The Gallery – In honour of World Photography Day

Friday was World Photography Day. A day where amateur and professional photographers alike celebrate the beauty and wonder that can come from capturing a scene with a camera.

What better theme for this week’s The Gallery? Tara urged us to “Make it a photo to treasure for generations to come; family life, a moment, a precious family member frozen in time, a day out” so off I trot with my camera. I took some great pictures (even if I do say so myself) of a glider, nature, a delicate poppy, of old buildings and scenes of people going about their business….

And I took this:

Click to enlarge

Not the most clever shot, no special angles, no playing with effects – just a point and click which shows q tender moment between two brothers. Kieran is 5yrs old and Taylor 9m and this summer, their first summer, has been brilliant to watch as they’ve really started to interact, play and most importantly bond. Apart from when they killing each over toys / games / clothes and girls (in about 25 years) I really hope they will stay the best of friends.