All change

Curly & Candid may be a bit erratic today (think me with PMT and no chocolate in the house-type of erraticness) as I am moving over to new hosting.

When complete, C&C will be accessed as usual at (not the url) but don’t update your bookmarks just yet, and don’t worry if you see some strange things if you do happen to visit during the changeover.

Normality (hahaha) will soon be returned (hopefully!).

Fat Club #6 A very sedate……


Another 1.5lb off, who is a happy bunny then?!

That’s another 1.5lb off, making my grand weightloss already 11.5lb. I’m planning on have a really good week this week to see if I can push the boat out a bit and lose 2.5lb (1.5lb a week is my usual average loss) which will take me to a stone off.

Very pleased with myself!

Rather than sitting here and telling you all how blooming fantastic I am, I am going to get a snack (because I can) and get some work done, otherwise I won’t be able to afford to eat and that is not a diet I’m interested in following 🙂

I hope everyone else weighing this week is having a good result!

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