IVF and Adoption, Which is Right For You?

IVF and Adoption, Which is Right For You?

Wanting children is a natural part of growing older for a lot of people. What isn’t, however, is the possibility of needing fertility assistance in order to have children. Although fertility treatments are quite commonly used, that doesn’t mean people naturally know which procedure(s) is right for them. Many ask the question “IVF and Adoption, which is best for us?” and the answer isn’t always straightforward. Much depends on your personal circumstances and where you live.

When trying to get pregnant the first time we had many problems, very hard times and at one point we were told we wouldn’t conceive naturally and I may not be able to successfully carry. While, despite my fertility issue, we managed to conceive two healthy babies eventually, there was a time we thought we might be looking at different options. Many are in the same boat.

If you’re in a position where you need to decide between IVF and adoption, it’s important that you take into consideration the positives and negatives for each. Both options will allow you to have that family you desire, however, they won’t get you there in the same way; this is what leaves people so undecided about what to do. 

IVF and Adoption: Adoption

When it comes to adoption, it’s important to make clear that the likelihood of adopting a baby can be rare depending on where you live. This is because babies are in such high demand. As a result, you’ll need to be open to adopting a child older than what you’d like, e.g. if you wanted a baby, you need to consider the possibility of adopting a toddler instead. For a lot of potential parents, the idea of having anything other than a baby isn’t feasible.

If, however, you’re open to adopting a child of any age, then you need to be aware that adoption isn’t guaranteed. The process is a thorough one, and while many different walks of people are encouraged to try for adoption, not all of them will get through. Although frustrating, the positive to take from this is that you’ll always be told why you failed in your application, thus giving you a chance to rectify it. Nonetheless, with an estimated two year wait for finalising adoption, some people turn to IVF for a quicker outcome. 

IVF and Adoption: IVF

In contrast to adoption, undergoing IVF ensures that you not only have a baby from the start, but that you get to experience the uniqueness of childbearing. For those who want to be involved in every stage of their child’s’ lives, this is by far the better option for them. However, it’s by no means the least stressful, as there are still tests for defects, health issues, and various other hurdles that could interfere along the way. 

As for guarantees, IVF is much like adoption in that it can’t promise you a successful treatment. Your healthcare providers will always do their best, but sometimes it’ll take two or three cycles for treatment to succeed, and even then, sometimes failure still happens. Although it’s a difficult thought to consider, by understanding and preparing for this side of IVF, you can better approach the situation if it does affect you. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait long for success, but you need to be prepared in case you have to.

Having children is wonderful and challenging no matter which route you take. The important part of your decision is to make sure you consider all the information and then go with what’s best for your future family. Make sure that you explore all avenues, including IVF and adoption, but don’t forget that counselling and support plays a large part in starting a family. This is especially true when things don’t go as you’d planned. 

Parent Self-Care & Why It’s Important

Parent Self-Care & Why It’s Important

It goes without saying that parents are expected to their absolute best for their children and often put their needs first. When was the last time you took the time to do something just for you? Parent self-care is important and helps you with the rollercoaster that is parenting.

Let’s have a look at more details as to why self-care is important and some of the things you can do to look after yourself: 

Why is Self-Care Important? 

Taking care of yourself when you’re a  parent is of paramount importance because you have a huge responsibility with bringing up your children. The different stages that are involved with parenting bring different stresses and it’s all learning curve. This means looking after yourself is important. 

It’s no secret that being a parent can be hard at times. Children are on their own path and each child is different. That’s one of the beautiful things about children. A lot of parents say that parenting is completely different from how they imagined it would be. Each stage of parenting brings different challenges, learning and stresses, so looking after yourself is key.

Top Tips for Parent Self-Care

Here a few ideas on how you can provide yourself with some parent self-care: 

  • Nurture yourself – You should try and schedule some time for yourself into your family diary. Even if it’s half an hour a week to read a book, a child-free coffee with some old friends or going for a morning/evening run a few times a week, it will help you to feel replenished and full of energy that your children are going to benefit from. 

  • Make time for each other – Now that you have children it can be far too easy to forget about spending time together as ‘just you’. It’s more important than ever to take the time to still be a couple. Yes, you have duties as parents and these are going to be your top priority, however, spending time together even if it’s just one date night a month will help to keep your relationship strong and happy. 

  • Pamper – Most parents will know and be very familiar with the fact that after having children your self-care routine can change dramatically. Someone who once used to go to the hairdressers on a strict routine and got up each morning to do their makeup may now find that they are makeup-free, have their hair in a scrunchie and haven’t been to the hairdressers in longer than they care to admit. Not only is having a pamper a nice treat for yourself, but it can help you to feel more positive, revitalised and full of confident energy. 

  • Your health- This is again something that parents tend to push to one side once they have children. If their kids become poorly or something just isn’t right they will jump into action and get them the help and treatment that they need, however, when it comes to them it’s a very different story. Your health IS important as a parent though, at the end of the day your children need you to be in tip-top condition. Using things such as a Simple Online Doctor can help take the pressure away and save you time if you ever do need medical assistance. 
  • Nutrition- This is yet another area that parents excel at when it comes to their children and then slip when it comes to themselves. Parents are brilliant at ensuring their kids eat a well-balanced diet and have regular meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner with added healthy snacks and plenty of water but when it comes to them, they will more often than not skip meals, eat quick-grab foods and have fast food late at night. A great way to tackle this is to plan to sit down meals at certain times with the kids. The kids will love it and you’ll be getting the right food that you need to give you the energy to parent. 
  • Get outside – If you have young children getting out and about a few times a week can be beneficial for both them and you, it will help to stop you from going stir crazy at home. Plus you get some fresh air. Have a look at some groups you can attend together, things like baby sensory classes and jungle gyms are brilliant and you can often meet other parents and life long friends. 

  • Encourage chores – Even if it’s as simple as putting their shoes in the cupboard your children will start to understand that everyone in the house should be pitching in. This way you can work as a family team and leave more free time. 

This is just a short guide for why parent self-care is important, do you have any methods of self-care that you do as a parent that you could share in the comments below?