IVF and Adoption, Which is Right For You?

IVF and Adoption, Which is Right For You?

Wanting children is a natural part of growing older for a lot of people. What isn’t, however, is the possibility of needing fertility assistance in order to have children. Although fertility treatments are quite commonly used, that doesn’t mean people naturally know which procedure(s) is right for them. Many ask the question “IVF and Adoption, which is best for us?” and the answer isn’t always straightforward. Much depends on your personal circumstances and where you live.

When trying to get pregnant the first time we had many problems, very hard times and at one point we were told we wouldn’t conceive naturally and I may not be able to successfully carry. While, despite my fertility issue, we managed to conceive two healthy babies eventually, there was a time we thought we might be looking at different options. Many are in the same boat.

If you’re in a position where you need to decide between IVF and adoption, it’s important that you take into consideration the positives and negatives for each. Both options will allow you to have that family you desire, however, they won’t get you there in the same way; this is what leaves people so undecided about what to do. 

IVF and Adoption: Adoption

When it comes to adoption, it’s important to make clear that the likelihood of adopting a baby can be rare depending on where you live. This is because babies are in such high demand. As a result, you’ll need to be open to adopting a child older than what you’d like, e.g. if you wanted a baby, you need to consider the possibility of adopting a toddler instead. For a lot of potential parents, the idea of having anything other than a baby isn’t feasible.

If, however, you’re open to adopting a child of any age, then you need to be aware that adoption isn’t guaranteed. The process is a thorough one, and while many different walks of people are encouraged to try for adoption, not all of them will get through. Although frustrating, the positive to take from this is that you’ll always be told why you failed in your application, thus giving you a chance to rectify it. Nonetheless, with an estimated two year wait for finalising adoption, some people turn to IVF for a quicker outcome. 

IVF and Adoption: IVF

In contrast to adoption, undergoing IVF ensures that you not only have a baby from the start, but that you get to experience the uniqueness of childbearing. For those who want to be involved in every stage of their child’s’ lives, this is by far the better option for them. However, it’s by no means the least stressful, as there are still tests for defects, health issues, and various other hurdles that could interfere along the way. 

As for guarantees, IVF is much like adoption in that it can’t promise you a successful treatment. Your healthcare providers will always do their best, but sometimes it’ll take two or three cycles for treatment to succeed, and even then, sometimes failure still happens. Although it’s a difficult thought to consider, by understanding and preparing for this side of IVF, you can better approach the situation if it does affect you. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait long for success, but you need to be prepared in case you have to.

Having children is wonderful and challenging no matter which route you take. The important part of your decision is to make sure you consider all the information and then go with what’s best for your future family. Make sure that you explore all avenues, including IVF and adoption, but don’t forget that counselling and support plays a large part in starting a family. This is especially true when things don’t go as you’d planned. 

The Last Few Months of Pregnancy

The Last Few Months of Pregnancy

During the last few months of your pregnancy, you’re going to be experiencing the most rapid and drastic changes to your body. Fun times. I remember it well. The baby is going to be developing at a very fast pace and he or she will begin to gain a lot of weight. This will put strain on your body and require you to intake more calories as the weeks progress. Inevitably, this means you’re going to be gaining weight and this will only add to the levels of discomfort you might feel. 

Things Get a Little Harder in The Last Few Months of Pregnancy

Doing normal everyday chores around the house during the last few months of pregnancy is going to be challenging and even the small things like going to the toilet won’t be without event on occasion. Don’t allow late-stage pregnancy to catch you off guard with its numerous trials. Here are some ways you can prepare yourself for what lies ahead.



Start Moving!

Once upon a time, when a woman was pregnant she was told to get as much bed rest as she could. However, times have changed and now the advice is the opposite. As you grow larger and larger, the extra weight is going to be a strain on your skeleton and muscles. So getting as much exercise as you can, is going to make your joints and soft tissue stronger and able to bear the weight. On top of this, your movements won’t be so constricted in the last few months of your pregnancy thanks to the continual exercise you’ve been getting. More fresh blood will flow around your body and repair damaged tissue quicker.

The Last Few Months of Pregnancy: The Extra Help

From what I can remember from the few months of pregnancy housework was hard! A housekeeper would be a great extra hand around the house, to help you wash clothes, cook meals and generally keep the house clean. Here are some tips on how to find a housekeeper and what kind of process you should employ. Interviewing the housekeeper face to face is paramount because when you’re 7 to 9 months pregnant, you want to be able to trust him or her.

Equally as important as your care, if you already have small children the housekeeper will be the primary babysitter that you can rely upon. A trial period is recommended whereby you set the housekeeper some practical tasks and see how they get on. 


 Some Creature Comforts

During the last few weeks, you may begin to feel some harsh chemical reactions in your body. Keep your heartburn medicine nearby at all times. A pregnancy pillow should be taken everywhere with you as the baby’s weight is going to be trying to your pelvis. Sitting on the pillow is simple but effective relief. I called mine Artificial Roy as I would drape myself over it to get comfy in bed for naps when Roy wasn’t there. 

A final couple of months are going to be a bit challenging. But with these helpful suggestions in mind, you will be well-prepared for them. My hard and fast rule for this period is to do whatever you need to do. This is coming from the woman who for one of her pregnancies ended up in A&E with a thrombosed “pile”. There’s a blog post about that experience somewhere. Remember, you are growing a life in there so even if you feel slow, sore and a bit rough don’t be sad. You are doing a brilliant job!