Taylor’s First Job – As a Maclaren Kid Tester!

I am a firm believer that children should earn what they get and this is why Taylor has been sent out to work.
Now chimney sweeping is out of the equation (apparently children have to be able to support their own necks and well, walk which my three week old son can’t do) and I am too lazy to accompany him on a paper round so what to do?
Lacking the opportunity at 3wks to actually earn anything we’ve decided work experience to set him up for future work is the way to go, so you can imagine how pleased we were when he was accepted as a Maclaren Kid Tester.

Taylor’s first assignment is to test and review the Beginnings ….Baby Toiletries Travel Kit. I was surprised how much the box contained when it arrived, usually I find travel kits or samples to be little more than sachets and tiny tester pots so was very pleased with this! Unfortunately one of the products had leaked in transit which was a shame but when I mentioned this to the lovely Maclaren Twitter contact they apologised, asked me to contact the person who had emailed me for a product replacement. This was great in itself but even better was the fact that before I got a chance to email re a replacement the courier was knocking on my door with one! Although “Taylor” is reviewing the products not the Maclaren service as such, I do want to mention this as poor customer service is a big bugbear of mine and so I make a point of applauding good service when I do come across it.

Back to the products – well a cursory sniff and play around has produced good results (and we have had our first Mother/Son argument over who gets to use the bath soak) and I can’t wait until tonight when we crack the box open properly and enjoy what looks set to be a luxurious and calming bath and bedtime.

Keep posted… the first results will posted in the next day or so, but judging on what I’ve seen so far – this travel kit and the Beginnings products look set to be a winner in the Cawood household!

Festive Feeling Family Weekend (With Pics!)

This weekend was a  lovely weekend- very festive feeling so I thought I’d share! Being lazy- this one is more pics than words but I’m sure you’ll let me off this once!

Saturday started off ever so well, with a letter from Santa arriving!!

Huge thanks to Sarah from PhotoFairyTales for this – Kieran was abolutely thrilled and has wasted no time in telling everyone about “my letter from MY Santa”. Poor Taylor (not quite three weeks old!) was constantly badgered to “Look at THIS!” as it had his name mentioned in it too. 
       This cost me £5.50 including P&P and for each letter sold, 27p is donated to Make-A-Wish. A very small price to pay for such a big smile and excited young man! 
If you do want to order one I’d hurry as the deadline for orders is Friday 17th!

A very good start I’d say, and it got more Christmassy as the weekend went on! Being so blooming cold, we had a couple of short walks out only and kept mainly indoors (radiator huggers!) so it was cold day activities, ie making paper snowflakes, games, eating, tv, more eating!

Then of course it was time to… PUT UP THE XMAS TREE! Woo hoo!!!

(Spot the big kid at Xmas)

And so it begins…

Taylor doing his bit to help decorate.

Tweak lights

Artists at work
Artists rearranging the baubles for the 6th darn time
The dramatic result!

Cheap and cheerful family fun, complete with hideous out-of-tune drunk karaoke-like singing from the Xmas Hits album (Ok that was mostly me in fairness), mince pies and hot chocolate! I hope your weekend was just as nice! 

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