social media related. The phone app is rubbish (right now) so don’t base your opinions on that, stick to the web version which is excellent. 95% of the things I create on Canva are free however occasionally I will buy credits so that I may use specific premium images that are perfect for what I’m working on.

A quickly put together image for a client’s Facebook page using Canva.

I use Buffer (paid) for all of my social media/client accounts. I’ve used Tweetdeck, Hootsuite (hated it) and various other scheduling apps and sites and have found Buffer to be the best one for me by far. We just clicked Buffer and I.  This is one of the few things I pay for (I don’t pay for anything unless I need to) and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Buffer run a Twitter chat weekly which I find great fun for hints and tips, and brushing up on certain areas (as well as meeting some great freelancers and what not). These chats are found via the #bufferchat hashtag and a recap each week will fill you in on what you missed if you couldn’t make it. There’s also a #bufferchat Slack that some find useful. 

I use Raindrop.io on phone and web for resource collation/bookmarking. I’ve used Evernote web clipper and Pocket before now, however, find this the smoothest one for me. Even better, I have it installed on my Kindle Fire tablet so when I have some time I can catch up easily on everything in my “Read Me” collection that isn’t urgent or client related yet interesting, business-wise or not.

What can I say, I’m an Outlook girl, using outlook.com as my main email and my calendar. The desktop Outlook 2016 and I are having some syncing issues right now so I’ve moved back to the web-based version as part of Office365. The Outlook calendar I love. I don’t keep a paper schedule/date book etc anymore as this has taken over, and of course, syncs brilliantly with my phone. 

Again, I’ve used other cloud-based programmes but always come back to Dropbox for safe storage/file sharing.

I use Zoho invoicing (free) and find it very user-friendly. Their customer service is also excellent! If you have a query there is a web chat function and if mid conversation your chat disconnects (for example if like me you forgot to plug the laptop back in) they email you to make sure you receive the answers you need. 

I use Asana for some web-based info storage (lists and what not I don’t need daily) and KanbanFlow for the Pomodoro timer. If you haven’t used the Pomodoro system before now it is well worth looking up. Highly motivating, great for productivity, especially if you’re having one of those days where you’re easily distracted.

There are so many online/mobile apps and sites for to do lists, task management, planning and more. I’ve stepped away from all of these and instead my task lists/schedules/get stuff done has reverted back to paper via the Action Day 2017 planner. There’s just something unrivalled about putting pen to paper.


What are your must-have tools, apps, websites and systems for getting things done?

*Please note that this post contains an affiliate link to a product I value.

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